About Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee

Reelfoot Lake is a unique and beautiful natural lake located in the northwestern tip of Tennessee, near the Kentucky border and about 135 miles north of Memphis. Get ready to explore this fantastic destination, which offers a superb variety of outdoor activities and stunning landscapes that you’ll surely appreciate.

So, how did Reelfoot Lake come to be? Well, it has a fascinating history. The lake was formed as a result of a series of earthquakes in 1811-12. These earthquakes altered the course of the Mississippi River, leading to the creation of this fascinating body of water.

As you make your way through the area, you’ll notice that Reelfoot Lake is surrounded by acres of lush forest and offers miles of hiking trails for you to enjoy. Besides hiking, the lake is also popular for fishing and bird watching, with a rich diversity of wildlife inhabiting the area.

When visiting Reelfoot Lake, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the deep swamp by paddling through its seldom-explored waters. In March and April, the park offers deep swamp canoe floats, allowing you to immerse yourself in an old-growth cypress forest and observe herons, eagles, and other wilderness creatures in their natural habitat.

If you want more information or ideas on planning your trip, visit the Reelfoot Lake State Park Office and Visitor Center at 2595 Hwy 21 E. in Tiptonville. There, you’ll find more information on the activities available and the beautiful sights to see during your visit.

In conclusion, Reelfoot Lake is a remarkable destination of natural beauty, history, and outdoor adventures. So why not experience this Tennessee treasure for yourself during your next vacation?

Wildlife at Reelfoot Lake

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee is the perfect place to explore nature’s beauty. This 15,000-acre lake is home to diverse wildlife, including majestic eagles, stealthy hawks, and curious owls. Let’s dive into the incredible biodiversity you’ll witness at Reelfoot Lake.

As you visit the area, you’ll be thrilled to see bald eagles soaring high above the lake. Reelfoot Lake is known for hosting a significant population of these magnificent birds, making it a prime location for eagle-watching. The best time to spot them is during winter, as they gather in greater numbers around the lake.

Besides eagles, you can observe other bird species, such as hawks and owls. With its cypress trees and wetlands, Reelfoot Lake provides an ideal habitat for these raptors. Remember to have your binoculars ready, as you might spot a variety of waterfowl, too. Keep your eyes peeled for migrating ducks and geese, which are common around the lake.

As you wander through the wetlands, take some time to appreciate the picture-perfect cypress trees. These trees enhance the landscape’s beauty and serve as a sanctuary for many bird species. You’ll quickly understand why Reelfoot Lake is such a popular destination for birdwatchers and photographers alike.

Remember to follow appropriate guidelines and park rules while you’re there. Refrain from disturbing the wildlife and their natural habitat. This way, future visitors can continue to enjoy the amazing beauty that Reelfoot Lake has to offer.

Enjoy your visit to Reelfoot Lake, and immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity that awaits you.

Reelfoot Lake State Park

Hey there! Are you planning a trip to Tennessee? If so, consider visiting the beautiful Reelfoot Lake State Park. This picturesque park is home to Tennessee’s only naturally-occurring lake and is a national natural landmark.

Once you arrive at the park, stop by the visitor center to gather all the information you need about the park’s attractions and activities. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the stunning lake views while you’re there!

One of the most popular activities at Reelfoot Lake State Park is, of course, fishing. The lake is famous for crappie and bluegill fishing, and the prime months for catching these panfish are April and May. But don’t worry if you’re visiting outside of those months – experienced anglers can have a successful fishing experience between March and October as well. You can fish from the bank, pier, or boardwalk, and you don’t need a boat! Just make sure to have a lake permit handy.

Are you feeling adventurous? Why not explore the beautiful surroundings by embarking on a Reelfoot Lake Pontoon Boat Cruise? You’ll not only enjoy the serene beauty of the lake but also have the opportunity to spot some wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, the nearby Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Isom provide excellent birdwatching and wildlife photography opportunities. You might even spot a majestic bald eagle or two.

If you plan on extending your stay, the park offers two campgrounds for visitors. The Airpark North Campground has 14 RV sites and 10 tent sites, while the South Campground on Tennessee Highway 21-22 accommodates campers. Both campgrounds have 30-amp electrical hookups, water hookups, dump stations, and bathhouses with heated showers. So, you can enjoy camping in a comfortable and well-maintained setting.

Activities at Reelfoot Lake

Are you ready for an adventure at Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee? This unique lake was formed by a series of violent earthquakes in the early 1800s, which caused the Mississippi River to flow backward and create this flooded forest. Let’s explore the exciting activities you can enjoy while visiting this beautiful destination!

Fishing: You want to take advantage of the excellent fishing opportunities at Reelfoot Lake. The lake is home to various species, such as crappie, catfish, and bass. Find your fishing gear and get ready to catch some impressive fish!

Boating and Canoeing: The lake offers excellent boating and canoeing opportunities amidst a flooded forest. Rent a boat, canoe, or kayak and glide through the stunning waters, taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Swimming: Reelfoot Lake is perfect for you if you love to swim. Take a refreshing dip in the water during the warm summer months and make the most of your trip.

Hiking and Scenic Drives: Wear hiking boots and explore the beautiful nature trails around the lake. You can also enjoy scenic drives, admiring the picturesque surroundings and lush vegetation.

Eagle Watching and Sightseeing: Reelfoot Lake is known for its vibrant bird population, including majestic bald eagles. Join a guided eagle-watching tour, or take some time to observe the diverse wildlife and landscapes independently.

Hunting: The lake’s surroundings provide a great hunting ground for hunting enthusiasts. Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge offers various hunting opportunities for game species. Make sure to check the regulations and permits before planning your hunting excursion.

Remember, your visit to Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee can be as exciting and action-packed as you want it to be!

Annual Events and Celebrations at Reelfoot Lake

At Reelfoot Lake, you can enjoy a variety of annual events and celebrations. Some highlights include the Reelfoot Lake Osprey Festival from July 21-23, 2024, and the Reelfoot Arts and Crafts Festival from October 4-6, 2024. These events offer an excellent opportunity to experience the natural beauty and local culture of Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.

In the colder months, visit the Reelfoot Lake Eagle Festival. Scheduled from February 2-4, 2024, this festival celebrates the majestic bald eagles that call the lake their home during the winter. And, for bird lovers, the Reelfoot Lake Migration Celebration is happening on October 19-20, 2024.

For family-friendly fun, don’t miss the Reelfoot Lake Youth Fishing Rodeo on June 15, 2024, coinciding with Tennessee Free Fishing Day. 

Additionally, you can take advantage of the Deep Swamp Canoe Trips offered every weekend in March and April. Explore the lake’s unique ecosystem on a guided canoe trip through the cypress swamp.

See Reelfoot Lake from a different perspective on the Pontoon Boat Cruises. Departing from the Visitor Center at 9:00 AM and lasting approximately 3 hours, these cruises offer a great chance to observe birds and the lake’s natural beauty. Weekend afternoon trips, starting at 1:30 PM and 2:45 PM, provide a shorter but equally stunning experience.

For those willing to get a little wet, the Reelfoot Lake Swamp Tromp offers a chance to walk among the cypress trees and explore the wetland ecosystem up close. Register before the event as spots fill up quickly.

Additionally, you can enjoy regular programs at the Reelfoot Lake State Park and Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge. These include nature hikes led by park rangers, canoe and kayak rentals, fishing opportunities, and birdwatching opportunities. Over 250 species of birds call Reelfoot Lake home, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Seasonal Attractions

Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee offers unique experiences for visitors all year round. During the winter months, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the frozen beauty of the lake. The ice-covered landscape provides a picturesque backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts seeking serenity and tranquility.

One of the most exceptional winter attractions at Reelfoot Lake is the presence of majestic bald eagles. Between January and March, these awe-inspiring birds travel from Alaska to spend the colder months at the lake. What could be more enchanting than watching these beautiful creatures soar through the skies or perch on tree branches overlooking the water?

As the seasons change, Reelfoot Lake transforms into a vibrant activity destination. Spring ushers in the return of various migratory birds, making it the perfect time for birdwatching. You can spot a variety of species, such as the great blue heron and white pelicans.

Summer activities include boating, fishing, and hiking while enjoying the lake’s lush greenery. The warmer months are also a great time to explore the nearby Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge or cycle along the Mississippi River Trail, which stretches 185 miles from the lake to Memphis.

In autumn, Reelfoot Lake is adorned with vibrant colors as the leaves change, offering picturesque views for nature lovers and photographers. Fall foliage enthusiast? Autumn is your season to visit and capture unforgettable memories.

Fishing at Reelfoot Lake

So, you’ve decided to explore the beautiful Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee. Great choice! Besides its captivating scenery, the lake is famous for its exceptional fishing opportunities. Let’s dive into what you can expect when casting your line in these waters.

Have you ever dreamt of catching catfish, crappie, largemouth bass, or bluegill? This lake is home to some of Tennessee’s best crappie fishing and duck hunting. With an average bluegill size of around 0.45 pounds, you can expect a great catch. Luckily, the lake’s catch rates are impressive, too, with anglers harvesting between 1.5 and 2 fish per hour.

Are you interested in learning some top fishing techniques for crappie? Look no further than Bill Dance, a celebrated Tennessee fisherman who loves sharing his success tips at Reelfoot Lake. Don’t be shy about trying his advice; you might just land the perfect catch!

When finding the best fishing spot for bluegill, head towards the lily pads. Keep your eyes peeled for the abundance of fish that like to congregate in this area. Remember, a stealthy approach and patience are your best allies in this quest.

Where can you find a reliable fishing guide for your Reelfoot Lake adventure? Check out Kincade’s Guide Service or Tony Hughes Guide Service. Both are experienced anglers and can offer invaluable knowledge about Reelfoot Lake’s unique fishing conditions. They’ll ensure you enjoy your time on the water while imparting valuable tips and tricks.

Remember, fishing often requires a trusty boat. Many guide services at Reelfoot Lake include boat rentals as part of their packages, making getting out on the water easy and convenient. With your vessel in hand and a bit of excitement, you’re well on your way to a memorable fishing experience.

Happy fishing, and enjoy your time at Reelfoot Lake!

Visiting Reelfoot Lake

Hey there! Are you planning a trip to Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee? If so, you’re in for a treat! Reelfoot Lake is a beautiful destination with acres of forest and miles of hiking trails. It’s an excellent spot for fishing, bird-watching, and the great outdoors.

Reelfoot Lake State Park is in the extreme northwestern tip of Tennessee, about 135 miles north of Memphis near the Kentucky border. Don’t worry about being too far from other cities, as it’s within driving distance from St. Louis, Nashville, Little Rock, Knoxville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and even as far as Chicago and Georgia.

Now, let’s talk about lodging. The area offers various accommodation options to suit your needs, be it resorts, cabins, or campgrounds. If you bring your boat, rooms are available for rent and you can also use the available facilities. Or, you can book a package that includes lodging, boat, motor, bait, gas, and ice. For a more guided experience, fishing guides are also available for hire. Grab a free map from the Reelfoot Lake Tourism Council office!

While visiting Reelfoot Lake, check out Samburg, the only city on the lake’s shores. A two-hour drive north, this picturesque town offers unbeatable views of the lake from Lakeview Drive.

One of the highlights of Reelfoot Lake State Park is its high population of American bald eagles. Eagles can be seen year-round, but the prime time for eagle-spotting is winter. Keep your eyes on the sky – you’re in for a majestic sight!

To make the most out of your visit, be sure to explore the various activities available. Whether you’re interested in hiking, fishing, or bird-watching, there’s something for everyone at Reelfoot Lake.

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