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Lake Placid offers an idyllic setting for your next vacation.

With its stunning natural beauty, vast outdoor activities, and charming small-town atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Lake Placid vacation rentals are a popular getaway choice.

From cozy cabins tucked away in the woods, spacious townhouses with modern amenities, or luxurious lakefront properties boasting spectacular views, Lake Placid has something to suit every taste and budget.

Many of these rentals come equipped with various supplies and equipment for your enjoyment, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.


Top 3 Facts About Lake Placid in New York


Sporting History

In 1980, the US men’s hockey team upset the heavily favored Soviet Union in the Lake Placid Winter Olympics’ semifinals, now known as the “Miracle on Ice.”


Birdwatcher’s Paradise

Lake Placid is on the Atlantic Flyway, a major migratory route for birds. Over 280 species of birds have been documented in the area, including bald eagles, osprey, and ruby-throated hummingbirds.


Foodie’s Paradise

Lake Placid has several excellent restaurants that serve everything from farm-to-table cuisine to classic American comfort food. The village is also home to many breweries, wineries, and distilleries.


Must-See Attractions

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Lake Placid Olympic Museum

Speciality Museum

Take advantage of visiting the Lake Placid Olympic Museum, where you can delve into the town’s history. Immerse yourself in the stories of the athletes who have competed in this event and be amazed by the exhibits’ memorabilia collection. This museum provides a glimpse into the Olympic spirit, from the “Miracle on Ice” hockey game to the triumphs and challenges athletes face worldwide.

Mirror Lake

Natural Attraction

For a relaxing time, take a stroll around Mirror Lake. This enchanting lake serves as the heart of Lake Placid and provides a perfect setting for picnics and leisurely paddleboard rides. As you stroll along the shoreline, you’ll be captivated by the vistas of the Adirondack Mountains. Take a moment to embrace the tranquility of your surroundings and let go of the stresses of life.

Olympic Jumping Complex

Sporting Attraction

See where Olympic ski jumpers train today during a visit to the Olympic Jumping Complex. Here, you can ride a state-of-the-art gondola up to the base of the ski jumping towers and continue up to the Sky Deck in an elevator for panoramic views of Lake Placid and the surrounding Adirondack Mountains.

Annual Events and Festivals

February 3 – 4, 2024

Lake Placid Country Fair

Celebrate the vibrant spirit of Lake Placid in February at the Lake Placid Country Fair, a highlight of the local social calendar. This two-day extravaganza showcases over 200 arts and crafts booths, a variety of food options, and continuous entertainment, attracting thousands of visitors. Held on the first full weekend in February, the fair has grown to be one of the largest in the state, offering a unique blend of creativity and community spirit.

July, 2024

Caladium Festival

Immerse yourself in Lake Placid’s cultural and natural splendor at the Caladium Festival, held annually in the last week of July. The festival celebrates not just the beautiful caladiums but also includes a car and bike show, a floral arrangement competition, art and craft booths, local food and entertainment, wine displays showcasing the area’s growing grape industry, and tours.

February 1 – 4, 2024

Empire State Winter Games

Experience the thrill of winter sports at the Empire State Winter Games, taking place in Lake Placid from February 1 – 4, 2024. This multi-day sporting event assembles athletes from across New York, the US, and beyond, competing in over 30 winter sports. The games are a fantastic opportunity for both participants and spectators to engage in the excitement of competitive winter sports in the picturesque setting of Lake Placid.

Top Hiking Trails

Cascade Mountain Trail

Cascade Mountain Foot Trail, Lake PlacID, NY

Venture into the Adirondack High Peaks for an exhilarating 4.8-mile round-trip hike on Cascade Mountain Trail. The journey, requiring 3-4 hours, offers a challenging yet rewarding hike, ascending steep rocky terrains to reach the summit at 4,098 feet. Prepare for stunning panoramic views, and don’t forget to adhere to Leave No Trace principles.

Mount Marcy

Bob Run Rd, Lake Placid, Ny

If you’re up for a challenging adventure, embark on the 14.8-mile round-trip hike to the summit of Mount Marcy, New York’s highest peak. The Van Hoevenberg Trail, starting at the High Peak Information Center, leads you through varied terrain, from rolling hills to steep rocky paths, culminating in a breathtaking ascent above the treeline to the rare alpine ecosystem at the summit. Be prepared for swift weather changes and navigate carefully, following the yellow blazes and cairns.

Cobble Hill

424 Mirror Lake Dr, Lake Placid, NY

Ideal for a family outing, Cobble Hill offers a 2.2-mile round-trip hike with a relatively easy trail leading to a 2,332-foot summit. The journey, taking about 1-2 hours, is a delightful exploration through woods and over rocky slabs. At the summit, be rewarded with enchanting views of Lake Placid Village and the High Peaks, making it a perfect excursion for those seeking a less strenuous but equally rewarding adventure.

Best Golf Courses

Whiteface Club & Resort

373 Whiteface Inn Ln, Lake Placid, NY

Discover the allure of one of the country’s oldest golf courses at Whiteface Club & Resort, where elegance meets challenge. This prestigious course has been recognized as one of New York State’s top courses and offers panoramic views as well as luxury vacation rentals. Ideal for avid golfers, this resort combines a rich golfing experience with the serenity of Lake Placid’s natural beauty.

Craig Wood Golf Course

141 Country Club Ln, Lake Placid, NY

Experience a blend of history and challenge at Craig Wood Golf Course, a beautiful par 72 course extending over 6,554 yards in the picturesque Adirondack countryside. The course, named in honor of local golf legend Craig Wood, features memorable holes like the striking 18th, which demands precision and skill. With its rich heritage, excellent facilities, and professional guidance available, this course stands out as a jewel in the Lake Placid golf community.

Lake Placid Club Golf Courses

88 Morningside Dr, Lake Placid, NY

Immerse yourself in over a century of golfing tradition at the Lake Placid Club Golf Courses, set in the heart of the Adirondacks. These courses offer an extraordinary mix of styles, from the Scottish Links-inspired Links Course to the tree-lined fairways of the Mountain Course and the skill-honing Pristine Nine. Perfect for golfers of all abilities, these courses provide a stunning backdrop for a memorable golfing experience, complete with breathtaking mountain views.

Water Sports

ADK Aquatics

Water sports

If you’re after an adrenaline-soaring water sport, be sure to check out ADK Aquatics. They offer a range of activities, including wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, wake surfing, and private boat tours. And thanks to your expert drivers, you can look forward to a safe, fun, and enjoyable atmosphere suitable for the entire family.

Lake Placid Marina and Boat Tours

boat tours

Explore the serene beauty of Lake Placid with an hour-long tour aboard a pontoon from Lake Placid Marina and Boat Tours. This 16-mile journey offers a unique perspective of stately manors, local wildlife, and historical insights, including views of Whiteface Mountain, the site of the 1980 Winter Olympic alpine events. Rain or shine, this tour is perfect for visitors eager to discover the Adirondacks’ wilderness and history.

SUP Lake Placid

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Unleash your adventurous spirit with SUP Lake Placid, where you can rent stand-up paddleboards, single and tandem kayaks, and even partake in Mirror Lake Yoga classes. Available for 2, 4 hours, or a full day, these rentals offer a unique opportunity to explore the beautiful Mirror Lake or the expansive Lake Placid. Additionally, their yoga classes provide a serene setting for a rejuvenating vinyasa flow.

Winter Activities

Skiing at Whiteface Mountain

Thanks to its proximity to Whiteface Mountain, it’s no surprise that skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts flock to Lake Placid. The mountain boasts an array of slopes catering to all skill levels, from trails for beginners to challenging black diamond runs designed to test even seasoned skiers.

If skiing isn’t your cup of tea, snow tubing is an excellent choice for adventure seekers. Hop onto a tube, slide down specially designed lanes, and experience the exhilaration of speed and share in laughter-filled moments. It’s an activity that guarantees fun for the family.

Explore the Back Country

Strap on a pair of snowshoes and venture into the tranquil wilderness, where you’ll have the opportunity to spot wildlife and immerse yourself in the splendor of nature. Or, venture through similar scenery but with the help of a dog sled team. Feel the strength and energy of the dogs as they effortlessly glide across the snow-covered landscape, allowing you to revel in the exhilaration of traversing terrain.

Riding the Bobsled Track at Lake Placid

How about riding on the Olympic bobsled track if you’re up for an adventure? Lake Placid played host to the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980, leaving a legacy still in the air today. You can even hop into a bobsled and feel the thrill as you speed up to 60 miles per hour down the track. The G forces will push you into your seat, leaving you breathless with excitement and adrenaline.

Where to Eat

Smoke Signals

$ – $$ • BBQ

Black Bear Restaurant

$$ – $$$ • Steak

Downtown Diner

$ – $$ • Classic American

Where to Shop

Pure Placid

Gift Shop

Little Blue House Lake Placid

Clothing Store

Beglin’s Lake Placid Jewelry

Jewelry Store

Where to Sleep

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Tips on Renting a Vacation Home on Lake Placid


Lake Placid offers diverse experiences, so consider your preferences when choosing a location. A rental closer to the Adirondack mountains or lakeside might be ideal for those looking to enjoy outdoor adventures like hiking, skiing, or boating. If you prefer easy access to shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions, a property near the village center would be more suitable.

Seasonal Considerations

Timing is crucial in Lake Placid, as each season offers unique attractions. Winter is perfect for skiing and snowboarding, while summer is ideal for hiking, kayaking, and enjoying the lakes. Fall brings stunning foliage, and spring offers a quieter experience with milder weather. Keep in mind that prices and availability can vary greatly with the seasons, so book accordingly.

Packing Essentials

The weather in Lake Placid can be unpredictable, so packing layers is essential. Even in summer, evenings can be cool, especially near the water or in higher elevations. Remember essentials like sunscreen, insect repellent, and appropriate gear for your chosen activities, whether it’s swimwear for the lake or warm clothing for winter sports.

Accommodation Type

Lake Placid has a wide range of vacation rental options, from cozy cabins and cottages to luxurious lakefront homes. Consider the size of your group and your desired level of comfort and amenities. Some rentals offer extras like hot tubs, fireplaces, or private docks, which can enhance your stay, especially for longer vacations or special occasions.

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Going Deeper on Lake Placid

Lake Placid has a rich history that extends far beyond its current fame as a tourist destination. Originally known for its iron ore production in the 19th century, Lake Placid transformed into a resort town by the early 20th century, attracting visitors with its pristine natural beauty and tranquil lake setting. This transformation set the stage for Lake Placid’s eventual rise to global prominence through the Winter Olympics. The village first hosted the Olympics in 1932, marking a significant milestone in its history.

Lake Placid’s Olympic legacy was further cemented in 1980 when it once again hosted the Winter Games, an event now etched in history due to the “Miracle On Ice” – the iconic ice hockey match where the USA team triumphed over the USSR against all odds. This victory became a symbol of hope and pride during a tense period of the Cold War, elevating Lake Placid’s status not just as a sports venue but also as a symbol of resilience and triumph.

Today, the Olympic spirit continues to thrive in Lake Placid. The Lake Placid Olympic Center and Museum serves as a repository of the area’s Olympic heritage, housing memorabilia, equipment from the games, and interactive exhibits. This enduring Olympic legacy has significantly influenced the development and culture of Lake Placid, turning it into a hub for winter sports enthusiasts and a testament to the enduring spirit of the Olympic Games.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lake Placid

Lake Placid offers a variety of vacation rental options to suit your preferences. Some popular areas for vacation rentals include the downtown area, which provides easy access to shops, restaurants, and entertainment. 

You can find lakefront cabin rentals in Lake Placid with hot tubs. These luxurious amenities are perfect for unwinding after a day of outdoor activities or simply enjoying the serene Adirondack surroundings. A quick search online for “Lake Placid lakefront cabins with hot tubs” should provide several options.

Many vacation rentals in Lake Placid are conveniently located near popular attractions, such as the Olympic sports venues from the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, picturesque hiking trails, and enchanting waterfalls. Simply search for “Lake Placid vacation rentals near attractions” to find properties close to the Adirondack Park landmarks you want to visit.

To find affordable vacation rentals in the Lake Placid area, search online for “budget-friendly Lake Placid rentals” or “cheap Adirondack vacation rentals.” During peak seasons, from June to August, you’ll want to book in advance to secure the best deals. Additionally, consider visiting during off-peak times or opting for a more extended stay, as some properties may offer discounts.

Lake Placid is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, and numerous equipment rental shops are throughout the town. You’ll find various options if you need gear for hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or water sports. Many rental shops are conveniently located near popular trailheads and recreation areas, making it easy to pick up and drop off equipment as needed.

Yes, long-term rental options are available in Lake Placid. Depending on your needs, you can find properties offering monthly rentals, season-long stays, or even properties available for an extended period. Search “Lake Placid long-term rentals” to see available properties that suit your preferences and duration of stay.

Muskoka is known for its picturesque towns and charming villages. Some popular towns you can visit include Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, and Port Carling. Each town offers its unique attractions, shops, and restaurants, making them perfect stopovers during your exploration of the Muskoka region.

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