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Make Memories

At Lake, we create opportunities for families to make memories in the great outdoors, giving them something to look forward to. Family is at the heart of our company and is the bedrock of society.

Value Friendship

At Lake, we value friendships and the blessing this particular kind of relationship brings. We believe that friendships are to be nourished and cherished and serve as a means to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Stewards of Creation

At Lake, we are stewards of creation. The earth and all that’s within it was entrusted to humanity by God to care for and enjoy. We want to leave the world better than we found it and conserve the natural beauty around us.

About our company

Working at Lake is a great adventure. You can create, build, and serve as you spread your love and enthusiasm for great times with family and friends in nature, living the cottage life.

Our teammates share the following characteristics in common. Do you see these qualities in yourself?

If what you’re reading about Lake all sounds good and you see a role that matches your skillsets and work experience, you’re invited to apply!


A creative person sees things that others miss. He or she connects the dots, sparks ideas, and brings projects to life. Creativity may come in bursts or be a consistent rhythm throughout the day; it also comes in many forms. Creativity, at its core, is problem-solving.


Someone who is discerning has more than just ‘good’ judgment; he or she is skilled at weighing opportunities, can see through the fog, and has the unique ability to spot the truth from a lie. To be discerning is to be wise, and with wisdom comes understanding.


Someone innovative loves to ideate, invent, and see their creations come to life. An inventor loves nothing more than someone bringing them an idea and finding ways to make it happen. Innovation can create change and make things happen for the better.


Being teachable is an amazing gift. Those who are teachable demonstrate humility, curiosity, and a willingness to learn. To be teachable means that you are a good listener and know that you don’t know everything! Most skills can be taught to someone with a teachable heart.

Current Job Openings

Always dreamed about joining a start-up? Check back here often to see when these next openings become available. It’s your opportunity to get in from the very beginning, have complete ownership over your functional area, and the autonomy to make decisions and move quickly.

RoleLevelDepartmentLocationClosest OfficeArrangement
Social Media ManagerAssociateMarketingRemoteTorontoFull Time
BookkeeperManagerFinanceRemoteTorontoPart Time
Web DeveloperSeniorProductRemoteTorontoFull Time
UI/UX DesignerSeniorProductRemoteTorontoFull Time
Product ManagerSeniorProductRemoteTorontoFull Time
Customer Service RepresentativeIntermediateOperationsRemoteTorontoFull Time

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