Exploring Lake of The Woods

Fishing Haven

Welcome to Lake of the Woods, the Walleye Capital of the World! This remarkable fishery, located in Minnesota and extending to the Canadian border, offers a wide variety of fish species to catch. 

Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, you’ll find plentiful walleye, northern pike, muskie, crappie, smallmouth bass, sauger, and lake trout. The vast 317,000 acres of water provide ample opportunities for unforgettable fishing adventures. Cast your line and make memories that will last a lifetime!

A Winter Paradise

Thought the fun was only limited to summertime? Think again! Lake of the Woods transforms into a winter paradise, offering unique activities to enjoy. With miles of groomed snowmobile trails, you can set off on exciting adventures and explore frozen landscapes. Don’t forget the world-class ice fishing opportunities – bundle up and drop a line for a chance to reel in a prized catch. If you’re into hunting, you’ll appreciate the woods surrounding the lake, providing an ideal setting for pursuing game amid a snowy backdrop.

Summer Attractions

As the ice melts and summer arrives, the beauty of Lake of the Woods truly shines. Grab the sunscreen and sail on the crystal-clear waters dotted with over 14,500 islands. The South Shore area offers pristine beaches, perfect for a relaxing day under the sun. For nature lovers, numerous hiking and riding trails await your discovery – immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery while getting a healthy dose of exercise. With so many attractions and outdoor activities, your visit to Lake of the Woods will surely be memorable.

Must See Attractions In The Area

Are you ready to explore the wonders that Lake of the Woods has to offer? Here are some must-see attractions that you don’t want to miss during your visit:

Fishing: Known as the “Walleye Capital of the World,” Lake of the Woods offers fantastic opportunities for both summer and ice fishing. Not only can you catch walleye but also northern pike, sauger, and more. If you’re reading this from Canada, Walleye is another name for Pickerel.

Zippel Bay State Park: Looking for a beautiful spot to unwind? Head to Zippel Bay State Park for sandy beaches, bird watching, and hiking trails. It’s the perfect place to relax and bask in nature’s beauty.

Wheelers Point: Venture to Wheelers Point, the gateway to the Northwest Angle & Islands, the northernmost point in the contiguous U.S. Enjoy a fantastic view of the lake and delve into the curious geographical history of the area.

Northwest Angle: Accessible by boat or a land route through Canada, the Northwest Angle offers a unique and serene experience. Surrounded by Canadian waters, it’s an exceptional spot for fishing enthusiasts.

Willie the Walleye: In Baudette, grab a photo with the massive walleye statue, Willie the Walleye. It’s a testament to the area’s rich fishing culture.

Lake of the Woods Historical Society Museum: Gain insights into the history and culture of the area by visiting this museum in Baudette. Learn about the timber industry, fishing, and more through engaging exhibits.

Boating and Water Activities: A lake as vast as Lake of the Woods calls for exploration! Whether you prefer a relaxing sail, a high-speed motorboat ride, or a paddle in a kayak or canoe, there are ample opportunities for water adventures.

Lake of the Woods County Park: Spend a sunny day at this park, complete with a beautiful beach, camping facilities, and picnic areas.

Winter Sports: During the colder months, the area becomes a paradise. Indulge in snowmobiling, ice fishing, or cross-country skiing, among other activities.

Birdwatching: With its rich diversity of birdlife, Lake of the Woods is a haven for birdwatchers. Witness the incredible migration of various bird species each spring and fall.

Hiking: Pop on your boots and hit the trails around the lake. You’ll find everything from casual strolls to more challenging hikes.

Camping: Immerse yourself in nature by staying at one of the many camping sites around the lake. There’s no better way to experience the beauty of Lake of the Woods.

Enjoy your adventure, and be prepared to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Travel Information

Getting There

Planning your trip to Lake of the Woods is easy. With several airports nearby, you have options. U.S. airports near Lake of the Woods include Duluth, Fargo, Sioux Falls, Des Moines, and Chicago. Depending on where you’re coming from, you can choose the most convenient one for your travel needs.

When traveling to Lake of the Woods, remember to bring your passport, as parts of the lake are shared with Canada. You might cross the border while exploring the lake and its 14,552 islands.

What to Bring

No matter the season, packing the essentials for your Lake of the Woods adventure is crucial. Here are a few items to consider bringing with you:

  • Layers of clothing: Packing layers of clothing to wear helps you stay comfortable throughout your trip.
  • Fishing gear: The lake is known for its world-class fishing, so remember your fishing gear to catch that elusive walleye.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray: Protect yourself from the sun and those pesky bugs during outdoor activities.
  • Camera or binoculars: Capture the beauty of the lake and spot various bird species with a good camera or binoculars.

You can also request a visitor guide before your trip to get more detailed information about Lake of the Woods. You’ll need to provide your name, email, and address, along with your expected arrival date. Follow this link to request the guide.

Once you have everything planned and packed, you’re all set to explore the beauty and adventure of Lake of the Woods. Remember to take your time, enjoy the views, and experience everything this destination offers.

Famous for Fishing

Walleye Capital of The World

If you’re an angling enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to fish at Lake of the Woods. Why? It’s fittingly known as the “Walleye Capital of the World”! This massive body of water, shared by the U.S. and Canada, boasts more shoreline than Lake Superior, making it the largest freshwater lake in the U.S. after the Great Lakes.

You’ll find incredible walleye fishing here, particularly around Rainy River and the Northwest Angle. With plentiful walleye populations, it’s not surprising that it’s a favorite spot for anglers trying their luck at reeling in this prized catch. So, grab your fishing gear and head to this fantastic destination, where you can land the walleye of your dreams.

Other Catch

While it’s famous for walleyes, Lake of the Woods also offers an abundance of other fish species for you to catch:

  • Northern Pike: One of the lake’s top predators, pike offers anglers a thrilling and challenging experience. You can find them in various parts of the lake, particularly in weed beds and rocky areas.
  • Muskie: Another ferocious predator that inhabits the lake, muskies are loved by anglers for their size and fighting spirit. Look for them in shallow, weed-filled areas during the summer months.
  • Smallmouth Bass: Known for their acrobatic jumps, smallmouth bass offer a fun and fast-paced angling experience. Look for them around rocky shoreline structures.
  • Sturgeon: These prehistoric fish live in the deeper parts of the lake and the Rainy River. Catch-and-release seasons offer the chance to catch these giants.
  • Sauger: A close relative of the walleye, sauger can be found in deeper waters than their popular cousin and is a bonus for anglers searching for a different experience.
  • Crappie: These panfish are a favorite among anglers and can be found around structures in shallow waters. The winter months provide an excellent opportunity for ice fishing enthusiasts to target crappie.
  • Lake Trout and Perch: Lake trout can be found in the cold, deep waters of the lake, while perch tend to stick to shallow areas. Both offer a fun experience for anglers looking for variety.

With a diverse selection of fish species and countless angling opportunities, Lake of the Woods is an unparalleled fishing paradise. Whether chasing the elusive walleye, battling the mighty pike, or targeting other popular catches, you’ll find abundant fish-filled fun here, on and off the ice!

Outdoor Adventure Trails

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just looking for a day out in nature, Lake of the Woods offers a variety of trails that cater to all experience levels. In this section, we’ll explore some of the best hiking and off-the-beaten-track adventures.

Hiking Trails

Several hiking trails provide access to picturesque views and quiet solitude. Some of the popular trails and trail networks around Lake of the Woods include:

  • Trail A: This is a fairly easy, well-maintained trail accessible for all ages and skill levels. The trail passes beautiful campgrounds, offering the most amazing spot to take a break and enjoy the scenery.
  • Trail B: For those of you looking for more of a challenge, head to this trail, which is known for its steep inclines and rugged terrain. Wear appropriate footwear and remember to bring plenty of water as you may encounter some challenging sections.

Remember to pack your insect repellent during the warmer months, as mosquitoes can persist during your hikes.

Off the Beaten Track

For those seeking more unique experiences, consider these off-the-beaten-track suggestions:

  1. Winter Adventures: When visiting Lake of the Woods during the winter months, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the snowy landscapes. Grab your snowshoes or cross-country skis and hit the trails for a serene winter getaway.
  2. Remote Campgrounds: Looking for a quieter camping experience? Consider venturing to more remote campgrounds that provide access to isolated areas of the state. Just remember always to follow Leave No Trace principles and respect the environment.
  3. Backcountry Trails: If you’re up for an adventure, embark on a multi-day backpacking trip through the Lake of the Woods backcountry. These trails allow you to explore the area’s rugged natural beauty and immerse yourself in the wilderness.

So, lace up your boots and head to Lake of the Woods to explore these incredible outdoor adventure trails!

Baudette: The Gateway City

City Highlights

Baudette, a charming city in Northwestern Minnesota, is the gateway to the breathtaking Lake of the Woods. Known as the Walleye Capital of the World, this city offers plenty of fun-filled activities for you and your family. Located on Rainy River, Baudette provides easy access to some fantastic fishing spots. With numerous resorts and lodges available, you’ll find the perfect place to stay and unwind.

While in Baudette, remember to visit the Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau, an Explore Minnesota Tourism-affiliated travel information center. Their knowledgeable staff can help you plan your trip and maximize your time in the region.

Historic Significance

The history of Baudette is deeply connected to Lake of the Woods. Indigenous peoples, European explorers, and early settlers have all shaped the city’s rich heritage. As you stroll through the town, you’ll uncover fascinating stories from the past.

A visit to Baudette would only be complete with learning about the historic fire of 1910, which wiped out a significant portion of the city. The community’s resilience and determination to rebuild is a testament to their enduring spirit.

Embrace Baudette’s charming atmosphere and immerse yourself in its vibrant history. This friendly city provides the perfect gateway to Lake of the Woods, ensuring an unforgettable trip for you and your loved ones.

Accommodation and Dining

When planning your trip to Lake of the Woods, finding the perfect place to stay and dine is essential for a memorable experience. This area offers a vast array of lodging options, from rustic cabins to luxury resorts. Let’s explore some of the accommodations and dining options available to you.

Rustic Cabins

If you’re seeking a more intimate and cozy stay, consider booking one of the rustic cabins around the lake. These cabins offer a genuine connection with nature, as the beauty of the woods often surrounds them, and they have easy access to the water. Many cabins come equipped with fishing equipment and outdoor space for grilling, making it a perfect spot for those who love the outdoors.

Luxury Resorts

If you prefer a more luxurious, pampering stay, there are numerous high-end resorts located on the shores of Lake of the Woods. These resorts offer top-notch amenities like swimming pools, spas, and golf courses. When you’re not exploring the lake, these upscale accommodations provide the perfect place to unwind and relax.

Regional Cuisine

The Lake of the Woods region is known for its delicious food. Many local restaurants offer dishes featuring the freshest ingredients from both land and water. Most eateries serve up regional favorites like walleye, crappie, and, of course, the famous Lake of the Woods fish fry. Watch for these restaurants as you explore the cities and towns near the lake.

In addition to fantastic dining options, don’t forget:

  • Drive: Consider a beautiful scenic drive around the various cities and towns near the lake, taking in the stunning sights of the region.
  • City life: Venture into nearby cities for shopping and more diverse dining options.

So, as you plan your trip to Lake of the Woods, remember that finding the perfect accommodation and dining experience is essential in making your journey unforgettable. Immerse yourself in the local culture, explore the beautiful scenery, and savor the regional cuisine – your adventure awaits!

Across the Border

Ontario’s Delights

As you venture into Canada, you’ll find yourself drawn to the beauty of Ontario. Lake of the Woods covers a vast area of Ontario and is home to over 14,552 islands. With its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking landscape, it is truly a sight to behold.

One popular destination to visit is Kenora, a charming city situated in Northwestern Ontario. Known for its eclectic outdoor activities, Kenora offers visitors the chance to fish, hike, and even ice fish in the winter! But there’s more to the city than just outdoor fun; you can also immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring vibrant art galleries, museums, and restaurants.

Manitoba’s Charm

Just west of Ontario, you’ll discover the enchanting province of Manitoba. Despite its relatively small size, there are many places to explore. To fully appreciate the wonders of Manitoba, be sure to add the following stops to your itinerary:

  • The town of Sprague: Filled with scenic trails, Sprague offers the perfect opportunity for invigorating nature walks and picturesque views.
  • Whiteshell Provincial Park: With its lush forests and sparkling lakes, this park is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Here, you can enjoy camping, fishing, and canoeing.
  • Falcon Lake: If you’re seeking a quieter getaway, Falcon Lake is an ideal spot for some peaceful relaxation. Whether casting a fishing line or simply taking in the serene surroundings, you will feel at ease in this beautiful location.

To ensure a smooth trip, remember that a U.S. passport or other approved identification is required to cross the border into Canada. Stay up-to-date with the latest requirements, as they may change.

Now that you’re intrigued by the wonders that await you across the border experience the charm of Ontario and Manitoba. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular fishing packages available?

Lake of the Woods offers an abundance of fishing packages to suit your needs. Many resorts and lodges provide all-inclusive packages that include accommodations, fishing equipment, guided services, meals, and more. You can find packages tailored for specific types of fishing, such as walleye or muskie, and ice fishing in the winter months. Research and compare options to find the perfect package for your fishing adventure.

Where can I find fishing reports?

For the latest fishing reports, you can check the Lake of the Woods Tourism website or popular fishing forums and online communities. Other sources include local bait shops, fishing guide services, and resort websites. Staying up to date with fishing reports will ensure you’re prepared and informed about the best fishing spots, current conditions, and seasonal patterns.

What’s the ice fishing experience like?

Icefishing on Lake of the Woods is a unique, exciting experience for anglers of all skill levels! During the winter months, the lake transforms into a frozen wonderland, offering impressive ice fishing opportunities. Many resorts provide heated ice houses and all the necessary equipment. You’ll have a chance to catch walleye, perch, and northern pike, among other species. Make sure to dress warmly and be safe on the ice!

Best fishing resorts to stay at?

Lake of the Woods is home to a variety of excellent fishing resorts that cater to anglers’ needs. Some popular options include Cyrus Resort, Ballard’s Resort, and Arnesen’s Rocky Point. Each resort offers unique amenities, accommodations, and fishing experiences, so it’s essential to research and compare your options to find the perfect fit for your trip.

What makes this lake famous?

Lake of the Woods is famous for its incredible fishing opportunities, making it one of the most popular fishing destinations in the Midwest. The lake is home to many fish species, including walleye, muskie, perch, and northern pike. An abundance of islands, reefs, and bays make it an angler’s paradise. The lake’s breathtaking scenery, pristine waters, and diverse ecosystems attract visitors for more than just fishing, offering plenty of outdoor recreational experiences.

What is the average depth of the lake?

The average depth of Lake of the Woods is approximately 36 feet, with some areas reaching over 200 feet deep. Its diverse underwater features, such as drop-offs, reefs, and weed beds, provide excellent habitats for various fish species, contributing to the lake’s outstanding fishing opportunities.

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