Transforming Hospitality with Heart and Innovation

Welcome to Guesty

  • Combines cutting-edge technology with the personal touch of traditional hospitality.
  • Designed to simplify operations and enrich guest experiences.

Key Benefits:

Guesty’s key benefits include streamlined operations and enhanced guest satisfaction. By leveraging advanced technology, the platform simplifies administrative tasks, prevents double bookings, and ensures seamless interactions from booking to check-out. This focus on operational efficiency allows property managers to dedicate more time to providing personalized service and creating memorable guest experiences.

Features That Foster Growth and Guest Happiness

Seamless Synchronization

  • Sync listings and bookings across major platforms like Airbnb,, and Vrbo using Guesty’s advanced Channel Manager.
  • Keeps calendars up-to-date, prevents double bookings, and enhances guest trust.

Centralized Management

  • Manage all guest interactions through a Unified Inbox and Multi-Calendar.
  • Provides a singular view for clear communication and easy scheduling.

Automation Tools

  • Utilize automation for guest messaging, pricing adjustments, and task management.
  • Reduces manual efforts and focuses on strategic activities to enhance guest stays.

Enhanced Reporting

  • Dive into analytics with customizable reporting tools.
  • Track performance metrics like occupancy rates, revenue, and guest satisfaction for business optimization.

Direct Benefits That Make a Difference

For Property Managers

Guesty significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing property managers to focus on creating hospitable environments for their guests. With features like inquiry management, booking confirmations, and communication streamlined, property managers can dedicate more resources towards enhancing the overall guest experience, fostering long-term relationships and loyalty.

For Guests

Guests can enjoy seamless interactions throughout their stay, from the booking process to check-out. The platform ensures personalized communication at every touchpoint, making each visit relaxing and enjoyable. From automated booking confirmations to tailored welcome messages and local recommendations, Guesty strives to provide guests with a hassle-free and memorable experience.

Business Impact

Guesty Introduces Dynamic Pricing Tools and Financial Insights for Vacation Rentals, Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Revenue Growth.

Effortless Integration and Daily Operations

Setup Process

  • Straightforward start with dedicated customer service for seamless integration.

Daily Operations

  • Smoother daily management with a comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard.

Support and Maintenance

  • Award-winning support team ready to assist with any inquiries or issues.

Transparent Pricing for Every Business Size

Subscription Models

  • Tiered pricing plans for one listing or hundreds, tailored to business scale and needs.

Free Trial and Demos

  • Explore Guesty with a free trial or personalized demo.

Additional Costs

  • Pricing is upfront with no hidden fees for accurate budget planning.

Success Stories from the Guesty Community

Case Studies and Success Stories

  • Property managers worldwide share their success stories of operational transformation and boosted guest satisfaction.

Start Your Guesty Journey Today

Sign-Up Process

  • Easy sign-up process to join the Guesty community.

Contact Information

  • Reach out for detailed information or assistance at any point.

More Than Just a Platform

Reviews and Testimonials

  • Users share how Guesty has revolutionized their property management tasks.

Security and Compliance

  • Complies with the highest security standards to protect data and guest privacy.

Updates and Upgrades

  • Regular updates ensure Guesty remains at the forefront, continuously enhancing its features to meet modern hospitality needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Platform Integration and Compatibility

Is Guesty only for

No, Guesty supports a range of major booking platforms, including Airbnb, VRBO,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Agoda, and many others.

What platforms does Guesty support?

Guesty supports several platforms including, TripAdvisor,, Vrbo, Expedia, and Agoda.

Can I link my Guesty to

Yes, Guesty provides a URL that you can paste into your or other hosting website’s calendar to sync information, or you can export it to a personal calendar like Google or Apple.

Does Guesty work with

Yes, Guesty seamlessly integrates with, allowing homeowners to manage their entire property rentals efficiently through the platform.

Features and Functionalities

With Guesty’s comprehensive suite of tools, hospitality professionals can now manage all aspects of their properties in one centralized location, ensuring efficiency, optimization, and exceptional guest experiences. Key features of Guesty’s property management software include:

  • Analytics: Gain valuable insights into business performance with sophisticated analytics tools and actionable data.
  • Automation Tools: Increase efficiency by automating routine tasks, from guest communication to pricing.
  • Channel Manager: Manage listings across multiple channels effortlessly, maximizing visibility, bookings, and revenue.
  • Direct Reservations: Optimize pricing and streamline the booking process with tools for direct reservations.
  • Guesty Accounting: Eliminate manual bookkeeping with a full accounting solution that automates financial tasks.
  • Guesty CRM: Transform reservation opportunities into satisfied guests with seamless reservation management.

Guesty’s property management software caters to businesses of all sizes, offering customizable packages tailored to meet specific needs. Whether managing a single listing or an enterprise-level property management company, Guesty provides the tools necessary to thrive in the competitive vacation rental market.

Moreover, Guesty’s commitment to innovation is evident in its extensive marketplace of third-party integrations, allowing users to enhance their operations with additional tools and services seamlessly.

“We are thrilled to introduce our advanced property management software to the market,” said Jane Doe, Chief Operating Officer at Guesty. “With Guesty, vacation rental businesses can streamline their operations, maximize revenue, and deliver exceptional guest experiences with ease.”

Discover the power of Guesty’s property management software and take your hospitality business to new heights. Visit Guesty’s website to learn more and sign up for a free trial today!

Usage and Setup

How do I connect my Airbnb to Guesty?

To connect your Airbnb account to Guesty, use your Airbnb login email address as your new login for Guesty. This email will also be the one that guests receive messages from. Additionally, you can choose a nickname for your Airbnb during this setup.

How do I remove Guesty from Airbnb?

To disconnect Guesty from an Airbnb account, go to the distribution settings, click on Airbnb, select the relevant Airbnb account, and next to the listing, click on ‘Connected’. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Disconnect’ and reconfirm in the pop-up.

How do you use Guesty?

Guesty’s inbox consists of four sections: the sidebar on the left, the conversation feed, the message thread, and the widget sidebar on the right. To begin, click on an item in the conversation feed.

How do I use Airbnb with Guesty?

To use Airbnb with Guesty, sign into your Guesty account, select ‘Growth mode’ from the mode selector, click on ‘Distribution’, then on the Airbnb thumbnail, and finally click ‘Add account’ to connect your Airbnb.

Pricing and Plans

Guesty offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of property managers across various scales and complexities of operations.

Lite Plan:

Ideal for managing 1-3 listings, the Lite plan is designed to provide essential features at an affordable price point. Starting at $27 per month when billed annually, or $39 per month when billed monthly, the Lite plan includes:

  • Integration with major booking platforms such as Airbnb,, and Vrbo
  • Direct reservations
  • Unified Inbox for streamlined communication
  • Multi-Calendar for efficient scheduling
  • Task management tools
  • Payment solutions
  • Mobile Management App for on-the-go management
  • Booking website

Pro Plan:

Tailored for property managers overseeing 4-199 listings, the Pro plan offers additional features to support larger-scale operations. Pricing for the Pro plan is customized based on specific business needs and requires contacting Guesty’s support team for a personalized quote.

Enterprise Solutions:

For property managers with 200 or more listings, Guesty provides enterprise solutions designed to meet the unique challenges and demands of large-scale operations. Pricing for enterprise solutions is customized and requires contacting Guesty’s support team for tailored assistance.


Guesty also offers a range of add-ons to enhance the functionality of its platform, including Guesty Capital, Guesty Damage Protection, Guest Communication Services (GCS), Guesty Locks Manager, GuestyPay, Guesty PriceOptimizer, and Guesty Websites. These add-ons cater to specific needs and preferences, providing property managers with additional tools to optimize their operations and enhance guest experiences.

Transparent Pricing for Every Business Size:

Guesty’s transparent pricing model ensures that property managers only pay for the features and services they need, with no hidden fees or surprises. Whether managing a handful of listings or overseeing hundreds, Guesty offers flexible pricing options to accommodate businesses of all sizes

Company Information

Owner of Guesty:

Guesty was founded in 2013 by twin brothers Amiad and Koby Soto, who initially developed the platform under the name SuperHost. Drawing from their experiences renting properties on Airbnb, they created SuperHost as a one-stop-shop property management service for Airbnb hosts. Over the years, the company evolved and rebranded as Guesty, expanding its offerings to provide a comprehensive tech suite for property managers across various booking platforms.

Number of Employees:

Currently, Guesty employs over 750 dedicated individuals across 15 offices worldwide. The company’s team has continued to grow rapidly, reflecting its commitment to innovation and customer service in the hospitality industry.


Guesty’s headquarters is located at 440 N Barranca Ave #9720, Covina, United States. Additionally, the company operates 15 other office locations globally, demonstrating its global presence and reach.

Public Status and Valuation:

As of the latest information, Guesty remains a privately held company and is not listed on any public stock exchange. However, following successful funding rounds and strategic acquisitions, Guesty’s valuation has surpassed $170 million, reflecting its significant impact and growth trajectory in the hospitality technology sector.

This information underscores Guesty’s commitment to transforming the hospitality industry through advanced technology solutions and dedicated customer service, empowering hosts and property managers to deliver exceptional guest experiences with ease and efficiency.

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