Exploring Alberta: A Traveler’s Guide to the Canadian Rockies and Beyond

Discover Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake, nestled in the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National Park, is often hailed as the best and most picturesque lake in Alberta, Canada. This glacier-fed lake is renowned for its stunning turquoise waters, a result of the light-refracting properties of the rock flour (fine particles of rock) deposited in the lake by surrounding glaciers. Surrounded by towering peaks and lush forests, the lake offers a postcard-perfect view that epitomizes the Canadian Rockies’ majestic beauty. The iconic image of Moraine Lake is the classic view from the Rockpile Trail, a short but rewarding hike that provides an elevated and panoramic view of the lake.


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Three Fun Facts about Alberta


Sky High Roadway

The Icefields Parkway, stretching from Lake Louise to Jasper, is one of the world’s most beautiful mountain drives. It offers spectacular scenery of glaciers, turquoise lakes, and a variety of wildlife.


Unique Weather Phenomenon

The province experiences a weather phenomenon known as a Chinook, a warm, dry wind that can cause temperature swings of up to 20°C (36°F) in a few hours, providing welcome relief in the winter.


Dinosaur Hotspot

The province is famous for its dinosaur fossils. Drumheller, often called the “Dinosaur Capital of the World,” is home to the Royal Tyrrell Museum, one of the world’s premier paleontological research facilities and museums.


Must See Attractions

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Frank Slide Interpretive Centre

Tourist Attraction

Frank Slide provides visitors with a captivating glimpse into the tragic history of the massive rockslide that buried part of the town of Frank in 1903, making it one of the most significant landslides in North American history.

Maligne Canyon

Nature & Parks

This canyon has limestone walls that plunge up to 50 meters deep, offering visitors a spectacular display of geological formations and a series of stunning waterfalls, particularly striking in winter when they freeze into cascading ice formations.

Willow Creek Hoodoos

Nature & Parks

Showcasing tall, slender spires of rock that have been sculpted over centuries by the forces of erosion, creating an intriguing and picturesque landscape that captivates photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Lakes to Explore

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1. Jasper Lake

335 Miles

This lake provides a serene setting for kayaking, canoeing, and enjoying the tranquility of the surrounding wilderness.

2. Abraham Lake

340 Miles

Famous for its frozen methane bubbles in winter, Abraham Lake is a year-round attraction, offering stunning views and activities.

3. Peyto Lake

423 Miles

Located along the Icefields Parkway, this lake is known for its unique shape resembling a wolf’s head and its vivid turquoise hue.

4. Upper Kananaskis Lake

428 Miles

This is a pristine destination for hiking and water activities in Kananaskis Country.

5. Lake Louise

471 Miles

Lake Louise is renowned for its turquoise waters, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

6. Moraine Lake

485 Miles

Moraine Lake is celebrated for its vibrant blue color and stunning reflections, offering a postcard-perfect view for visitors.

7. Waterton Lake

563 Miles

Straddling the U.S.-Canada border, Waterton Lake is known for its scenery, including the Prince of Wales Hotel overlooking the lake.

8. Cameron Lake

583 Miles

The lake is surrounded by forests and offers a serene environment for boating and hiking, and mountainous landscape.

Annual Events and Festivals

January 2024

Ice Magic Festival

The Ice Magic Festival is a dazzling celebration of winter’s beauty, held annually in the breathtaking setting of Lake Louise within Banff National Park, Alberta. This enchanting festival attracts world class ice artists who transform blocks of ice into stunning, ephemeral sculptures. The festival’s centerpiece is the international ice carving competition, where teams labor under time constraints to create their masterpieces, competing for honors and admiration.

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Monday, July 5 – Wednesday, July 14, 2024

Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede stands as an iconic celebration deeply rooted in Western Canadian culture, earning its reputation as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” This colossal event transforms the city into a lively spectacle of rodeo prowess, grand parades, and electrifying entertainment. With its origins dating back to 1912, the Stampede has evolved into a 10 day extravaganza, drawing visitors from around the globe. The heart pounding rodeo competitions showcase the skills of fearless cowboys and cowgirls, while the expansive midway offers a whirlwind of amusement rides, carnival games, and delectable treats.

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Thursday, August 1 – Sunday, August 4, 2024

Big Valley Jamboree

The Big Valley Jamboree, held annually in Camrose, Alberta, is a hallmark event for country music enthusiasts. This celebrated festival has been a staple of Alberta’s cultural landscape since its inception in the early 1990s. The event features multiple stages where fans can enjoy a diverse array of performances, from traditional country tunes to modern crossover hits. Apart from the music, the Jamboree offers a variety of experiences including a marketplace with unique vendors, camping facilities that foster a sense of community among festival-goers, and a range of food and drink options that cater to all tastes.

Top Hiking Trails

Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots

Johnston Canyon, Bow Valley Pkwy, Improvement District No. 9, Alberta

Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots is a captivating trail located in Banff National Park, Alberta, renowned for its scenic beauty and geological wonders. This moderately challenging hike starts at the Johnston Canyon trailhead, leading adventurers through a canyon carved by thousands of years of water erosion. The final destination, the Ink Pots, is a series of stunning, mineral-rich spring-fed pools, each boasting distinct colors. These pools are set in an open meadow with striking views of the surrounding mountain peaks. The entire round trip is about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) and provides a unique combination of geological features.

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Ha Ling Peak

AB-742, Canmore, Alberta

Rising to an elevation of 2,407 meters (7,897 feet), the peak offers a thrilling hiking experience for those seeking panoramic views of the Bow Valley and the town of Canmore below. The trail to Ha Ling Peak begins at the Goat Creek parking lot and winds its way through dense forests, eventually opening up to alpine meadows and rugged terrain. The final stretch involves a steep scramble to the summit, rewarding hikers with a stunning panorama of the surrounding mountain ranges, including the towering Three Sisters.

Visit their website for more information

Crypt Lake Trail

Crypt Lake Trail, Waterton Park, Alberta

Accessible by a scenic boat ride across Upper Waterton Lake, the trail commences at the Crypt Landing and leads adventurers through a diverse landscape of dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and alpine meadows. The highlight of the trail is the remarkable Crypt Lake, nestled in a high mountain cirque surrounded by towering cliffs. The trail presents challenges such as the aptly named “Hell Roaring Falls” and a narrow, vertigo-inducing cliffside section known as the “Cable Route,” where hikers rely on a safety cable to traverse the sheer rock face. The culmination of the journey at Crypt Lake rewards hikers with a breathtaking view of the turquoise waters and the surrounding peaks.

Visit their website for more information

Best Golf Courses

Banff Springs Golf Club

405 Spray Avenue, Banff, AlBerta

Established in 1911, this historic golf course is situated adjacent to the iconic Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, offering golf enthusiasts an unparalleled setting for their game. The 18 hole course, designed by the renowned Stanley Thompson, meanders through pine forests, challenging elevation changes, and manicured fairways. Golfers are treated to views of the surrounding mountains, including the majestic Mount Rundle.

Visit their website for more information

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course

 Old Lodge Rd, Jasper, Alberta

Designed by the legendary Stanley Thompson, this iconic golf course has been enchanting players since its inauguration in 1925. Surrounded by towering peaks, pristine lakes, and dense pine forests, the course provides a unique and challenging golfing experience. Its meticulously manicured fairways wind through the rugged terrain, presenting golfers with both stunning views and strategic shot-making opportunities. The course’s signature hole, the par-3 9th, is particularly renowned for its island green set against the backdrop of Lac Beauvert, creating a memorable and picturesque challenge.

Visit their website for more information

Wolf Creek Golf Course – Old Course

Site 10, Ponoka, Alberta

Wolf Creek Golf Resort, located near Ponoka, Alberta, is celebrated for its Old Course, a distinctive and challenging golfing experience steeped in the tradition of the sport. The Old Course, designed by renowned architect Rod Whitman, first opened in 1984 and quickly gained a reputation for its unique style and character. Set in a gently rolling landscape characteristic of central Alberta, the course showcases a links-style design, reminiscent of the classic courses of Scotland. Each hole offers its own distinct character, challenging golfers of all skill levels with a variety of shot options and risk-reward scenarios.

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Water Sports

Banff Canoe Club

Canoeing and kayaking

Canoeing and kayaking in the Banff area offer an idyllic way to explore the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies from the unique vantage point of its serene lakes and rivers. Iconic spots like Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and Bow River are particularly popular among paddling enthusiasts for their stunning scenic views and wildlife spotting opportunities. For those looking to rent equipment, Banff Canoe Club is a well-regarded local company offering canoe and kayak rentals. Conveniently located near the heart of Banff town, they provide easy access to the Bow River, a perfect starting point for a scenic paddle.

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Chinook Rafting

White water Rafting

Alberta’s varied terrain, from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to the forested regions of the north, provides an array of rafting experiences suitable for all skill levels. The Kananaskis River and the Bow River near Banff are popular among beginners and families, offering a mix of gentle flows and exciting, yet manageable rapids. For the more adventurous, the Horseshoe Canyon section of the Bow River presents higher-grade rapids, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience amidst dramatic canyon scenery. Operating since 1983, Chinook Rafting offers a variety of trips, ranging from family friendly, half day adventures to full day excursions for those seeking more intense rapids.

Visit their website for more information

Hooked Fishing Adventures


Alberta boasts a rich variety of fishing environments, from the majestic Rocky Mountain streams and lakes to the vast northern rivers and prairie ponds, each teeming with species like trout, pike, walleye, and Arctic grayling. The clear, cold waters of Alberta’s mountain regions are particularly famous for fly fishing, offering a serene and challenging experience amidst some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada. For those seeking guided fishing experiences, Get Hooked Fishing Adventures is a highly recommended company operating in Alberta. Known for their expertise and commitment to sustainable fishing practices, they offer personalized guided trips tailored to both beginners and experienced anglers.

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01 / Downhill Skiing

Skiing in Alberta offers an exhilarating blend of breathtaking mountain scenery and world-class ski resorts, making it a premier destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park and Lake Louise boast iconic ski resorts where visitors can carve through pristine powder against a backdrop of towering peaks. The Lake Louise Ski Resort, renowned for its extensive terrain and stunning vistas of the turquoise lake, beckons skiers of all levels. Meanwhile, Banff Mount Norquay caters to both beginners and experts, offering diverse slopes and the thrill of night skiing.

young active snowboarder in bright sportswear jumping up on a mountain slope 1 1

02 / Ice Skating

Lake Louise, nestled within Banff National Park, transforms into a magical ice skating haven during the winter months. Skating on the frozen surface of Lake Louise offers a unique experience, surrounded by snow-covered mountains and the iconic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Outdoor rinks in cities like Edmonton and Calgary provide urban settings for ice skating enthusiasts to enjoy this timeless winter pastime.

young active snowboarder in bright sportswear jumping up on a mountain slope 1 1

03 / Sleigh Rides

The province’s picturesque locales, such as Jasper National Park and Banff, set the stage for this timeless activity. Pulled by majestic horses adorned with jingling bells, sleighs gracefully traverse snow covered meadows and pine-lined trails, providing a serene and magical journey. The rhythmic sound of hooves on the snow, the crisp winter air, and the panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains create an immersive and charming atmosphere. Many outfitters in Alberta offer guided sleigh rides, complete with cozy blankets and hot beverages, making it a perfect activity for families, couples, or anyone seeking a romantic winter escape.

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Resorts to Explore

Solara Resort by Bellstar Hotels

Family friendly
187 Kananaskis Way, Canmore, Alberta

Alpine Village Jasper

Recreational, Family friendly
Athabasca Road, AB-93A, Jasper, Alberta

Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort

Family Friendly, Couples
101 Clematis Ave, Waterton Park, Alberta

Tips on Vacationing in Alberta

Local Cuisine

Alberta is famous for its Angus beef, so be sure to try some local steak or a beef burger. Other Canadian treats include Bever Tails (a deep fried pastry), Nanaimo bars, maple syrup, and butter tarts.

Drive Safely

If you’re renting a car, remember that distances can be long, and winter driving conditions can be challenging. Always check road conditions, be aware of wildlife, and check weather forecasts.

Book Accommodations Early

Especially in peak seasons, accommodations in popular areas like Banff and Jasper can fill up quickly. Book well in advance to secure your preferred lodging.

Road Trips

Travel beyond the highways and major attractions by taking the Cowboy Trail and passing through Western towns such as Millarville and Turner Valley along with unique sites such as Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump and Frank Slide Interpretive Centre.

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image 401 1
Jet Skiing

Alberta is a beautiful Canadian province that offers stunning natural landscapes and a wide range of activities throughout the year. 

Whether you’re an adventurer, a culture enthusiast, or just seeking a peaceful getaway, Alberta has something for everyone. To enhance your vacation experience, finding the perfect rental accommodation is crucial. This involves considering factors such as location, budget, and preferred activities. 

Many options are available, from cozy cabins and cottages to unique dome houses by the river.

A Quick Glance

– Discover the vacation rental in Alberta for an enhanced travel experience.
– Explore options, including cozy cottages and unique dome houses.
-Learn tips and best practices for booking your vacation rental in Alberta.

Why Choose Lakeside Vacation Rentals in Alberta?

Alberta offers a range of lakeside cabins, cottages, and retreats that cater to families seeking adventure and individuals who appreciate nature. The variety of landscapes and attractions make Alberta a popular choice for vacationers. 

One of the advantages of choosing a lakeside vacation rental in Alberta is the opportunity to immerse oneself in natural surroundings. The tranquil effect of the water, the fresh air, and the breathtaking views contribute to creating memorable vacations. Moreover, staying at these secluded properties offers privacy, allowing guests to connect with their surroundings fully.

There are highly sought-after lakeside rentals in Alberta located near the awe-inspiring Rockies. These offer access to world-class ski resorts for those seeking a rush. Imagine waking up to the vista of a mountain lake and then enjoying a day on the slopes. It’s a combination of relaxation and excitement.

In addition to providing activities, these lakeside vacation rentals also boast a cozy charm. With amenities seamlessly blended with modern designs, they provide an ideal sanctuary after a fulfilling day of exploration. Guests will feel at home during their stay and appreciate these accommodations’ warm atmosphere.

For instance, let’s consider a family that decided to spend their holiday in a lakeside cabin in Alberta. They enjoyed engaging in activities like fishing, canoeing, and hiking, all conveniently accessible from their rental. The evening campfires, breathtaking sunsets, and clear night skies created memories that will endure forever. These experiences demonstrate the rewards of choosing a lakeside vacation rental in Alberta.

Best Towns for Vacation Rentals in Alberta

To assist you in finding a vacation rental, here is a list of the towns known for their remarkable vacation rentals.

Edmonton serves as the capital city of Alberta. Provides a blend of urban amenities and outdoor adventures that guarantee an amazing vacation experience. Here, you’ll find options for vacation rentals ranging from apartments to luxurious homes.  Plus, Edmonton is home to Canada’s largest shopping mall, the West Edmonton Mall, which includes an indoor waterpark, making it a great destination when you want winter outside and summer inside.

Heading south, you’ll visit Calgary, a top-rated city for vacation rentals. Known for its Calgary Stampede, this city is a destination for thrill seekers and history enthusiasts. You won’t have trouble finding a vacation rental as they are plentiful throughout the city.

Canmore and Banff
If you’re captivated by mountain views, then Canmore and Banff are must-visit towns. These two popular destinations in the heart of the Rockies provide rentals whether you desire a spacious home or a charming mountain chalet.  A few years ago, I visited friends in Calgary, and we drove to one of the guys’ places in Canmore.  It’s one of the most beautiful hour-long drives from the city’s flats to the enormous mountains that go on, kilometer after kilometer.

Yellowhead and Rocky View County
For those seeking an experience, Yellowhead County and Rocky View County offer serene landscapes and delightful vacation rentals. Escape the hustle and bustle of life. Immerse yourself in Alberta’s beautiful countryside.

Sylvan Lake
Nestled in the heart of Alberta is Sylvan Lake, a place to relax by the water. The town offers lakeside cottages that will make your waterfront vacation unforgettable.

Nordegg is a gem for nature lovers seeking peace and tranquility. Situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this town boasts landscapes and numerous rental options like log cabins.

Sherwood Park and Bragg Creek
Lastly, Sherwood Park and Bragg Creek are choices to get there without venturing too far from the city of Calgary. Both of these locations are conveniently located near cities. Provide vacation rentals that can be tailored to suit your individual preferences. Now that you know some of Alberta’s towns for vacation rentals, it’s time to begin planning your Alberta getaway.

Types of Vacation Rentals

So, you’re in the process of planning your trip to Alberta and searching for a vacation rental? Let’s explore some of the types of vacation rentals found in Alberta.

House rentals are a favored choice among visitors to Alberta for families or larger groups. You can discover homes as well as charming traditional-style houses that will ensure a comfortable and memorable stay. Additionally, the additional space and privacy offered by houses are unparalleled!

Rustic Log Cabins
Are you yearning for a nature-filled experience during your visit to Alberta? Rustic cabin or log cabin rentals might be what you desire. These cozy accommodations are often nestled amidst landscapes, providing a retreat for those seeking reconnection with the great outdoors.

Renting a Cabin
If you’re looking for something a bit than a rustic cabin but still desire that peaceful and secluded ambiance, consider exploring cabin rentals in Alberta. These accommodations provide amenities. They are often conveniently situated near popular attractions, offering the perfect blend of convenience and serenity.

Charming Cottages
Cottages in Alberta present another option for your accommodation! With their enchanting architecture and cozy interiors, cottages are a choice for couples seeking a romantic escape. Many cottages are nestled in settings, adding a touch of magic to your vacation.

For those who appreciate nostalgia, there are even cottages near beaches and promenades where you can soak up the charm of bygone eras.

Regardless of the type of vacation rental you opt for, Alberta has something that will meet your needs and create memories.

Top Lakeside Vacation Rentals in Alberta

We’ve dreamed up a collection of vacation rentals that boast lakefront views, fishing opportunities, pet-friendly options as well as cozy cabins. Get ready for some relaxation by the water’s edge!

A Haven for Fishing Enthusiasts

Imagine starting your day on the porch, sipping coffee as the sun’s rays dance across the water’s surface, a serene and picturesque scene. 

Lakehouse rentals offer the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, making them an ideal choice for your next getaway. Not only do these properties provide access to countless amenities, but they also present a world of possibilities for exploration and family bonding. 

What to Expect in a Vacation Rental

Indoor Spaces and Facilities
You can expect a warm and welcoming interior when you book a vacation rental in Alberta. Many rentals come with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, which makes them perfect for family retreats or group trips. The living areas usually feature a fireplace, adding to the cozy ambiance of your stay.

The kitchens are typically well-equipped with a stove, fridge, and all the necessary essentials for preparing meals. In some properties, you might even find a sauna where you can relax after a day of exploring.

Most vacation rentals in Alberta provide amenities like Wi-Fi to ensure that you stay connected throughout your trip. If you’re traveling with pets, rest assured that many properties welcome them without any complications.

Outdoor Spaces and Quick Access to Hiking Trails

Alberta is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes. Numerous vacation rentals provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature completely. If you choose a property in the Canadian Rocky Mountains or the foothills, you will be treated to stunning mountain views right outside your doorstep. 

For those who prefer accommodations near water, there are rentals near lakes and rivers that are often surrounded by mature trees, which add to the peaceful ambiance. These properties may also offer amenities such as a pool, hot tub, or fire pit, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring one of the provincial parks. 

Take the chance to explore the scenic beauty and comfortable accommodations that Alberta vacation rentals have to offer!

The Best Time To Visit Alberta

Deciding on the time to visit Alberta depends on what you’re seeking during your vacation. 

If you prefer warmer weather, then June, July and August are the best months to visit Alberta. Mid-July is particularly warm with daytime temperatures averaging around 75.8°F (24.3°C) and rarely dropping below 49.5°F (9.7°C) at night.

During the summer, the days are longer in Alberta, with the sun rising around 5:30 am and setting well after 10 pm. This is the perfect time to explore the beautiful landscapes and national parks, such as Banff. However, it’s worth noting that summer is the peak tourist season in Alberta, so popular destinations may be a bit more crowded.

Alberta’s snowy months are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports if you enjoy winter activities. Although the temperatures drop during this time of year, it shouldn’t discourage you from experiencing the beauty of Alberta covered in a blanket of snow.

It’s essential to remember that while summer brings rain to Alberta, winter guarantees plenty of snow. Therefore, depending on your preferences, both seasons offer unique experiences. If wildlife viewing is high on your list, then summer is the best time to plan your visit.

To make the most out of your vacation rental experience in Alberta, consider the activities you’d like to participate in and the type of weather that suits your preference. Whether it’s exploring during the summer months or embarking on a snow-filled adventure in winter, rest assured that Alberta has something special for everyone.

Booking Your Lakeside Vacation Rental

User Reviews and Recommendations

When planning your lakeside vacation in Alberta, paying close attention to user reviews and recommendations is essential. These can help you choose the perfect vacation rental for your needs and preferences. Look for rentals that consistently receive high marks for location, cleanliness, and overall experience.

Availability and dates are critical factors when booking your vacation rental. Start your search early, as popular spots tend to fill up quickly, especially during peak travel seasons. Having a flexible schedule can increase your chances of finding the perfect rental.

Tips for Booking a Vacation Rental

Do thorough research on the location and type of rental property you are interested in. Compare options across various platforms and websites.

Read reviews
Pay close attention to positive and negative reviews, focusing on recurring themes and comments.

Check the cancellation policy

Make sure you understand the cancellation policy before committing to a rental. This can help you avoid unexpected fees or complications if your travel plans change.

How to Book a Vacation Rental in Alberta

To book a vacation rental in Alberta, follow these steps:

1. Visit your favorite vacation rental platform.

2. Set your location to Alberta, and input your preferred dates.

3. Filter your search based on preferences such as price, property type, and necessary amenities (e.g., waterfront, number of bedrooms, hot tub).

4. Browse through available listings, paying close attention to user reviews, ratings, and photos.

5. Contact the host if you have questions or need more information about a specific property.

6. Once you’ve chosen your ideal vacation rental, follow the website’s instructions for booking and payment.

Take your time through this process, and you’ll find the perfect lakeside vacation rental for your Alberta getaway. Enjoy your stay!

Things to Do Near Vacation Rentals

We can’t wait to help you explore the activities near your chosen vacation rental! 

Whether you’re staying in a cozy cabin by the lake or in the heart of a bustling city like Edmonton or Calgary, there is always something exciting to do.

Are you a fan of hitting the slopes? Then you’re in luck because Alberta is a paradise for skiing enthusiasts! Head over to Jasper or Banff vacation rentals, where you will find world-class ski resorts just a short drive away. Imagine waking up to the crisp mountain air and spending your day carving through fresh powder on the slopes. Sounds perfect, right?

Soaking in the Hot Tub
In addition to views, lakeside rentals offer great amenities. Imagine yourself relaxing in a lakefront cottage with a tub.  These are especially great for relaxing your muscles after a long day of hiking or skiing. 

Exploring the Wilderness
While indulging in the ambiance of your Alberta vacation rental is delightful, don’t miss out on exploring the surrounding wilderness. Lakeside accommodations serve as a home base for immersing yourself in nature and engaging in outdoor activities.

Hiking at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake
Let’s not forget about the natural wonders of Alberta’s lakes, particularly Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, the most photographed lake in the world. Choosing a vacation rental near Lake Louise, for example, offers countless opportunities for your outdoor pursuits. Hiking along the picturesque trails, picnicking by the lakeshore, or even taking a refreshing dip in the water, the options are endless, and so is the fun.

Golfing with Friends
As a golf lover, you’ll be relieved that numerous vacation rentals in Alberta are just a stone’s throw away from stunning golf courses.

here are five popular golf courses in Alberta that are known for their stunning views and accessibility for tourists in the area:

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club: This 18 hole gem offers a unique golfing experience.
Fairmont Banff Springs: Known for its beautiful views.
Calgary Golf & Country Club: A popular choice among tourists.
Kananaskis Country Golf Course: Known for its accessibility.
Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club: Offers stunning views of the Alberta landscape.

These golf courses are well-regarded and offer a great mix of challenge and beauty.

Dining In or Dining Out

Of course, vacations are not just about sports and outdoor activities. They are also the perfect time to indulge in delicious food and relax at cozy cafes. Whether you’re staying in Edmonton, Calgary, or any other city in the province, you’ll find many fantastic restaurants and cafes to satisfy your taste buds. For a truly western experience check out The Rum Runner Restaurant and Pub in Coleman or the Last Chance Saloon near Drumheller.

Wrapping up, there are plenty of activities to choose from near Alberta vacation rentals, catering to all kinds of interests. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a foodie, or just looking to unwind, there’s something for everyone. With so much to offer, you can eagerly anticipate creating unforgettable memories during your stay in Alberta!

Frequently Asked Questions about Alberta

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is the closest major airport to these major tourist attractions. Car rental services and shuttle buses are available from the airport. It is approximately 90 minutes to Banff from the airport and 2 hours to Lake Louise.

If you’re planning a long-term stay in Alberta, many options are available to suit your needs. In Calgary, you can find a modern house in Capitol Hill with pet-friendly accommodations and comfortable bedding starting from $132 per night. For a quieter setting, consider a cozy Windermere getaway with air conditioning and parking, starting from $155 per night.

To find vacation rentals by owner in Alberta, browse platforms to find listings of vacation homes, apartments, and cabins. These platforms offer search filters that help you tailor your search to your preferences and budget, making finding the perfect accommodation for your stay easy.

Pet-friendly vacation rentals can be found by searching for properties that specifically list “pet friendly” as one of their features. For example, you can find a comfortable house in Calgary that’s just 5 minutes from the park and 10 minutes to downtown, with pet-friendly facilities starting from $132 per night.

Hot tubs can be a popular and relaxing amenity for vacation rentals. When searching on a vacation rental platform, look for properties that specify “hot tub” as one of their amenities. Remember that hot tubs’ availability and quality can vary, so read the property description and reviews carefully to ensure the rental meets your expectations.

Lakefront cabins in Alberta can be found near popular destinations like Alberta Beach, an hour west of Edmonton—listings for vacation rentals in the area, with prices averaging $185 per night. For the best experience, focus your search near serene and scenic lakeshores while considering amenities like air conditioning, parking, and pet-friendly accommodations.

If you’re interested in purchasing a vacation home in Alberta, you can start by browsing online real estate platforms such as realtor.ca and contacting local real estate agents specializing in vacation properties. Researching the area, understanding the local market, and envisioning your desired property features and budget is important. Remember, purchasing a vacation home requires careful consideration and planning before making a final decision.

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