Why You Can Trust Us

At Lake, we are dedicated to providing valuable content that guides and inspires both guests and hosts interested in listing their vacation homes for short-term rental. 

We understand it can be a challenge to navigate the vacation rental market, whether you’re planning a getaway or preparing to host. 

That’s why our team of experienced travel consultants, property managers, and customer service specialists share their insights and experiences through articles on our blog, podcasts, and videos. We aim to make booking a vacation home or listing your home, an experience as smooth and rewarding as possible.

When reviewing and making recommendations, we adhere to four key principles:

  1. Independence & Integrity
  2. Fair & Ethical Journalism
  3. Freedom from Bias & Conflicts of Interest
  4. Factual & Authoritative Reporting and Analysis

Independence & Integrity 

Our editorial content is produced independently, free from external influences. We pursue stories we believe are significant based on our independent judgment. Any sponsored or paid content is clearly marked.

Fair & Ethical Journalism 

We are committed to fair coverage and respect for all individuals and groups. Subjects are allowed to present their perspective before publication. We respect privacy and do not publish private information without clear public interest justification.

Freedom from Bias & Conflicts of Interest 

We are dedicated to presenting information in an unbiased manner. All journalists and contributors must declare potential conflicts of interest to the editorial team. Our team refrains from publicly expressing personal opinions on controversial topics they cover.

Factual & Authoritative Reporting and Analysis 

Every piece we produce is based on verifiable facts. Opinions or analyses are clearly distinguished from factual content. We rely on trustworthy sources and make every effort to verify information before publication. If mistakes occur, we correct them promptly and transparently.

Our Journalism & Editorial Products

We uphold our standards across all formats and platforms. Our products include:

  • Lake Blog
  • Lake Podcast
  • Lake Videos
  • Lake YouTube Channel
  • Lake on Social Media Platforms

We value our readers’ feedback and see them as partners in the pursuit of trustworthy content.

Our Safeguards 

All editorial staff undergo regular training sessions to ensure they are up-to-date with these guidelines and principles.

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