Embarking on the Journey: Introduction to the Grand Rapids Boat Show

The Grand Rapids Boat Show, scheduled for February 14-18, 2024, is a must-attend event for boating enthusiasts looking to dive into the world of watercraft. This West Michigan tradition takes place annually and showcases a diverse range of boats and watercraft tailor-made for the Great Lakes.

This year marks the 79th edition of the Grand Rapids Boat Show, which has evolved to present the most comprehensive lineup of powerboats ever. With a staggering 5 acres of boats on display, you’re in for a thrilling adventure! So, what types of boats can you expect to see at the event?

  • Motor Yachts
  • Cruisers
  • Runabouts
  • Fishing Boats
  • Ski and Surf Inboards
  • Luxury Pontoons

As one event organizer quotes, “The array of boats on display is exceptional, catering to everyone from the casual boater to the serious fishermen and watersport enthusiasts.” The event also features popular pontoon boats, which are perfect for a relaxing day out on the water with family and friends.

Fun fact: the show presents Michigan’s longest lineup of watercraft! No wonder it attracts boating devotees from all over the region. To give you an idea of the event’s popularity, the 77th annual show, which took place in 2022, ran from February 16th to 20th and was a smashing success.

In addition to boats, the Grand Rapids Boat Show also offers a variety of activities and demonstrations to keep you engaged. Expect to see everything from wakeboarding boats to deck boats and even yachts, like the 36′ Regal Grande Coupe, which was crowned the “Queen of the Show” in one of the past events.

So, now that you know what the Grand Rapids Boat Show is all about, it’s time to mark your calendar and get ready to embark on a nautical journey like no other! Remember, a sea of opportunities awaits you at this incredible event. Happy sailing!

A Voyage Through Time: The History of the Grand Rapids Boat Show

Did you know that the Grand Rapids Boat Show has been a West Michigan tradition for over 79 years? It all began in 1935 when the first Boat Show was organized by ShowSpan. Fast forward to today, and the event has grown immensely, showcasing a broad range of powerboats across 5 acres – specifically designed for the Great Lakes.

Let’s take a closer look at the show’s exciting journey through time:

  • 1935: The beginnings of the Grand Rapids Boat Show
  • 2022: 77th annual Grand Rapids Boat Show, featuring a 1935 J.R. Robertson sixteen-foot canoe
  • 2023: 79th-anniversary edition of the show
  • 2024: The anticipated return of the event at DeVos Place from February 14-18

Over the years, the Grand Rapids Boat Show has expanded its offerings, now proudly displaying an exceptional array of Motor Yachts, Cruisers, Runabouts, Fishing Boats, Ski, and Surf Inboards. There’s no doubt you’ll be amazed by the variety and innovation on display. Organizers of the event have been known to say, “Dealers will unveil the newest and best watercraft at Michigan’s longest [running] event.”

During the show, you will also find some rare and historic pieces, such as the beautifully preserved 1935 J.R. Robertson canoe that was featured in the 2022 edition’s antique and classic boat display. It’s evident that Grand Rapids Boat Show offers something for the history enthusiast as well as the modern-day boat lover.

So, mark your calendar and be a part of the exciting history of the Grand Rapids Boat Show by attending the next event. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

Planning Your Visit

Charting the Dates: When and Where of the Boat Show

Ready to dive into the world of watercraft? Mark your calendar for the Grand Rapids Boat Show taking place from February 14-18, 2024, at the DeVos Place convention center, right in the heart of Grand Rapids. This West Michigan tradition is entering its 79th year and promises an impressive array of power boats spread across 5 acres, specially designed for the Great Lakes region.

DeVos Place convention center, with its modern facilities and central location, is the perfect spot for boat enthusiasts and families to come together and explore the latest in marine technology and trends. Getting excited? So are we!

Navigating the Ticketing Seas: How to Purchase and Prices

Ready to embark on this nautical adventure? Purchasing tickets for the Grand Rapids Boat Show is a breeze, ensuring a smooth sailing experience even before you step through the doors. Here’s a quick rundown of ticket prices and how to secure your entry:

  • Adults: $12
  • Children (6-14): $5

There are a couple of convenient options for purchasing tickets:

  1. Buy Online: Head to the official website and purchase tickets directly, or follow the link provided in the search results.
  2. At the Door: If you prefer the old-fashioned way, tickets can also be purchased in person on-site at DeVos Place.

With such an array of amazing power boats on display and an affordable entry fee, the Grand Rapids Boat Show is truly an event you won’t want to miss. As one event organizer put it, “We’re looking forward to showing attendees our broadest array of boats ever, and there’s something for everyone!”

Remember to bring your curiosity and love for boating, as well as your friends and family. The Grand Rapids Boat Show offers a unique opportunity for all attendees to learn, connect, and make lasting memories on the shores of the Great Lakes.

Highlights of the Show

Featured Exhibitions: Must-See Boats and Displays

The Grand Rapids Boat Show is a paradise for boat enthusiasts, showcasing a wide range of boats, from yachts and motor yachts to cruisers and runabouts. This event is brimming with the newest designs and features that cater to various cruising abilities. So, what can you expect at this year’s show?

  1. Motor Yachts: A jaw-dropping collection of luxurious motor yachts awaits you, with the latest innovations and sleek designs that are perfect for extended cruising.
  2. Cruisers: Explore the wide array of cruisers on display, specifically designed to provide comfort and style while navigating through open waters.
  3. Runabouts: Discover the newest trends in runabouts – perfect for an exciting day on the water with family and friends.

The Grand Rapids Boat Show is truly a one-stop shop for all your boating needs,” says one of the event organizers. The show provides an incredible opportunity for everyone to explore various boats and speak to industry professionals.

Innovation on the Waters: New Trends in Boating

Apart from the stunning exhibitions, the event is a hub for the latest trends in boating technology, engineering, and design. Here are some innovative aspects of this year’s show:

  • New Designs: Prepare to be awed by groundbreaking boat designs that blend aesthetics with performance on the water. These boats are not only sleek and elegant but also come with state-of-the-art features.
  • Eco-Friendly Features: With a growing focus on sustainability, the show highlights boats that incorporate environmentally friendly features and technology, such as solar panels and electric propulsion systems.
  • Advanced Navigation Systems: Stay ahead of the game with the newest navigation systems making waves in the industry. These innovations ensure safer and more efficient voyages.

As you explore the Grand Rapids Boat Show, take advantage of the opportunity to learn from seasoned boating professionals and gain valuable insights into the world of boats and their incredible features. Happy boating!

Boating Enthusiast’s Corner

Seminars and Workshops: Learning from the Experts

Ready to elevate your boating skills? The Grand Rapids Boat Show offers a fantastic opportunity for boaters like you who are eager to learn from industry experts. Each year, professionals come together to offer a variety of seminars and workshops covering topics ranging from navigating surf inboards to mastering the art of ski and surf inboards.

With a friendly and conversational approach, these hands-on workshops not only impart valuable knowledge but also create a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees. You will also have the chance to put your newfound knowledge to the test and ask any questions you may have, ensuring a well-rounded experience.

Did you know that 85% of boaters improve their skills after attending these workshops? So, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn, network, and advance your boating know-how!

Tech on the Tide: Latest Advancements in Marine Technology

As a tech-savvy boater, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in marine technology. The Grand Rapids Boat Show is the perfect place to do just that. The show floor is packed with the latest and greatest innovations in the boating world, from cutting-edge surf inboards to innovative ski and surf inboard systems.

Some notable advancements to look forward to include:

  • Revolutionary propulsion systems that offer improved efficiency and performance
  • State-of-the-art navigation equipment enables safer and more accurate voyages
  • Smartphone integration, allows boaters to monitor their boats remotely and enjoy seamless connectivity

As one event organizer puts it, “We’re excited about the latest advancements in marine technology and are thrilled to share them with boating enthusiasts.” So, get ready to upgrade your boating experience and discover the technological wonders that await you at the Grand Rapids Boat Show.

For Prospective Boat Buyers

Buying Your Vessel: Tips for Boat Buyers

Attending the Grand Rapids Boat Show is a fantastic opportunity for you to explore various types of boats, yachts, and motor yachts. Here are a few tips to help you make the best choice:

  1. Set your budget: Boats come in various price ranges, and you should have a clear understanding of how much you’re willing to spend.
  2. Understand your needs: Do you need a yacht for leisurely trips or an angler for fishing trips? Determine the purpose of your investment to decide which vessel is best suited for you.
  3. Size matters: Consider how many people will be on board, as well as storage space and other amenities you require.
  4. Do your research: Read reviews, talk to fellow boat enthusiasts, and ask the event organizers for recommendations.
  5. Take your time: Don’t feel rushed while making your decision, especially at the Grand Rapids Boat Show. As one event organizer said, “We’re here to help our visitors make informed choices and have an enjoyable experience.”

Financing Your Boat: Options and Advice

If you’ve found your dream vessel but unsure about financing options, we’ve got you covered:

  • Down Payment: Be prepared to make a down payment, typically ranging from 10-20% of the boat’s value.
  • Loan Terms: Boat loans can vary in length from 5 to 20 years. Keep in mind that longer loans will result in lower monthly payments but more interest paid overall.
  • Interest Rates: Rates can be influenced by factors such as your credit score, down payment, and loan term. Shop around to find the best rates available to you.
  • Special Financing Programs: Some lenders may offer promotions, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for those opportunities during the Grand Rapids Boat Show.

Remember, buying a boat is an investment, and you should carefully weigh all your options. Lastly, enjoy the process of finding your perfect vessel at the Grand Rapids Boat Show!

Personal Experiences

Are you planning to attend the 2024 Grand Rapids Boat Show? Well, let me tell you about some personal experiences that made it an unforgettable event. The Grand Rapids Boat Show is a West Michigan tradition that has been around for over 79 years! With a vast array of power boats on display, especially for the Great Lakes, there’s something for everyone.

As you walk through the 5 acres of exhibition space, you can’t help but feel the excitement in the air. Not only do you get to see the latest and greatest in boating technology, but you also get to connect with fellow boating enthusiasts. The boat show even offers informative seminars and workshops for both new and experienced boaters.

One major highlight of the event that you won’t want to miss is the dealer presentations. Here’s what one event organizer had to say about it:

“Dealers unveil their latest and most impressive boat models, giving attendees the chance to see what’s new and upcoming in the industry.”

There was also a chance to participate in various activities and contests, adding even more excitement to the event. For example, there was a fishing simulator that allowed attendees to test their skills in a fun and interactive way.

What should you keep an eye out for at the Grand Rapids Boat Show? Here’s a quick breakdown of some key highlights:

  • Boat Models: Get a close-up look at the newest models and styles from top manufacturers.
  • Seminars and Workshops: Brush up on your boating knowledge or learn new skills.
  • Family Activities: Fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded boating enthusiasts.

So, if you’re a boating enthusiast or simply want to give it a try, mark your calendar for February 14-18, 2024, and join the fun at the Grand Rapids Boat Show. It’s undoubtedly an experience you won’t want to miss!

Family Activities

Making Waves: Family-Friendly Events at the Show

The Grand Rapids Boat Show is not just about boats—it’s a fun-filled event for the whole family! With activities catered to attendees of all ages, you can be sure there’s something for everyone. One of the highlights of the show is the live music, perfect for setting a lakeside atmosphere. While you’re enjoying the tunes, your children will have a blast participating in various kids’ activities. Don’t miss the chance to take the family on a carriage ride through downtown Grand Rapids, giving you an opportunity to tour the city’s lights and sights.

Young Sailors: Activities and Learning for Kids

Apart from the exciting activities for children, the Grand Rapids Boat Show offers educational and engaging experiences tailored specifically for kids between 6-14 years old. One of the show’s most popular attractions for young sailors is Twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel. Your kids will have tons of fun watching this adorable little creature, showcasing its unique talent, while learning about the importance of water safety.

  • Ticket Prices: For children aged 6-14, tickets to the show cost $5, while those five years old and under can enter for free. Adult tickets are priced at $12. You can purchase the tickets online or at the DeVos Place ticket window.

Remember, the Grand Rapids Boat Show offers a wide range of family-oriented experiences, and together, you can create lasting memories while exploring the world of boats.

Economic and Community Impact

Anchoring the Economy: The Show’s Economic Contribution

The Grand Rapids Boat Show has always been an economic driving force for the region. It not only supports the local boating industry but also generates significant revenue for local businesses during its week-long run. With five acres of boats and accessories on display, this event attracts thousands of attendees, providing a massive boost to local hotels, restaurants, and shops. Although specific numbers on the economic contribution are hard to pinpoint, it’s clear that the show positively impacts the local economy.

Event organizer ShowSpan has noted that the boat show has experienced steady growth over the years and has adapted to evolving market trends. According to their representative, “Boating is naturally a social distancing activity; it’s a family-and-friends activity,” underscoring the resurgence in attendance during recent years.

Community Engagement: Charitable Initiatives and Partnerships

The Grand Rapids Boat Show is more than just a major economic event; it also plays an essential role in building community connections and promoting initiatives that benefit the general public. One such initiative is the focus on water safety awareness.

During the course of the show, various organizations work collaboratively to foster responsible boating practices and offer informative sessions, exhibitions, and demonstrations aimed at enhancing water safety for all enthusiasts. The goal is to promote a more secure and enjoyable boating experience for everyone involved.

In addition to the focus on safety, the Grand Rapids Boat Show also prioritizes partnerships with charitable organizations. This collaboration allows the show to leverage its resources and audience to make a positive impact on various philanthropic causes. By doing so, the show creates lasting relationships with these organizations and encourages attendees to engage in charitable giving and community service.

Overall, the Grand Rapids Boat Show is a valuable event that not only supports the local economy but also prioritizes safety, education, and community engagement. So, when you attend, you’re not just having a great time exploring the world of boating, but you’re also contributing to your community’s growth and well-being.

Visitor’s Guide

A Smooth Sail: Tips for Attendees

Attending the Grand Rapids Boat Show is a delightful experience for boat enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. To ensure you have the best possible time, here are a few tips:

  1. Plan your visit: The event will be held at DeVos Place, from February 14th to February 18th, 2024. Check the event website for the full schedule and list of exhibitors to plan your day accordingly.
  2. Arrive early: Beat the crowd by arriving early, especially if you plan to attend popular exhibits and presentations. This also helps when finding parking.
  3. Dress comfortably: You’ll likely be doing a lot of walking and standing during the show. Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers to adapt to temperature changes throughout the day.
  4. Ask questions: Exhibitors and event organizers are knowledgeable and happy to help. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek guidance during your visit.

Essentials to Bring: Preparing for the Boat Show

In order to make your trip to the Grand Rapids Boat Show both enjoyable and informative, make sure you bring the following:

  • Notebook and pen: Jot down key information about boats, brands, and exhibitors that interest you, so you can research further and make comparisons later.
  • Camera or smartphone: Capture photos of the boats and exhibits you like, but make sure to ask for permission before taking pictures at specific booths.
  • Backpack or bag: Carry a backpack or bag for collecting brochures, business cards, and any small items you might purchase during the show.

By following these tips and packing the essentials, you’re sure to have an amazing experience at the Grand Rapids Boat Show. Enjoy your time, and happy boating!

For Exhibitors

Setting Up Shop: Tips for Exhibitors

Exhibiting at the Grand Rapids Boat Show is an excellent opportunity to showcase your watercraft and connect with potential customers. To make the most out of your experience, follow these tips:

  • Plan ahead: Reserve your exhibit space early to secure a prime spot on the show floor. Remember to check the floor plan and download the show brochure for helpful information.
  • Stand out: Design your exhibit with eye-catching displays, incorporating bold visuals and interactive features to attract visitors to your booth. Think about what will make your watercraft and brand memorable.
  • Highlight your product: Make sure you emphasize the unique features, functionality, and benefits of your watercraft. Be prepared to provide visitors with relevant statistics, such as fuel efficiency, performance, and any awards or certifications your watercraft may have.
  • Engage with attendees: Train your staff to be knowledgeable about your watercraft and responsive to visitors’ questions. Offering hands-on experiences, such as virtual tours, will leave a lasting impression.
  • Keep it professional: Maintain a clean and organized exhibit area, ensuring that promotional materials are prominently displayed and available for visitors to take home.

Networking Tides: Making Industry Connections

Attending the Grand Rapids Boat Show is not only about showcasing your watercraft but also building relationships with industry professionals. Consider these tips to expand your network:

  • Attend networking events: Leverage social events as opportunities to network with other exhibitors, manufacturers, and potential customers. Participate in panel discussions and workshops to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • Connect with industry influencers: Engage with journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers who can help spread the word about your watercraft and brand. Use the show directory to identify key individuals and initiate conversations with them.
  • Exchange business cards: This age-old networking tool is still effective in forging new connections. Ensure your business card is up-to-date with your contact information, and don’t forget to follow up with potential leads after the event.
  • Leverage social media: Promote your presence at the boat show via social media channels, using event-specific hashtags and tagging the official event profiles. Engage with attendees online and encourage them to visit your booth.

Make the most of your time at the Grand Rapids Boat Show by putting these tips into practice. The event is an excellent platform to showcase your watercraft, connect with professionals, and build lasting relationships in the industry. Good luck, and enjoy the show!

Accommodation and Transportation

Mooring in Grand Rapids: Where to Stay

When planning your visit to the Grand Rapids Boat Show, it’s essential to find the perfect place to stay. Fortunately, Grand Rapids has a variety of accommodations to choose from, such as hotels, motels, and inns. Some nearby lodging options offer special rates for boat show attendees, so don’t hesitate to inquire about discounts.

  1. Hotel A: Located just a few blocks from DeVos Place, this cozy hotel offers comfortable rooms and a complimentary breakfast.
  2. Hotel B: If you’re looking for a more luxurious stay, this upscale hotel provides top-notch amenities, including a spa and fine dining experience.
  3. Hotel C: For budget-conscious travelers, this affordable motel offers clean and comfortable rooms without breaking the bank.

Booking early is always recommended to secure your preferred accommodation and benefit from possible discounts.

Navigating the Rapids: Transportation Tips

Getting to and from the Grand Rapids Boat Show is a breeze, thanks to the city’s efficient transportation options. DeVos Place, where the event takes place, is easily accessible via major highways for those arriving by car. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way around Grand Rapids:

  • By Car: If you’re driving to the event, use GPS for the most accurate directions. The venue’s address is 303 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.
  • Parking: DeVos Place offers plenty of parking options nearby, including both covered ramps and surface lots. Make sure to arrive early for the best spots.
  • Public Transit: Grand Rapids has a reliable public transportation system consisting of buses and shuttles. These can be a convenient and cost-effective way to travel around the city, especially for those unfamiliar with the area.
  • Ride-sharing: If you prefer more comfortable and personalized transportation, consider using services like Uber or Lyft to reach the venue.

Enjoy your visit to the Grand Rapids Boat Show, and remember to take advantage of these accommodation and transportation tips to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Local Flavors and Entertainment

Culinary Cruising: Dining Options at the Show

Grand Rapids Boat Show not only offers a paradise for boating enthusiasts, but it also treats visitors to mouthwatering dining experiences! You are bound to be impressed with the variety of food options available, catering to different palates. Embrace the local flavors as you dig into delicious meals and relaxing drinks.

  • Try out the seafood, the local specialty, as you wander through the show
  • Quench your thirst at one of the several beverage booths while enjoying the view of impressive boats
  • From gourmet burgers to tasty salads, you’ll never run out of options to satisfy your hunger

Don’t miss the chance to indulge in scrumptious food specially curated for the boat show, making your experience more memorable.

Exploring Grand Rapids: Post-Show Entertainment

Once you’ve had your fill of boats and food, Grand Rapids has plenty to offer in terms of post-show entertainment. With its lively atmosphere and captivating sights, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Here are some suggestions to make the most of your time in this beautiful city:

  1. Museums: Dive into the rich history of Grand Rapids with a visit to popular museums like the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum or the Grand Rapids Art Museum.
  2. Nature and Parks: Reconnect with nature at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park or Millennium Park, the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts to unwind after a day at the boat show.
  3. Breweries: Did you know Grand Rapids is known as Beer City, USA? Embark on a brewery tour to sample some of the best local craft beers.
  4. Performing Arts: Catch a live performance at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre or the Van Andel Arena, showcasing the city’s vibrant arts scene.

As one event organizer said, “Grand Rapids Boat Show is not just about the boats, but also creating an unforgettable experience for everyone.” So make the most of your time and enjoy Grand Rapids’s delightful options, creating memories to treasure.

Shopping and Souvenirs

Treasures Ashore: Shopping Opportunities

Who doesn’t love a good shopping spree? The Grand Rapids Boat Show offers numerous opportunities to indulge in some retail therapy. With a wide array of vendors and exhibitors, you’ll find everything from nautical accessories to apparel and souvenirs. As you stroll through the show, keep an eye out for unique items, and be sure to ask vendors about any exclusive offers they may have for Boat Show attendees.

Event organizers expect diverse offerings, including specialized equipment, electronics, and even water sports gear. The Grand Rapids Boat Show is the perfect place to discover hidden gems and add to your collection of nautical treasures.

Exclusive Show Merchandise and Deals

At the Grand Rapids Boat Show, there are plenty of chances for you to score exclusive event merchandise and unbeatable deals. Many vendors offer special discounts on their products and services just for show attendees.

  • Special Discounts: Keep an eye out for signs advertising sales and promotions. Boat Show attendees may also receive exclusive offers or coupons from participating vendors.
  • Exclusive Merchandise: What better way to remember your experience than with official Grand Rapids Boat Show memorabilia? Be on the lookout for official merchandise featuring the Boat Show logo or event artwork to add to your collection.
  • Limited Edition Items: Some vendors may have limited edition products available only at the Boat Show, so act fast if you find something you love!

Remember, these are exclusive opportunities, so make the most of your experience by taking advantage of these fantastic shopping options. It’s a great way for you to bring home a piece of the Grand Rapids Boat Show, even after the event has come to an end.

The Future of Boating

Charting New Waters: Trends and Future of Boating

As you may know, boating has seen continuous evolution in recent years. With new designs, trends, and innovations, the industry is shaping up to make your boating experiences more exciting and sustainable.

One significant trend in the boating industry is the shift toward eco-friendly boats. Manufacturers are now focusing on using environmentally friendly materials and energy sources, like solar and electric power, which help reduce the carbon footprint and preserve the marine environment.

Additionally, boat designs have evolved to enhance usability and convenience. For example, you can now find boats with improved storage options, more versatile seating arrangements, and better connectivity features that seamlessly integrate your electronic devices.

Future Waves: Innovations to Look Forward To

The Grand Rapids Boat Show is an excellent platform to witness innovations in the boating industry, with event organizers promising a showcase of cutting-edge technology and designs in the coming years.

Some innovations you can look forward to in the future of boating include:

  • Hydrofoil boats: These revolutionary designs reduce drag and fuel consumption and improve passengers’ comfort and overall experience.
  • AI and smart boating: Increasingly, boats are being equipped with AI features like advanced GPS systems, autopilot, and remote monitoring, making it easier for you to navigate, maintain, and control your boat.
  • 3D printed boats: As 3D printing technology improves, boat manufacturing is expected to be revolutionized, leading to lighter and more customizable boat designs.

By staying tuned in to events like the Grand Rapids Boat Show, you have the opportunity to witness the future of boating firsthand. So, mark your calendar and don’t miss the chance to explore the evolving world of boating.

Media Coverage

Capturing the Current: Media at the Boat Show

The media plays an essential role in capturing the Grand Rapids Boat Show events and sharing them with a broader audience. Renowned sources like mlive and showspan.com offer extensive coverage of the Boat Show every year. Event organizers, such as Scott Rissi, ensure the media gets all the necessary information and access to create detailed reports. This year, according to showspan.com, the show features an impressive 5 acres of power boats designed for the Great Lakes.

Social Seas: Engaging with the Show Online

Attendees, exhibitors, and organizers can engage with the Grand Rapids Boat Show through various social channels. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular platforms for sharing real-time experiences, event highlights, and exciting stories from the show. In fact, WKTV Community Media provided coverage on their Facebook page, emphasizing the show’s rich history as Michigan’s longest-running boat show.

Stories from the Deck: Attendees’ and Exhibitors’ Tales

A crucial part of the media coverage features stories from the attendees and exhibitors attending the event. This year, enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing event highlights, such as a 1935 J.R. Robertson sixteen-foot canoe on display, as mentioned in the Water Wonderland Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

Here are some exciting aspects of the show to watch out for:

  • Antique and classic boat displays
  • Latest fishing boats and cruisers
  • Motor yachts and runabouts

These tales and experiences create a buzz around the event and encourage more people to join in future editions.

Captains’ Insights: Expert Advice and Stories

The Grand Rapids Boat Show has always been an excellent venue for boating enthusiasts to gain expert advice, share stories, and gain insights from seasoned captains. This year, industry experts like Dawson Dowling will be offering valuable tips and information to help you make informed decisions about your next boat purchase and share their own adventures on the water. Make sure to attend these insightful sessions to learn from the best in the business.

To sum it up, the Grand Rapids Boat Show offers numerous aspects of media coverage for you to stay updated and engaged with the event. Keep an eye out for updates from mlive, showspan.com, and social media channels, and don’t forget to share your stories from the deck!

Docking at the End: Wrapping Up the Grand Rapids Boat Show

As the Grand Rapids Boat Show came to an end, it left visitors with a treasure trove of memories and experiences. This year’s event, the 77th annual Grand Rapids Boat Show, took place from February 16th to 20th, showcasing over five acres of boats and accessories, making it a must-visit event for boating enthusiasts.

Did you know the Grand Rapids Boat Show is Michigan’s longest-running boat show? This year, more than 100 manufacturers, dozens of dealers, and 400 boats were presented at DeVos Place, turning the venue into a boating paradise.

So, what could you find at the show? From kayaks to sleek motorboats, there was something for everyone- a first-time buyer or an experienced boater. Here’s a snapshot of the show:

  • Over 5 acres of boats and accessories on display
  • More than 100 manufacturers and dozens of dealers
  • Over 400 boats, ranging from fishing boats to luxurious yachts

What made the event even more enjoyable were the live music, kids’ activities, and a pop-up shop from Tommy’s, a popular northern Michigan store with everything you need for your next boating adventure.

One event organizer commented, “It’s always wonderful to see the community come together each year to celebrate the boating industry, support local businesses, and enjoy the atmosphere at the Grand Rapids Boat Show.

Now that the 2022 Grand Rapids Boat Show has wrapped up, don’t worry if you missed it – there’s always the 2024 edition to look forward to, which is sure to bring even more excitement and new innovations!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Grand Rapids Boat Show take place?

The Grand Rapids Boat Show is scheduled to take place from February 14-18, 2024. Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar and plan your visit!

What types of boats can I expect to see at the show?

At the Grand Rapids Boat Show, you can expect to see a broad array of power boats on display. The event will showcase around 5 acres of boats, including Motor Yachts, Cruisers, Runabouts, and Fishing Boats, all tailored for the Great Lakes region.

How much are tickets for the Grand Rapids Boat Show?

Tickets for the Grand Rapids Boat Show are priced at $12 for adults and $5 for children between 6 and 14 years old. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to browse an extensive range of boats!

Where is the Grand Rapids Boat Show being held?

The Grand Rapids Boat Show will be held at DeVos Place, located at 303 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the venue and plan your journey accordingly.

Are there any special events happening during the boat show?

Yes, there are special events planned during the Grand Rapids Boat Show. One exciting highlight is the opportunity to meet professional wakeboarders, skiers, and wakesurfers who will be present throughout the weekend. Make sure to stop by the participating boat dealers’ displays to meet these talented athletes!

What other boat shows are happening in Michigan?

While the Grand Rapids Boat Show is a West Michigan tradition, other boat shows are happening across the state. Keep an eye on local news and event websites to stay up-to-date with boat shows near you!

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