Welcome to a New Chapter in Property Management with Hostfully

Join the Hostfully family, where every feature is designed with your needs in mind, transforming the way you manage your vacation rentals into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Hostfully offers a suite of tools that not only simplifies property management but also enriches the guest experience, ensuring every stay is memorable and every host feels empowered.

Key Benefits:

Hostfully helps strengthen family connections by fostering environments that bring families closer. The platform also enables property managers to create lasting memories for their guests, all while offering serene, nature-centric accommodations.

Features That Bring Your Vacation Home to Life

Seamless Synchronization

Keep your calendars up-to-date effortlessly, as Hostfully integrates smoothly with major booking platforms, ensuring no double bookings and peace of mind for both hosts and guests.

Centralized Management

Access all your rental information through a single dashboard. Hostfully’s intuitive interface allows you to manage bookings, communicate with guests, and update property details easily from one place.

Automation Tools

From sending welcome messages to scheduling cleanings, Hostfully automates mundane tasks so you can focus on what truly matters—creating a welcoming environment for your guests.

Enhanced Reporting

With Enhanced Reporting, users can utilize detailed reports on occupancy, revenue, and guest feedback. Hostfully’s analytics assist in making informed decisions to optimize operations and improve guest satisfaction.

Benefits That Go Beyond Just Stays

For Property Managers

Hostfully offers property managers the opportunity to simplify complex processes, allowing them to focus more on creating hospitable environments for their guests. By streamlining tasks such as inquiry management, booking confirmations, and communication, Hostfully enables property managers to dedicate their time and energy towards enhancing the overall guest experience. This not only improves guest satisfaction but also helps in building long-term relationships and loyalty.

For Guests

With Hostfully, guests can enjoy seamless interactions throughout their entire stay, from the initial booking process to check-out. The platform ensures a personal touch in every interaction, making each visit relaxing and enjoyable. From automated booking confirmations to personalized welcome messages and recommendations for local attractions, Hostfully strives to provide guests with a hassle-free and memorable experience, fostering a sense of comfort and satisfaction.

Business Impact

Hostfully’s impact on businesses goes beyond just facilitating stays. By leveraging the platform’s features and functionalities, property managers can significantly increase bookings, reduce operational costs, and drive higher satisfaction rates among guests. The automation of routine tasks helps in improving efficiency and productivity, while detailed analytics provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making. This ultimately contributes to business growth and enhances the overall market reputation, positioning property managers as leaders in the industry.

Effortless Integration and Daily Operations

Setup Process

Start with an easy, efficient setup process, integrating Hostfully into existing systems with guided support.

Daily Operations

Hostfully’s intuitive design and robust features simplify daily management, allowing more focus on guest interaction and property enhancements.

Support and Maintenance

Dedicated support ensures quick and efficient issue resolution, maintaining smooth operations and readiness for guests.

Transparent Pricing for Every Budget

Subscription Models

A variety of pricing options suit different business sizes and needs, ensuring you pay only for what you use.

Free Trial and Demos

Explore Hostfully’s features with a free trial and see how it can transform your management experience.

Additional Costs

All potential costs are clearly outlined upfront for effective budget planning.

From Our Users’ Hearts to Yours

Case Studies and Success Stories

Learn from other property managers who have transformed their operations and guest experiences with Hostfully.

Begin Your Journey with Hostfully

Sign-Up Process

Join the Hostfully family with a simple, welcoming sign-up process.

Contact Information

For further information or personalized assistance, Hostfully’s friendly team is ready to help at every step.


Phone: +(1) 888-768-0828

Address: Hostfully, PO Box 590297, San Francisco, CA, USA

More Than Just Software

Reviews and Testimonials

Read heartfelt testimonials from users who have seen real improvements in their property management.

Security and Compliance

Hostfully adheres to the highest security and compliance standards, safeguarding your data and guest privacy.

Updates and Upgrades

Regular updates equip your business with the latest tools and features to stay ahead of the curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Platform Integration and Compatibility

How to connect Lake.com to Hostfully?

To connect Lake.com to Hostfully, navigate to the Hostfully Dashboard, select Properties, and then click Add Property. Next, choose “or import from Lake.com” and click connect with Lake.com. Finally, log in to the Lake.com account you wish to connect to.

Is Hostfully a channel manager?

Yes, Hostfully serves as a channel manager and is designed to ensure that calendar availability and rates are automatically updated and consistent across all booking sites, eliminating the need for manual cross-checking.

Does Hostfully work with Lake.com?

For specific details on integration with Lake.com, you should contact Hostfully directly as they continue to update their integration capabilities with various security and insurance providers.

Features and Functionalities

What does Hostfully do?

Hostfully provides property managers with tools to automate business operations, enhance earnings, and deliver a five-star guest experience. The platform simplifies complex management tasks associated with running a vacation rental.

What are the benefits of Hostfully?

Hostfully offers significant operational efficiencies by automating routine tasks, reducing errors, and allowing property managers to focus on scaling their businesses. The platform ensures that you can manage your property with less direct intervention.

What is a digital guidebook?

A digital guidebook is an online resource for vacation rental guests, offering all essential stay-related information in a convenient digital format. It typically includes property details, local recommendations, and house rules.

Usage and Setup

What does Hostfully for hosts do?

Hostfully for hosts centralizes booking and reservation management across major OTAs in a single dashboard. This includes syncing booking calendars from various listing sites and managing all communications through a unified inbox.

How many people use Hostfully?

While specific user numbers for Hostfully are not publicly disclosed, the platform is trusted by many property managers globally, supporting hundreds of thousands of properties.

Pricing and Plans

How much does Hostfully cost per month?

Hostfully offers various pricing tiers starting from $119 for managing four properties per month. More extensive plans like Pro and Pro Plus begin at $215 and $269, respectively, catering to larger property counts.

How do I get a refund from Hostfully?

To issue a refund in Hostfully, go to the Pipeline page, select the booking and click Edit, view the Order, and scroll down to Transactions, where you will find the option to issue a refund.

How do I cancel Hostfully?

To cancel a booking in Hostfully, navigate to the Pipeline, hover over the booking you wish to cancel, click on the “Cancel Booking” option, and confirm your choice in the pop-up window.

Company Information

Where is Hostfully based?

Hostfully is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and provides users a comprehensive property management platform worldwide.

Where is Hostfully’s headquarters?

Hostfully’s headquarters is at PO Box 590297 in San Francisco, California.

How do I contact Hostfully customer service?

You can contact Hostfully customer service by clicking the chat button on their website for direct assistance or by emailing support@hostfully.com.

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