Prince Edward Island (PEI), known for its picturesque landscapes and diverse range of activities, is an ideal destination for a memorable vacation. With its many charming towns, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural history, finding the perfect vacation rental on this lovely island will be the key to an unforgettable experience. 

Visitors seeking a quiet and peaceful atmosphere can choose from many delightful cottages overlooking peaceful ponds near iconic lighthouses and popular beaches. For those looking for a more urban setting, apartments and modern homes provide the perfect base for exploring the island’s vibrant cities, experiencing local attractions, and touring PEI’s top-rated restaurants.

Plan your itinerary, taking into consideration the nearby attractions and nearby conveniences. With proper preparation, your dream vacation on the charming and picturesque island of Prince Edward Island is just a booking away!

Key Takeaways

  • Prince Edward Island offers a variety of vacation rental options, from quaint cottages to modern apartments.
  • Consider size, location, and amenities when choosing the right rental for your stay.
  • Research and compare prices before booking to ensure a smooth vacation experience.

Understanding Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals offer a comfortable and more personalized experience compared to traditional hotels.

Vacation rentals offer the convenience and comforts of home, making your stay more enjoyable and relaxing. These accommodations typically include fully equipped kitchens, separate living and sleeping areas, and even outdoor spaces. You’ll have access to everything you need to make your stay comfortable.

The variety of vacation rentals in Prince Edward Island caters to different budgets and preferences. Listings range from cozy cottages and bungalows to luxurious beach houses, offering something for everyone. The best part is you can find rentals in various locations across the island, making exploring different areas and attractions easy.

Booking a vacation rental can be cost-effective, especially when traveling with a group or family. By sharing a rental property, you can split the overall cost, often resulting in significant savings compared to booking multiple hotel rooms. Plus, having access to a kitchen allows you to save on dining expenses by cooking your meals.

Another advantage of vacation rentals is the flexibility they offer. You can choose the duration, location, and type of accommodation that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or an extended stay, you will find the perfect rental for your trip.

To find the ideal vacation rental, explore and use the search filters to narrow down your options based on your preferences – such as price, location, and amenities. Review reviews from previous guests to ensure that the vacation rental meets your expectations.

Best Areas for Vacation Rentals

Charlottetown Rentals

When visiting Prince Edward Island, consider staying in Charlottetown. As the island’s capital, it’s a great place to enjoy urban amenities and nearby beaches. Vacation rentals in this area can range from charming cottages to spacious modern homes. You’ll find options for every kind of traveler, whether with family, friends or on a solo trip. Plus, because the island is small, Charlottetown is just a 20-minute drive from popular destinations like Cavendish and Brackley Beach.

Summerside Rentals

If you prefer a quieter setting, Summerside is an excellent choice for your Prince Edward Island vacation rental. This lovely coastal town is known for its picturesque harbor and charming streets filled with historic buildings. Summerside vacation rentals will make you feel at home with their cozy atmosphere and proximity to local attractions. You can easily explore the nearby beaches, parks, and shopping areas or take a short drive back to Charlottetown for a day trip.

Cavendish Rentals

For nature lovers and beach enthusiasts, Cavendish is an ideal location for your PEI vacation rental. This area is famous for its stunning beaches, beautiful parks, and golf courses, offering a perfect getaway for relaxation and outdoor activities. In Cavendish, you’ll find many comfortable vacation rentals, like beach houses on 14 acres or cottages near Glenwood Pond. These rentals often provide extra amenities like spacious yards and incredible views, ensuring a memorable stay. Additionally, Cavendish is just a 15-minute drive from popular destinations like North Rustico and Park Corner.

Choosing the Right Rental

Budgeting for Your Stay

You must budget for your stay when planning a vacation to Prince Edward Island. Consider factors such as the price per night and the length of your holiday. Rentals vary in price, with options starting from $101 per night and going up to $175 per night for oceanfront properties. By setting a budget in advance, you can make a more informed decision when choosing a vacation rental.

  • Decide on your budget and consider the prices of various rentals.
  • Some rentals offer discounted rates for longer stays, so take advantage of these deals.

Amenities and Features

The right rental will have the amenities and features that cater to your needs and preferences. Here’s a rundown of things to consider:

A/C: In hotter months, you should ensure your vacation rental has air conditioning for your comfort.

Golf: Golf enthusiasts can look for rentals near golf courses like the Rodd Crowbush Golf & Beach Resort.

Spaces: Depending on the size of your travel group, choosing a rental with enough space is important. Consider larger houses that can sleep 11, or more intimate cottages and cabins for smaller gatherings.

Places to stay: Quality vacation rental options include well-reviewed houses, villas, cottages, and apartments. Do your research to find the perfect place for you.

Ocean views: If you prefer oceanfront properties, choose a rental boasting majestic ocean views. In some cases, rentals give direct access to tranquil beaches and ocean activities.

Screened living room: Choose a rental with a cozy screened living room to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while staying protected from bugs.

Four bedrooms: For bigger groups, you may opt for rentals with multiple bedrooms, such as ones featuring four bedrooms, to accommodate more guests comfortably.

Remember to prioritize your preferences when booking a rental to ensure you get the most out of your Prince Edward Island getaway while staying within your budget. Make sure to read reviews and view availability to help you select the best option for your vacation.

Top Rated Rentals

Are you planning a trip to Prince Edward Island and looking for the perfect vacation rental? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of top-rated vacation rentals in Prince Edward Island based on guest reviews and exceptional accommodations.

One amazing option is a peaceful Glenwood Pond rental near West Point Lighthouse. This comfortable beach house, which can host up to 6 guests and has four bathrooms, is a fantastic choice for families or small groups looking for a memorable vacation. Rates start at $185 per night.

Another excellent vacation home can be found on a 14-acre property that sleeps six guests and includes one bathroom. With a starting price of $230 per night, you and your loved ones can appreciate the stunning vistas and local attractions during your stay.

For those who prefer a modern and retro interior style, there’s a 4-bedroom rental with a king bed, A/C, and a family-friendly environment only 15 minutes from downtown. This property accommodates eight guests and has two bathrooms, providing plenty of space for your vacation needs.

If a beachfront luxury rental is what you’re after, consider Branders Edge. This brand-new luxury beach house is just a 3-minute walk from the sandy dunes and beach. Offering a prime location and exceptional amenities, this rental is perfect for ocean lovers looking to experience the best of Prince Edward Island.

Planning Your Stay

Finding the right accommodation can truly enhance your vacation experience.

Prince Edward Island offers a variety of accommodation types, such as cottages, bed & breakfasts, inns, beach houses, summer homes, motels, and hotel rentals. You can even find unique accommodations like tiny homes if you want something special.

Consider the specifics of your stay when browsing vacation rentals on the island. For example, if you’re traveling with family or in a group, opt for rentals with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. On the other hand, solo travelers and couples may prefer cozy and smaller accommodations. Remember to check if the rental property is pet-friendly if you plan to bring your furry friends along.

During your stay on Prince Edward Island, explore the island’s natural beauty, charming towns, and parks. Enjoy biking, hiking, and visiting the famous red-sand beaches. Make the most of your vacation by selecting a property conveniently located near your itinerary’s attractions and activities.

Finally, always communicate with your vacation rental host or property management team if you have questions or need assistance. They can be a valuable resource for local recommendations and insider tips to make your visit more enjoyable.

Top Attractions in PEI

When visiting Prince Edward Island, you’ll want to get the most of your precious time off on vacation by exploring the area’s best attractions. So, let’s dive right in!

#1. PEI National Park

You won’t want to miss the PEI National Park. This park occupies much of the island’s central, northern coastline and offers beautiful beaches, wildlife watching, and outdoor activities. Families will appreciate the campgrounds and picnic areas that make for great bonding moments.

#2. Green Gables Heritage Place

Are you intrigued by literary history? Take a trip to Green Gables Heritage Place. This famous site inspired L.M. Montgomery’s novel, Anne of Green Gables, and lets you immerse yourself in the charming world of Anne Shirley.

#3. Historic Charlottetown Waterfront 

For a cultural experience, visit the Historic Charlottetown Waterfront and Confederation Centre of the Arts. You can enjoy theatrical performances, galleries, and lively squares like Victoria Row here.

#4. Brackley Beach

Nature lovers, rejoice! Two beautiful destinations are waiting for you: Brackley Beach and Prince Edward Island National Park. Both offer pristine sandy beaches and stunning landscapes, perfect for a relaxing day with your loved ones.

#5. Souris Lighthouse

For a coastal exploration, head to Souris Lighthouse and Summerside Harbor. These picturesque locations boast awe-inspiring lighthouses and offer unique experiences such as guided tours or leisurely strolls along the waterfront.

Popular Beaches in PEI

Are you planning a vacation to Prince Edward Island? One of the best things about visiting PEI is the incredible beaches. Let me share some of the most popular beaches on the island to make your vacation even more memorable!

Cavendish Beach is a top choice for beachgoers, known for its soft sand, dunes, and beautiful views. It’s part of PEI National Park and offers activities like walking trails and nearby campgrounds. Cavendish Beach is a must-visit whether you’re looking to relax in the sun or explore the dunes.

Brackley Beach is another fantastic spot, only a 5-minute drive from the popular Oyster Bed Bridge area. This beach offers stunning views and is perfect for stargazing at night. With its lovely sandy shoreline, Brackley Beach is a favorite destination for families and couples alike.

Looking for a beach with a mix of history and natural beauty? Head to Souris Lighthouse Beach! Located near the iconic Souris Lighthouse, this beach is worth a visit, offering picturesque views and plenty of photo opportunities.

Take advantage of the West Point Lighthouse Beach for a peaceful and serene setting. Located near Glenwood Pond, this beach is perfect for a tranquil escape. Spend your day relaxing by the water or exploring the nearby West Point Lighthouse.

While visiting Prince Edward Island, let these incredible beaches be a part of your vacation experience. With their distinct charms and stunning views, you’ll surely create memories that last a lifetime.

Steps for Booking Your Vacation Home

So, you’ve decided to visit the beautiful Canadian island called Prince Edward and are looking for the perfect vacation rental. Great choice! Follow these simple steps to book a lovely home away from home for your trip:

Step 1: Search for Listings Start by browsing popular vacation rental websites such as Lake. These platforms offer various accommodations, from cottages and houses to apartments and villas. Remember to filter your search based on your list of must-have amenities, location preferences, and budget.

Step 2: Read Reviews Consider other travelers’ experiences before deciding. Read reviews on the listing websites to get an idea of each property’s quality, cleanliness, and location. Keep an eye out for consistently high ratings and positive feedback.

Step 3: Check Availability Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, verify the availability of your top choices for your desired stay dates. Remember that the most popular vacation homes tend to book quickly, so be prepared to have a few backup options if needed.

Step 4: Contact the Owner Before finalizing your booking, contacting the property owner directly is a good idea. This will allow you to ask questions, confirm booking policies, and even negotiate a better deal. Building a rapport with the owner can make your stay even more enjoyable.

Step 5: Book Your Stay After confirming all the details with the owner, secure your reservation by following the booking process. Read the rental agreement carefully and understand the cancellation policy if your plans change. Once your booking is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation and instructions for check-in.

You’re now one step closer to your dream Prince Edward Island getaway.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top locations for vacation rentals in PEI?

When visiting Prince Edward Island (PEI), some popular locations for vacation rentals include Charlottetown, Cavendish, Stanley Bridge, and areas near the Prince Edward Island National Park. Each location offers its unique charm and attractions. For example, Cavendish is famous for being the setting of Anne of Green Gables, while Charlottetown is PEI’s bustling capital city.

How to find the best deals on PEI vacation rentals?

You can search on websites such as Lake to find the best deals on PEI vacation rentals. These platforms offer various rental options, including houses, apartments, and villas with different price ranges and amenities. You can also look for discounts and special offers during the off-peak seasons. Read user reviews to understand what to expect from each property.

Are there pet-friendly vacation rentals on Prince Edward Island?

Yes, there are pet-friendly vacation rentals available on PEI. You can search specifically for accommodations that allow pets on rental websites like Ensure to read the property description and house rules regarding pets, as some places might have specific requirements or additional fees for pet stays.

What amenities can I expect in PEI vacation rentals?

PEI vacation rentals offer a variety of amenities for you to enjoy during your stay. Some familiar amenities include fully equipped kitchens, air conditioning, cable TV, Wi-Fi, and laundry facilities. Higher-end rentals may offer additional features like private pools, hot tubs, and beach access. Always check the property listing for details on the amenities provided before booking.

When is the best time to book a vacation rental on Prince Edward Island?

The ideal time to book a vacation rental on PEI depends on your preferences and budget. The peak tourism season on the island is from June to September, when the weather is warm, and attractions are open. However, this also means higher rental prices and more crowds. If you prefer a quieter experience and lower prices, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of May and October.

What types of vacation rentals are available on PEI?

PEI offers various vacation rental options to suit different needs and budgets. Some rentals on the island include houses, apartments, villas, cottages, and even unique options like forest huts. Depending on your preferences and group size, you can choose a rental that best fits your needs and creates a memorable stay on Prince Edward Island.

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