Ohio’s Diverse Destinations: From Lake Erie to the Appalachian Hills

Say hello to Lake Erie

Ohio boasts a variety of picturesque lakes, each with its unique charm, but one that stands out for its recreational offerings and natural beauty is Lake Erie. As the fourth largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie stretches along Ohio’s northern border, providing a vast expanse of freshwater for residents and visitors to enjoy. The lake offers numerous opportunities for boating, fishing, and water sports, with marinas and beaches dotting its shoreline.

Ohio’s Lake Erie islands, such as Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island, add to the allure with their quaint charm and vibrant summer atmospheres. Whether sailing on the open water, relaxing on the beach, or exploring the surrounding islands, Lake Erie encapsulates the essence of Ohio’s recreational paradise.


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3 Interesting Facts about Ohio


First Traffic Light

The world’s first electric traffic signal was installed in Cleveland in 1914, helping to regulate the increasing flow of vehicles on the roads.


Mother of Presidents

Ohio is known as the “Mother of Presidents” because it has been the birthplace of seven U.S. presidents, including Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Howard Taft, and Warren G. Harding.


Invention of the Cash Register

James Ritty, a saloon owner in Dayton, Ohio, invented the cash register in 1879 to prevent his employees from pilfering cash.


Must See Attractions

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Hocking Hills State Park

Nature & Parks

Hocking Hills State Park, situated in southeastern Ohio, is renowned for its captivating natural beauty, featuring forests, cliffs, and waterfalls, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Nature & Parks

This horticultural gem captivates visitors with its stunning glasshouse architecture, diverse plant collections, and immersive garden exhibits.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Nature & Parks

The park is a picturesque haven boasting serene landscapes, scenic waterways, and a network of trails that lead visitors through lush forests and historic landmarks.

Where to Sleep

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1054 Grace River Road
Number of Guests 8
Bathrooms 1
Bedrooms 3
Carbon monoxide detectors, Fire extinguisher, First aid kit, Smoke detectors
$0.00 / day
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JP Rest House

V262+C5P, Manikganj, Bangladesh
Number of Guests 4
Bathrooms 2
Bedrooms 4
Sq Footage 2,400
Carbon monoxide detectors, Fire extinguisher, First aid kit, Generator, Smoke detectors
$300.00 / day
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Ohio Lakes to Discover

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1. Alum Creek Reservoir

20 Miles

Located near Columbus, Alum Creek Reservoir is a popular spot for water recreational sports, featuring a marina, sandy beaches, and hiking trails.

2. Buckeye Lake

31 Miles

Located east of Columbus, Buckeye Lake is a popular destination for boating and fishing, known for its scenic beauty and recreational activities.

3. Indian Lake

74 Miles

This expansive reservoir in west-central Ohio is a favorite for boaters, anglers, and water sports enthusiasts, surrounded by parks and campgrounds.

4. Salt Fork Lake

88 Miles

Surrounded by Salt Fork State Park, this reservoir in eastern Ohio is a haven for boating, fishing, and camping amidst rolling hills and woodlands.

5. Piedmont Lake

109 Miles

Situated in southeastern Ohio, Piedmont Lake is known for its tranquil setting, surrounded by wooded hills, making it an ideal spot for fishing and kayaking.

6. Lake Erie

112 Miles

Ohio’s northern border is graced by Lake Erie, offering breathtaking views, sandy beaches, and opportunities for fishing, boating, and water recreation.

7. Atwood Lake

124 Miles

Nestled in the heart of Amish Country, Atwood Lake offers a peaceful retreat with its scenic shores, providing opportunities for boating and camping.

8. Mosquito Lake

172 Miles

Situated in northeastern Ohio, Mosquito Lake offers a picturesque escape with its wooded shores, camping facilities, and a variety of water activities.

Annual Events and Festivals

Friday, June 7 – Sunday, June 9, 2024

Columbus Arts Festival

The Columbus Arts Festival stands as a vibrant celebration of creativity, culture, and community in the heart of Ohio’s capital. Boasting a diverse showcase of visual and performing arts, the festival attracts both local and national artists who present an array of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and multimedia installations. Strolling along the picturesque Scioto Mile, visitors immerse themselves in a sensory feast, engaging with artists, witnessing live demonstrations, and appreciating the rich tapestry of talent that defines Columbus’ artistic landscape.

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August 2024

Cleveland Garlic Festival

The Cleveland Garlic Festival is a unique and flavorful celebration that infuses the city with the pungent aroma of garlic and a lively atmosphere. Held annually, this festival showcases the versatility and culinary appeal of the “stinking rose.” Live music, cooking demonstrations, and a lively Kids’ Zone add to the festive atmosphere, making the Cleveland Garlic Festival a family-friendly event that celebrates both the culinary and agricultural aspects of garlic while supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture initiatives.

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Thursday, September 19 – Sunday, September 22, 2024

Cincinnati Oktoberfest

Visitors can revel in the vibrant street parades, don Bavarian attire, and participate in beer stein-holding contests. The festival’s centerpiece is the impressive collection of beer tents and gardens, where attendees can savor a wide selection of craft and imported brews. A diverse range of German cuisine, including sausages, pretzels, and strudels, adds to the culinary delights. With its lively ambiance, cultural immersion, and spirited revelry, Cincinnati Oktoberfest stands as a must-attend event that brings together the local community and visitors alike for a festive celebration of German heritage and the joy of the fall season.

Top Hiking Trails

Brandywine Gorge Trail

Northfield, Ohio 44067

Nestled within the breathtaking Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, the Brandywine Gorge Trail stands as a testament to the region’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes. This scenic trail takes hikers on a captivating journey through a lush and wooded gorge, with the highlight being the spectacular Brandywine Falls. As visitors hike the 2.3 miles trail, they encounter vibrant flora, charming wooden bridges, and the soothing sound of rushing water. The focal point, Brandywine Falls, is a 65 foot waterfall that plunges dramatically into a serene pool below.

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Upper Falls to Lower Falls via Buckeye Trail

Benton Township, Ohio 43138

The 1 mile journey from Upper Falls to Lower Falls via the Buckeye Trail is a captivating experience, weaving through the heart of Ohio’s lush, natural landscapes. This trail offers hikers an immersive encounter with the state’s diverse flora and fauna. The path begins at the Upper Falls, a magnificent cascade that sets a dramatic backdrop with its thunderous waters tumbling over ancient rock formations.

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Pine Grove Trail and Ledges Trail Loop from Kendall Lake

Boston Township, Ohio

This 4.1 miles loop, a harmonious blend of tranquil forest paths and intriguing rock formations, starts from the picturesque Kendall Lake. As hikers venture onto the Pine Grove Trail, they are enveloped by a dense canopy of pine and hardwood trees, creating a peaceful, shaded environment that resonates with the songs of local bird species. Transitioning to the Ledges Trail, the scenery shifts dramatically, revealing the park’s famous rock formations. These towering ledges, composed of sandstone, provide a striking contrast to the earlier forested paths. .

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Best Golf Courses

Fowler’s Mill

13095 Rockhaven Rd, Chesterland, OHio 44026

Renowned for its exceptional design and natural beauty, this 27 hole public golf course offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for players of all skill levels. Designed by renowned architect Pete Dye, the course seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape. The front nine, known as the “Maple” course, showcases strategic bunkering and elevation changes, while the “River” and “Lake” courses on the back nine present golfers with the scenic challenge of the Cuyahoga River and Fowler’s Lake.

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Sleepy Hollow Golf Course

9445 Brecksville Rd, Cleveland, OHio 44141

Sleepy Hollow Golf Course was designed by Stanley Thompson in the 1920s, this 18 hole public course is renowned for its picturesque setting along the scenic Cuyahoga River Valley. The course meanders through lush woodlands, rolling hills, and alongside the winding river, offering golfers not only a challenging game but also a serene escape into nature. The signature 16th hole, aptly named “The Quarry,” features a dramatic tee shot over a water filled ravine, adding an element of excitement and difficulty to the round.

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Boulder Creek Golf Course

9700 Page Rd, Streetsboro, OHio 44241

Boulder Creek Golf Club, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Streetsboro, Ohio, is a captivating destination for golfers seeking both a scenic and challenging round. This public 18 hole championship course, masterfully designed by Joe Saleem, is acclaimed for its stunning layout that harmonizes with the natural terrain of the region. Built on 200 acres of rolling hills and wooded areas, Boulder Creek features dramatic elevation changes, providing views and a unique golfing experience. The signature 17th hole, with its elevated tee box and striking view of the Boulder Creek, is a highlight for many golfers.

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Water Sports

White Star Quarry Scuba Diving

Scuba diving

White Star Quarry in Gibsonburg, Ohio, presents a unique and exhilarating scuba diving experience, attracting divers from across the Midwest. Nestled in a former limestone quarry, this crystal-clear, freshwater dive site is known for its exceptional visibility, often extending up to 30 feet or more, allowing divers to fully immerse themselves in the underwater environment. It features an intriguing underwater landscape, including rock walls that drop straight down, creating an illusion of boundless depth. Divers can explore various submerged attractions such as a sunken airplane, a boat, and even a school bus, which serve as artificial reefs and habitats for aquatic life.

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Ohio Guide Outfitters


Fishing in Ohio is a popular and rewarding activity, thanks to the state’s diverse waterways that are home to a wide variety of fish species. From the renowned walleye fishing in Lake Erie to bass fishing in inland lakes and rivers, Ohio offers something for every angler. One notable company that enhances the fishing experience in Ohio is “Ohio Guide Outfitters.” This reputable outfit provides guided fishing trips across the state, offering anglers the expertise of seasoned guides who know the prime fishing spots and techniques.

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Portage Lakes Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding in Ohio offers a tranquil yet invigorating way to explore the state’s stunning waterways. This increasingly popular water sport, known for its accessibility and versatility, is well-suited to the diverse range of calm lakes, reservoirs, and rivers throughout Ohio. From the serene waters of Lake Erie’s shores to the gentle currents of the Hocking and Scioto Rivers, paddleboarders can enjoy a variety of scenic environments. Many local outfitters across Ohio, such as Aloha SUP and Portage Lakes Paddleboarding, offer rentals, lessons, and guided tours, making it easy for both beginners and experienced paddlers to get out on the water.

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01 / Ice Fishing

As temperatures drop, bodies of water such as Lake Erie, Mosquito Lake, and Indian Lake develop thick layers of ice, creating ideal conditions for ice fishing. Fishers drill holes through the ice and set up their fishing gear in the hopes of catching a variety of species, including Perch, Crappie, Walleye, and Saugeye.

young active snowboarder in bright sportswear jumping up on a mountain slope 1 1

02 / Cross Country Skiing

State parks and nature preserves, including Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Hocking Hills State Park, and Mohican State Park, offer groomed trails and serene woodlands that become a cross country skier’s playground when blanketed in snow. These trails wind through rolling hills and picturesque vistas, providing a perfect setting for both beginners and seasoned skiers.

young active snowboarder in bright sportswear jumping up on a mountain slope 1 1

03 / Sledding

With its rolling hills and well-maintained parks, Ohio offers numerous spots for sled riding, turning snowy landscapes into exhilarating slopes. Popular locations like Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Goodale Park in Columbus, and Ault Park in Cincinnati become winter wonderlands as enthusiasts of all ages gather to enjoy the thrill of speeding down snowy hills on sleds and toboggans.

young active snowboarder in bright sportswear jumping up on a mountain slope 1 1
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Resorts to Discover

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions – Sandusky

Family friendly, Recreational
7000 Kalahari Dr, Sandusky, Ohio 44870

The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake

Family friendly, Recreational
4888 N Broadway, Geneva-On-The-Lake, Ohio 44041

The Grand Resort

9519 E Market St, Warren, Ohio 44484

Tips on Vacationing in Ohio

Research Your Destinations

Ohio has a variety of attractions, from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to the Hocking Hills State Park. Research and plan your itinerary based on your interests.


Ohio has a well-connected interstate highway system, making it easy to travel between cities. Consider renting a car for flexibility, or use public transportation if you’re staying within a city.

Explore Amish Country

Explore Ohio’s Amish Country, particularly in places like Holmes County. Experience a slower pace of life, enjoy handmade goods, and savor traditional Amish cuisine.

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image 401 1
Jet Skiing

Ohio is a diverse state that offers a variety of vacation rental options for travelers to explore the heart of the United States. Whether you’re interested in city getaways like Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati or prefer the charming appeal of small towns such as Granville, Chagrin Falls, and Medina, Ohio has a vacation rental to suit your style and needs. From quaint cottages and rustic cabins to spacious houses, you’ll find the perfect base for your Ohio adventures.

With thousands of vacation rentals spread across the state, you can enjoy warm hospitality, modern amenities, and unique experiences in scenic surroundings. Popular destinations for vacation rentals in Ohio include lakeside properties on Lake Erie, Pymatuning Lake, Grand Lake St. Mary’s, and Mosquito Creek Lake. Additionally, resorts like Kelleys Island Venture Resort, Burr Oak State Park Lodge, Stockport Mill Inn, and Sawmill Creek Resort cater to vacationers seeking a blend of comfort and adventure.

When selecting and booking your Ohio vacation rental, consider location, property size, and on-site facilities to ensure a memorable and hassle-free stay. Explore all that Ohio has to offer from the comfort of your home away from home while immersing yourself in the distinct charm of this diverse region.

Key Takeaways

– Ohio offers a variety of vacation rentals across the state, from city getaways to charming small towns.
– Popular destinations include lake-side properties and well-known resorts for an enjoyable mix of comfort and adventure.
– Consider location, property size, and on-site facilities when choosing the perfect Ohio vacation rental for your trip.

Overview of Ohio Vacation Rentals

Ohio has a wide variety of vacation rentals available to suit your needs. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or alone, you can find properties with different numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms. From cozy 1 bedroom cottages to luxurious 3 bedroom homes with multiple bathrooms, there is something for everyone. Plus, the best part is that prices can start as low as $80 per night!

If you’re interested in the amenities that Ohio vacation rentals have to offer, here’s a quick summary of some popular options.

Cottages: Looking for a peaceful getaway? Quaint homes surrounded by serene nature provide the ideal setting for relaxation.
Cabins: For those adventure seekers, rustic lodgings near hiking trails are the perfect place to kick off your boots at the end of the day.
Houses: Need space for the entire family or group of friends? Spacious houses ensure a comfortable stay with room for everyone.

Now, let’s talk about location. Ohio is diverse, and the vacation rentals are the same regarding location and nearby attractions. Some options include:


Home to the well-known Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, you can explore the city’s rich history and culture while staying in a cozy rental.

Geneva and Put-in-Bay

For wine enthusiasts, these charming towns boast several wineries and vineyards for tasting pleasure.

Port Clinton and Sandusky

With their proximity to Lake Erie, these towns offer plenty of water activities and the famous Cedar Point amusement park.

Ideal Vacation Rentals for Various Travelers

Ohio offers a variety of vacation rental options to suit the needs of all types of travelers, whether you’re visiting with family, your significant other, or exploring the state solo.


When traveling with the entire family, spacious vacation rentals accommodating everyone comfortably are essential. Look for options that can sleep up to 6 and offer at least 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It’s a bonus if the vacation rental has a yard for your kids to play in and offers family-friendly amenities like a TV, internet, and Wi-Fi.

Example: Starr Valley Cabin, located near Old Mans Cave State Park, offers 2 bedrooms, is pet-friendly, and is close to nature parks for a perfect family getaway. Prices start at $80 per night.


Romantic getaways for couples often require a different set of amenities. Search for vacation rentals with features like hot tubs, balconies, or terraces to enjoy a romantic view together. Proximity to picturesque locations like Little Italy is a great way to ensure that you can enjoy memorable dining experiences together.

Example: A cozy room in a shared apartment at University Circle in Cleveland’s Little Italy offers a romantic retreat complete with a balcony or terrace. Prices start at $90 per night.

Solo Travelers

For solo travelers, accommodations that provide a mix of privacy, convenience, and security are essential. Look for rentals with features like free Wi-Fi and breakfast options and easy access to public transportation and nearby attractions. Staying at a hotel or joining in with other vacationers at a shared living setup may help you make new friends and add to your overall experience.

Example: You could consider staying in a cozy room within a shared apartment in University Circle, a lively part of Cleveland known for its museums, galleries, and proximity to Case Western Reserve University. Prices for accommodations start at $39 per night.

Popular Vacation Destinations

Ohio offers diverse properties, from cozy cabins to spacious houses. Let’s explore popular destinations with various property types like vacation rentals, condos, cottages, homes, and cabins.

Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. You can find charming cabins and cottages, perfect for a relaxing retreat. With popular attractions like Old Man’s Cave State Park and Cantwell Cliffs nearby, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Home to the famous Cedar Point amusement park, Sandusky is a hotspot for fun and excitement. When you’re done riding rollercoasters, unwind in one of the comfortable vacation rentals or condos available for rent in the area.


If you’re a fan of island living, South Bass Island’s Put-in-Bay is the perfect destination for you. With a range of vacation rentals, condos, and cabins, you’ll quickly find a comfortable place to stay. Enjoy breathtaking views, stunning sunsets, and exciting attractions such as Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial.

Kelleys Island

This picturesque destination offers a variety of vacation rentals, from quaint cottages to spacious houses. Discover hidden gems like Glacial Grooves State Geological Site and immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty.

Lake Erie Shoreline

The picturesque Lake Erie shoreline has something for everyone. There’s a property type to suit your needs, from beach house rentals and lakefront vacation rentals to cozy cabins and charming cottages. Enjoy activities like fishing, swimming, and lazy days on the beach.

Stockport Mill Inn

Stockport Mill Inn, the last remaining mill on the Muskingum River, is a transformed inn and restaurant with twin turbines still operating. It offers various themed suites, cozy accommodations, and hot tubs in selected suites. You can explore multiple area attractions or enjoy delicious meals in a unique and historic atmosphere at the on-site restaurant overlooking the beautiful Muskingum River.

Sawmill Creek Resort

Sawmill Creek Resort is a cozy resort on Lake Erie. It offers 240 well-appointed rooms and suites, comfortable accommodations, an 18-hole championship golf course, and plenty of activities, such as boating and exploring the great outdoors. It has a private beach and a 176-slip marina, perfect for a memorable vacation.

Burr Oak State Park Lodge

Burr Oak Lodge at Burr Oak State Park is a tranquil spot in the Appalachian foothills overlooking Burr Oak Lake. With 30 cottages and various activities, guests can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, disc golf, and more. Capture the stunning fall colors and magnificent forest landscapes with your camera.

Popular Lakes

Lake Erie

Lake Erie, partially located in Ohio, offers a range of recreational activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, and camping. Find your perfect vacation rental on Lake, Shores & Islands Ohio, or Rent By Owner™. Consider Geneva-on-the-Lake for a classic Lake Erie experience. 

Pymatuning Lake

For a scenic and active Ohio vacation rental, head to Pymatuning Lake. Ohio’s second-largest lake offers abundant fishing and boating opportunities and various vacation rentals to suit all preferences and budgets. Nearby, Pymatuning State Park offers archery, camping, hiking, picnicking, and winter recreation. Pack your bags and head to this stunning destination for a memorable retreat.

Grand Lake St. Mary’s

Visit Grand Lake St. Mary’s in Ohio for a unique vacation experience. This man-made inland lake is the largest of its kind in Ohio and offers a variety of recreational activities for all ages. Rent a boat or kayak, or explore walking and biking trails around the lake. Find the perfect accommodation on Airbnb, starting at $81 per night. Numerous activities are available, from fishing and birdwatching to picnicking and playing on the beach. Create unforgettable memories at this one-of-a-kind destination in Ohio.

Mosquito Creek Lake

Mosquito Creek Lake in Ohio offers various vacation rental options, including top-rated cabins, knotty pine lakeview ranch homes, and unique yurts. The lake provides easy access to boat launches, ample parking, and serene views, making it an excellent spot for fishing, water sports, or simply unwinding in nature. Book through Lake for a highly-rated property and an unforgettable experience.

Kelleys Island Venture Resort

Experience a unique tropical getaway at Kelleys Island Venture Resort. This luxurious lakefront hotel offers breathtaking views of Lake Erie, beautifully decorated suites, an outdoor pool, and an unbeatable location. Just a mile from the Jet Express Ferry, you’ll have easy access to downtown Kelleys Island and Cedar Point Amusement Park. Kelleys Island Venture Resort is perfect for a memorable family vacation with family-friendly amenities like a children’s playground and free WiFi.

Things to Think About When Renting a Vacation Home

When searching for the perfect Ohio vacation rental, it’s essential to consider the following aspects:

Rental Type

Various vacation rentals are available in Ohio, such as condos, cottages, houses, and cabins. Consider the space that suits your travel needs while considering rent, availability, and flexibility.


Ohio offers much, from bustling cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus to picturesque destinations like Logan and Hocking Hills State Park. Be sure to choose a vacation rental in a location that aligns with your preferences and desired activities.


Amenities can significantly impact your vacation experience. List your must-have features, such as a pool, hot tub, WiFi, fully-equipped kitchen, or spacious yard. Compare different vacation rentals to find one that checks all your boxes.

Pet Policies

If you plan to bring your furry friend along, research pet-friendly vacation rentals in Ohio. Some properties may have pet restrictions or additional fees, so verifying their pet policy before booking is essential.

Booking Process for Ohio Rentals

Before planning your vacation in Ohio, deciding on the type of vacation rental that best suits your needs is essential. 

There are plenty of options ranging from cozy cottages to lakefront homes. Websites like Lake, Airbnb, Rent By Owner, and Booking.com provide a variety of unique rentals, including glamping tents, tiny houses, and listings for both private homes and apartments.

Once you know the type of lodging you’re interested in, you can start searching for availability. Many listings show a calendar with available dates and pricing, so keep an eye out for seasonal price fluctuations, as rates might change depending on the year you’re looking to book.

As you browse your options, pay attention to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the maximum occupancy. Finding a rental that comfortably accommodates everyone in your party is essential. You can choose anything from a quaint room in University Circle for $80 per night to a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Island Club that sleeps 8 for $317 per night.

To help further narrow down your choices, consider any additional amenities vital to you. Some vacation rentals offer private pool access, air conditioning, child-friendly features, or linens included in the booking. It’s also helpful to read guest reviews to understand better the rental’s overall quality and the hosts’ responsiveness.

Once you’ve found the perfect Ohio vacation rental for your needs, it’s time to book. Most platforms allow you to reserve your rental directly through their website. Simply input your travel dates, select the number of guests, and confirm your booking by providing payment information. Remember that some hosts may have specific booking requirements or cancellation policies, so read the fine print before finishing your reservation.

Now that your booking process is complete, you can relax, knowing that your Ohio vacation rental is ready and waiting for your arrival.

Experiences Around Vacation Rentals

Historical Attractions

You can explore the state’s rich history with several historical attractions nearby when exploring Ohio vacation rentals. For instance, Columbus, the state capital, offers a range of museums, such as the Ohio History Connection, showcasing Ohio’s past from ancient civilizations to recent history.

Another must-visit destination is Cedar Point on Lake Erie, a world-renowned amusement park with an impressive heritage dating back to 1870. You’ll get a thrill from its incredible roller coasters and learning about its fascinating history.

Cincinnati, a city steeped in history and culture, also offers its fair share of historic sites. Explore the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, delve into the Civil War history, or walk through the grounds of the Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum.

Art and Culture

Ohio has much to offer for those of you intrigued by the art scene. Head to Cleveland, where you’ll find the renowned Cleveland Museum of Art, featuring an extensive collection of works worldwide. And, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is also here, paying tribute to some of the most iconic legends in music history.

In Columbus, immerse yourself in diverse artistic experiences, from contemporary galleries to innovative Wexner Center for the Arts performances. Near many vacation rentals, you can also enjoy the Columbus Museum of Art, which houses an impressive collection of American and European masterpieces and a creative space for emerging artists.

In Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Art Museum, Contemporary Arts Center, and Taft Museum of Art offer a wealth of artistic treasures. Between visits to galleries and museums, stroll through the city’s thriving art districts, such as Over-the-Rhine, where you’ll discover vibrant murals and eclectic architecture.

With the wide variety of historical attractions and artistic offerings near Ohio vacation rentals, you will find an enriching and memorable experience to suit your interests. So go ahead, explore the Buckeye State, and enjoy the best of the United States history and culture in your own home away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio

The best time depends on your preferences. Summer offers warm weather and outdoor events, while fall is known for colorful foliage.

When looking for vacation rentals in Ohio, you can explore several reputable websites. Some popular options include Rent By Owner™, Hometogo, and cozycozy. These sites offer a variety of rental types, such as cabins, houses, and apartments, giving you the flexibility to find the perfect accommodation for your trip.

Finding a vacation rental around Lake Erie in Ohio is simple. Websites like Rent By Owner™ and Hometogo often list waterfront properties near or around the lake. Simply narrow your search to Lake Erie and browse the available options to find your ideal lakeside rental.

Absolutely! Hocking Hills is a popular destination for nature lovers, and cabin rentals in the area are plentiful. Rent By Owner™ and Hometogo have listings for Hocking Hills region cabins. Prices and amenities range, so use their search filters to find a cabin that fits your needs.

Ohio has various waterfront vacation rental options, including those near Lake Erie, rivers, and more. Lake is an excellent resource for locating oceanfront rentals, with over 12 listings near Ohio. Additionally, Hometogo and Cozycozy also offer waterfront properties depending on availability.

Yes, renting a vacation home online is generally safe if you choose a reputable website. Popular vacation rental sites like Lake, Hometogo, and cozycozy have secure booking processes and established reputations in the industry. Be sure to read reviews and confirm listing details before making a reservation to ensure a positive experience.

Booking a last-minute vacation in Ohio is easier than it may seem. Utilize popular rental websites like Lake, Rent By Owner™, Hometogo, and cozycozy to find available properties at short notice. Their search engines can often filter results based on dates, allowing you to see what options are ready for immediate booking. Act quickly, as last-minute rentals can get reserved fast!

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