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Nestled off the coast of Southern California lies a hidden gem of natural beauty and biodiversity: Channel Islands National Park. Comprising five rugged islands and their surrounding waters, this remote archipelago boasts a wealth of ecological wonders, pristine landscapes, and cultural heritage.

Channel Islands National Park encompasses five distinct islands: Santa Cruz, Anacapa, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara. Each island offers its own unique ecosystems, from windswept cliffs and rocky shores to lush coastal canyons and pristine beaches. These islands provide vital habitats for a diverse array of plant and animal species, including endemic species found nowhere else on Earth.

One of the park’s most iconic features is its rich marine environment, which includes kelp forests, sea caves, and vibrant coral reefs. These waters are home to a remarkable diversity of marine life, including seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales, and numerous species of fish and seabirds. Visitors can explore the park’s underwater wonders through snorkeling, diving, kayaking, or boat tours.

In addition to its natural beauty, Channel Islands National Park also has a rich cultural history dating back thousands of years. The islands were inhabited by indigenous peoples for millennia and are home to ancient Chumash village sites, rock art, and other archaeological treasures. European explorers and settlers also left their mark on the islands, contributing to the park’s rich tapestry of human history.


Top 3 Facts About Channel Islands National Park


Biodiversity Hotspot

Channel Islands National Park is often referred to as the “Galápagos of North America” due to its remarkable biodiversity. The park is home to over 2,000 plant and animal species, including 145 endemic species found nowhere else in the world. These unique species have adapted to the islands’ isolated and diverse habitats, making the park a hotspot for biological diversity.


Marine Sanctuary

The waters surrounding Channel Islands National Park form one of the most biologically rich marine environments in the world. The park’s marine sanctuary protects over 1,000 species of marine plants and animals, including kelp forests, sea lions, dolphins, whales, and numerous species of fish and seabirds. Visitors can explore this underwater paradise through snorkeling, diving, kayaking, or boat tours.


Sea Cave Exploration

Channel Islands National Park is home to some of the largest and most spectacular sea caves in the world. These natural wonders were formed by centuries of erosion from the pounding waves of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can explore sea caves such as the Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island, which stretches over 1,200 feet in length and is one of the longest sea caves in the world.

Camping and transportation in Channel Islands National Park

info_iconBackcountry camping permits required for wilderness camping opportunities.

How to Get to Channel Islands National Park

Getting to Channel Islands National Park requires taking a boat or plane, as the park is located off the coast of Southern California. Here are the primary methods of transportation to reach the park:

  • Island Packers Cruises: Island Packers offers ferry services to Channel Islands National Park from Ventura and Oxnard harbors on the mainland. The ferry ride takes approximately one to two hours, depending on the destination island. Island Packers provides transportation to Santa Cruz Island, Anacapa Island, Santa Rosa Island, and San Miguel Island, with varying schedules and trip durations.
  • Private Boats: Visitors with their own boats or kayaks can also access Channel Islands National Park by water. However, private vessels must adhere to regulations and obtain permits from the National Park Service to access certain areas of the park.
  • Channel Islands Aviation: Channel Islands Aviation operates flights to Santa Rosa Island and San Miguel Island from Camarillo Airport in Ventura County. Flights to the islands are available on a limited basis and must be booked in advance. Flying to the islands offers a unique and scenic perspective of Channel Islands National Park.

Places to Stay Near Channel Islands National Park

While there are no accommodations or camping facilities within Channel Islands National Park itself, there are several options for lodging and camping near the park on the mainland. Here are some places to stay or camp near Channel Islands National Park:

  • Ventura Harbor: Ventura Harbor, located in the city of Ventura, serves as a departure point for ferries to Channel Islands National Park. The harbor area offers a variety of lodging options including hotels, motels, vacation rentals, and bed and breakfasts.
  • Oxnard: The city of Oxnard, located just south of Ventura, also offers lodging options for visitors to Channel Islands National Park. Oxnard features hotels, motels, and vacation rentals near the harbor and beach areas, providing convenient access to ferry services and other attractions in the area.
  • Campgrounds: There are several campgrounds located near Channel Islands National Park where visitors can stay overnight before or after their island adventure. Emma Wood State Beach and McGrath State Beach, located along the coast near Ventura, offer beachfront camping with RV and tent sites available. Additionally, Ventura Ranch KOA, located inland near Santa Paula, offers camping facilities and amenities for families and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • RV Parks: For visitors traveling in RVs or camper vans, there are RV parks and campgrounds available in the Ventura and Oxnard area. These parks provide full hookups, amenities, and facilities for RV camping, making them convenient options for travelers exploring Channel Islands National Park and the surrounding region.
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Best Time to Go to Channel Islands National Park



Summer is the peak tourist season in Channel Islands National Park, with long days and warm weather drawing visitors seeking outdoor adventures. The clear, sunny days provide excellent conditions for snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and beachcombing along the park’s pristine shores. While summer can be crowded, especially on weekends, visitors can still find solitude by exploring less-visited areas of the islands and enjoying sunset views over the Pacific Ocean.





Spring is a delightful time to visit Channel Islands National Park, as the islands come alive with vibrant wildflowers and nesting seabirds. Mild temperatures and calm seas make it ideal for hiking, wildlife viewing, and exploring the park’s trails and coastal habitats. Visitors can witness the breathtaking beauty of the islands’ floral displays, spot migratory birds passing through, and enjoy the tranquility of the blooming landscapes.

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Must-See Attractions

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Scorpion Anchorage

On Santa Cruz Island, Scorpion Anchorage is a popular starting point for exploring the island’s hiking trails, beaches, and historical sites. Visitors can take guided hikes to destinations such as Cavern Point, Potato Harbor, and Smugglers Cove, where they can enjoy stunning coastline views and surrounding waters.

Painted Cave

One of the largest sea caves in the world, Painted Cave is a spectacular natural wonder located on the northwest coast of Santa Cruz Island. Visitors can take boat tours or kayak excursions to explore the cave’s towering cliffs, intricate rock formations, and vibrant colors, created by mineral deposits and algae.

Pelican Bay

Situated on the north shore of Santa Cruz Island, Pelican Bay is a pristine beach known for its clear waters, abundant marine life, and picturesque scenery. Visitors can hike to Pelican Bay from Prisoners Harbor or Scorpion Anchorage and spend the day swimming, snorkeling, picnicking, or simply relaxing on the sandy shores.

Helpful Tips: Making the Most of Your Adventure to Channel Islands National Park

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Channel Islands National Park is accessible only by boat or plane, so planning your transportation and activities in advance is essential. Reserve ferry tickets or flights early, especially during peak season, and check for any park alerts or closures before your trip.

Pack Appropriately

Pack Appropriately

Since the islands are remote and have limited facilities, packing everything you’ll need for your visit is important. Bring plenty of water, food, sunscreen, and layers of clothing for changing weather conditions. Consider packing binoculars, a camera, and a field guide for wildlife and plant identification.

Respect Wildlife

Respect Wildlife

The islands are home to a variety of plant and animal species, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. Respect wildlife by observing from a distance, staying on designated trails, and refraining from feeding or disturbing animals.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Be aware of potential hazards such as steep cliffs, slippery rocks, and strong currents while exploring the islands. Follow safety guidelines provided by park staff, stay hydrated, and use sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Channel Islands National Park

There are no accommodations on the islands themselves. Visitors typically stay on the mainland in nearby cities such as Ventura, Oxnard, or Camarillo and take day trips to the islands.

The islands offer a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, wildlife viewing, and photography. Guided tours and ranger-led programs are also available for visitors to learn about the park’s natural and cultural history.

Private boats are allowed in the waters surrounding Channel Islands National Park, but there are no public docks or moorings available on the islands. Boaters must anchor offshore and use dinghies or kayaks to access the islands.

Channel Islands National Park is home to a variety of wildlife, including seabirds, marine mammals, foxes, and endemic species found nowhere else in the world. Visitors may encounter seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales, and numerous bird species during their visit.

Visitors do not need a permit to visit Channel Islands National Park, but they may need permits for certain activities such as camping, kayaking, or fishing. Check with park authorities for specific permit requirements.

Pets are not allowed on the islands to protect the park’s sensitive ecosystems and wildlife. Service animals are permitted but must be kept on a leash at all times.

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