The Utah Explorer’s Companion: Hidden Gems and Must-See Sights

Discover Lake Powell

Utah is home to numerous stunning lakes, each with its unique charm, but one that stands out as the crown jewel is Lake Powell. Nestled within the sprawling red-rock canyons of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Lake Powell is a mesmerizing oasis that stretches across the Utah-Arizona border. Boasting a shoreline longer than the entire west coast of the United States, Lake Powell offers a vast playground for water enthusiasts. The lake’s crystal-clear waters reflect the surrounding sandstone cliffs, creating a surreal and breathtaking landscape. With its countless hidden coves, towering red rock formations, and opportunities for water-based activities such as boating, fishing, and kayaking, Lake Powell truly epitomizes the natural beauty and recreational diversity that Utah has to offer.


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Top 3 Facts about Utah


Best Snow on Earth

Utah claims to have the “Greatest Snow on Earth” due to its dry, powdery snow, which is ideal for skiing. The state hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and is a premier destination for winter sports.


Fossil Haven

Utah is a treasure trove for dinosaur enthusiasts. The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry has one of the highest concentrations of Jurassic-era dinosaur bones in the world.


Four Corners Monument

Utah is one of the four states (along with Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona) that meet at a single point known as the Four Corners. It’s the only place in the United States where you can stand in four states at once.


Must See Attractions

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Zion National Park

Nature & Parks

Renowned for its awe-inspiring red sandstone cliffs, verdant valleys, and a diverse array of wildlife, the park offers visitors a spectacular journey through ancient landscapes sculpted by time and the Virgin River.

Arches National Park

Nature & Parks

Arches National Park, famed for its over 2,000 natural stone arches, presents a mesmerizing red rock landscape that creates a surreal and captivating environment in the heart of Utah’s high desert.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Nature & Parks

This park is celebrated for its unique geological structures known as hoodoos, towering spires of rock that create an amphitheater of red, orange, and white formations.

Where to Sleep

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Utah Lakes

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1. Great Salt Lake

19 Miles

As the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake is famous for its high salinity and the unique experience of buoyant swimming.

2. Jordanelle Reservoir

38 Miles

Jordanelle Reservoir offers a mix of water activities, with excellent facilities for boating, fishing, and camping, set amidst stunning mountain scenery.

3. Pineview Reservoir

48 Miles

Pineview Reservoir is a hub for water sports, including wakeboarding, kayaking, and paddleboarding, and is known for its beautiful sandy beaches.

4. Mirror Lake

76 Miles

Nestled high in the Uinta Mountains, Mirror Lake captivates visitors with its picturesque mountain reflections and serene fishing and kayaking opportunities.

5. Strawberry Reservoir

77 Miles

A premier fishing destination, Strawberry Reservoir is stocked with trout and known for its quality fishing, beautiful mountains, and recreational activities.

6. Fish Lake

193 Miles

At 8,800 feet, Fish Lake is one of the highest alpine lakes in Utah, offering excellent trout fishing and a quiet escape surrounded by aspen forests.

7. Flaming Gorge Reservoir

238 Miles

Renowned for its spectacular red cliffs and crystal-clear waters, Flaming Gorge is a haven for fishing, boating, and camping enthusiasts.

8. Lake Powell

423 Miles

Straddling the Utah-Arizona border, Lake Powell offers stunning scenery with deep blue waters set against a backdrop of red sandstone cliffs, ideal for boating and fishing.

Annual Events and Festivals

Saturday, March 23 – Sunday, March 31, 2024

Moab Jeep Safari

The Moab Jeep Safari, an annual event in Moab, Utah, is a spectacular gathering that attracts off-road enthusiasts from around the globe. Held over a nine day period usually in late March or early April, this event celebrates the thrill and adventure of off-roading in one of the most iconic and rugged landscapes in the United States. Participants in the Moab Jeep Safari can choose from a myriad of trails, varying in difficulty from scenic drives suitable for standard 4×4 vehicles to challenging technical routes requiring advanced equipment and skills.

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Summer 2024

Deer Valley Music Festival

The Deer Valley Music Festival, nestled in the picturesque mountainous setting of Park City, Utah, stands as a harmonious blend of music and nature. Held annually during the summer months, this festival is a musical extravaganza presented by the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera. The open-air amphitheater, surrounded by the stunning peaks of the Wasatch Mountains, provides a breathtaking backdrop for an array of performances. The festival caters to diverse musical tastes, featuring classical masterpieces, pop sensations, and symphonic renditions of beloved film scores.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Pioneer Day Celebration

Pioneer Day, celebrated annually on July 24th in Utah, is a state holiday commemorating the arrival of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. This significant day in Utah’s history is marked by a variety of festivities that reflect the state’s heritage and the pioneer spirit. In Salt Lake City, the day is highlighted by the “Days of ’47 Parade,” one of the oldest and largest in the United States, featuring colorful floats, marching bands, and cultural displays. Throughout Utah, cities and towns host their own events, ranging from pancake breakfasts and pioneer-themed games to concerts and art exhibits.

Top Hiking Trails

Navajo Loop and Queens Garden Trail

Sunset Point Overlook, Bryce Canyon City, UTah 84764

This loop, approximately 3 miles in length, is a fusion of two of the park’s most famous trails, offering an immersive journey through a landscape of hoodoos, spires, and stunning natural amphitheaters. The trail begins at Sunset Point with the descent of the Navajo Loop, which winds down into the canyon, allowing hikers to walk amidst the towering hoodoos. The trail’s narrow switchbacks, such as the famous “Wall Street,” a narrow slot canyon passage, provide an up close perspective of the park’s unique geology.

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Lake Blanche Trail

6510 Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UTah 84121

This 6.9 mile round trip trail is known for its challenging terrain and scenery, making it a favorite among local hikers and nature enthusiasts. The trail steadily ascends through a beautiful forested area, offering occasional glimpses of the Salt Lake Valley below. The hike is considered strenuous due to its steep inclines and elevation gain, but the reward at the top, with its awe inspiring vistas and peaceful ambiance, makes the effort truly worthwhile.

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Angels Landing Trail

Angels Landing Trail, Zion Cyn Rd, Springdale, UTah 84767

The Angels Landing Trail in Zion National Park is one of the most famous and exhilarating hikes in the United States, offering adventurers views and heart pumping challenges. This 5.4 mile round-trip trail starts at the Grotto trailhead, following the Virgin River before ascending steeply through a series of switchbacks known as Walter’s Wiggles, a set of 21 tight turns carved into the stone. The trail culminates at Angels Landing itself, a lofty perch standing 1,488 feet above the canyon floor, providing panoramic views of Zion Canyon’s sculpted rock formations and the meandering river below.

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Best Golf Courses

Sand Hollow Golf Course

5662 W Clubhouse Dr. Hurricane, UTah 84737

Sand Hollow Golf Course is a golfer’s paradise offering a unique blend of natural beauty and challenging play. The facility boasts two distinctive courses, The Championship Course and The Links Course, both designed by renowned golf architect John Fought. With its undulating fairways, strategic bunkering, and water features, this 7,315 yard course is both visually stunning and a test of skill. The golf experience at Sand Hollow is not just about the game; it’s an immersive journey into the captivating landscapes that define Utah’s southwestern allure.

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Entrada At Snow Canyon Country Club

2537 Entrada Trail, St. George, UTah 84770

Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club in St. George, Utah, offers a world class golfing experience that beautifully integrates the natural landscape with a challenging and meticulously designed course. Crafted by the legendary Johnny Miller, this 18 hole championship course is a masterpiece that weaves through the striking desert terrain, offering stunning vistas of the surrounding vermilion cliffs and black lava flows. Measuring over 7,000 yards, the Entrada course is both challenging and rewarding for golfers of all skill levels. Its unique layout includes rolling fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and undulating greens, demanding precision and strategic thinking.

Visit their website for more information

Soldier Hollow Golf Course

1370 West Soldier Hollow Ln, Midway, UTah 84049

Soldier Hollow Golf Course, nestled in the serene Heber Valley of Utah and part of the Wasatch Mountain State Park, stands as a testament to golfing excellence and scenic beauty. This venue boasts two 18 hole courses, the Gold and the Silver, each offering a unique and memorable golfing experience. Renowned course designer Gene Bates masterfully utilized the natural landscape to create these two distinct courses, which cater to a wide range of skill levels while providing stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

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Water Sports

Holiday River Expeditions

White Water Rafting

Whitewater rafting in Utah offers an exhilarating adventure set against the backdrop of the state’s stunning natural landscapes, and one of the premier companies facilitating this experience is Holiday River Expeditions. Specializing in guided rafting trips, Holiday River Expeditions takes adventure-seekers down some of Utah’s most iconic rivers, including the Colorado, Green, and Yampa rivers. Their trips range from calm, scenic floats to adrenaline pumping rapids, catering to all levels of experience and adventure-seeking. Whitewater rafting in Utah is more than just a thrilling activity; it’s an opportunity to connect with nature, experience the raw power of the river, and create unforgettable memories in some of the most spectacular settings the American West has to offer.

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Fish Lake Guides and Outfitters


Fishing in Utah is a captivating experience, with its diverse range of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs teeming with various fish species. Among the companies offering exceptional fishing charters, Fish Lake Guides and Outfitters stands out as a premier choice for anglers seeking a memorable adventure. Whether it’s trolling for trophy lake trout, casting for rainbow trout, or landing elusive splake, Fish Lake Guides and Outfitters tailors each trip to the preferences and skill levels of their clients. The guides, seasoned experts with extensive knowledge of the local waters, not only facilitate an excellent fishing experience but also share insights into the region’s ecology and history.

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Paddle Moab

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Paddling in Utah is a serene and picturesque way to explore the state’s diverse waterways, ranging from tranquil lakes to gently flowing rivers. Among the companies offering top-notch paddling experiences is Paddle Moab, which specializes in providing kayak and stand-up paddleboard (SUP) rentals and guided tours in the stunning Moab region. This area, known for its breathtaking red rock landscapes and clear, calm waters, is ideal for paddlers of all levels. Paddling is an opportunity to connect with nature, experience the peaceful rhythm of the water, and see Utah’s natural beauty from a unique and unforgettable perspective.

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01 / Ice Climbing

Ice climbing enthusiasts flock to Utah to conquer its challenging frozen waterfalls and ice-covered cliffs, making it a premier destination for this winter sport. Provo Canyon is a favorite for ice climbers, offering a variety of routes that cater to different skill levels. The towering ice formations and cascading frozen waterfalls provide a stunning backdrop for climbers seeking both a physical and visual adventure. Additionally, the Ouray Ice Park, although just across the border in Colorado, is a renowned destination for ice climbing and attracts enthusiasts from Utah and beyond.

young active snowboarder in bright sportswear jumping up on a mountain slope 1 1

02 / Snowmobiling

Utah offers an extensive network of groomed trails, high mountain meadows, and backcountry terrain that beckons riders seeking adventure. From the Uinta Mountains to the Wasatch Range, snowmobilers can explore a variety of terrains, including deep powder-filled bowls and winding trails through pine forests. Popular areas like Monte Cristo, Mirror Lake, and Logan Canyon provide a thrilling mix of challenges and scenic beauty.

young active snowboarder in bright sportswear jumping up on a mountain slope 1 1

03 / Snowshoeing

Utah’s winter wonderland becomes an inviting realm for snowshoeing enthusiasts, offering a serene and immersive experience in its diverse landscapes. From the trails of the Wasatch Mountains to the quiet meadows in the Uinta Range, snowshoers can explore the state’s winter scenery. Utah’s numerous national parks, such as Bryce Canyon and Zion, also provide unique opportunities for snowshoeing amid iconic red rock formations blanketed in snow.

young active snowboarder in bright sportswear jumping up on a mountain slope 1 1
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Resorts to Explore

Bluff Dwellings Resort & Spa

Excursions, Spa
2625 US-191, Bluff, Utah 84512

Arcadia Resort Utah

Family friendly
2761 Arcadia Dr, Santa Clara, Utah 84765

Sorrel River Ranch Resort

Rustic, Spa
Mile 17 UT-128, Moab, Utah 84532

Tips on Vacationing in Utah

Outdoor Gear

Bring comfortable and sturdy footwear, a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water. Utah’s landscapes can be rugged, so be prepared for different terrains.

Scenic Drives

Utah boasts some of the most scenic drives in the country. Consider driving the Scenic Byway 12, the Mirror Lake Highway, or the Alpine Loop for views of the mountains, canyons, and forests.

Respect Nature

Utah’s landscapes are fragile. Follow Leave No Trace principles, stay on designated trails, and respect wildlife. Utah’s natural beauty is a treasure, and responsible tourism ensures it remains for future generations.


Utah’s clear skies make it an excellent destination for stargazing. Consider visiting designated dark-sky areas, such as Bryce Canyon, for an unforgettable night sky experience.

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image 401 1
Jet Skiing

Utah is a breathtaking destination with abundant natural beauty, making it ideal for vacation rentals. 

From cozy cabins in the mountains to modern condos in bustling cities, there are countless options to choose from when planning your Utah getaway. 

With various rental properties available, you can find one that suits your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to stay close to popular tourist destinations like Salt Lake City or want to explore the lesser-known gems, there’s a vacation rental for you. 

Many Utah vacation rentals are ideally situated near national parks, ski resorts, or charming resort towns, ensuring your stay is memorable and convenient.

Key Takeaways

– Utah offers various vacation rentals to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences.
– Many rentals are conveniently located near popular tourist destinations, national parks, and outdoor activities.
– Consider your budget, preferred accommodation type, and any available discounts when planning your Utah vacation rental experience.

Renting a Vacation Home in Utah

Defining ‘Vacation Rentals’

Vacation rentals are private, furnished homes, apartments, or cabins that you can book for short-term, temporary stays. They’re a great alternative to hotels, offering more space, privacy, and often unique features. In Utah, you’ll find various vacation rental options—from cozy cabins to luxurious lodges—catering to different styles and preferences.

Why Choose Utah?

Utah, located in the southwestern United States of America, is an exceptional destination for all travelers. With world-class ski resorts, national parks, and delightful towns, the state offers a little something for everyone.

Renting a vacation home in Utah comes with numerous benefits:

Space: Instead of cramped hotel rooms, vacation rentals offer ample space to relax, allowing you and your fellow travelers to unwind comfortably after exploring Utah’s natural wonders.
Flexibility: Vacation rentals often have a fully functional kitchen, allowing you to prepare meals and save money on dining out.
Privacy: Staying in a vacation rental means you won’t have to share your space with strangers or deal with crowded hotel lobbies, ensuring a more intimate, personal experience.

Before booking your dream vacation rental in Utah, you’ll need a rough trip plan, including which area or areas you’d like to visit and the dates you’ll be traveling. Popular destinations in Utah include:

Salt Lake City
The state capital offers a mix of urban attractions and outdoor adventures. The city is close to several ski resorts and is a gateway to the stunning Wasatch Range.

St. George
A charming city known for its proximity to Zion National Park and offering plenty of activities, including golf, hiking, and mountain biking.

A mecca for adventure seekers, Moab is the entry point to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, famous for their unique red rock formations.

By being clear about your intended dates, destinations, accommodation preferences, and budget, you’ll be well on your way to securing the ideal vacation rental for your Utah adventure.

Notable Destinations for Vacation Rentals

Moab is an adventurer’s paradise, with its sprawling red rock landscapes and proximity to two iconic national parks: Arches and Canyonlands. When planning your stay in Moab, consider vacation rental options catering to your outdoor interests. With numerous bike and hiking trails and river rafting opportunities, you’ll want lodging that allows you to unwind and recharge after an adrenaline-fueled day.

Nestled in Southern Utah, Zion National Park has some of the most stunning red rock formations and canyon landscapes. When looking for a vacation rental in Zion, consider staying in nearby towns like Hurricane or Springdale. These towns offer quaint lodging options, such as cabins or vacation homes, which provide easy access to the park’s trails and breathtaking vistas.

Park City
Park City is well-known for its world class ski resorts and vibrant cultural scene. If you’re planning a winter getaway, look for vacation rentals near the ski slopes to enjoy convenient access to the mountain. In the summer months, take advantage of the numerous outdoor activities available, such as mountain biking and hiking, by staying in rentals that cater to these interests.

Salt Lake City
As Utah’s capital and largest city, Salt Lake City offers a bustling urban environment with plenty of cultural attractions and outdoor activities. Vacation rentals in Salt Lake City can range from chic downtown apartments to charming suburban homes. When selecting a rental, consider your proximity to key attractions like Temple Square, the Natural History Museum of Utah, and the picturesque Wasatch Mountain Range.

St. George
St. George is located in the southwest and is a gateway to Zion National Park, boasting a vibrant arts scene and outdoor recreation opportunities. Rental options in St. George vary from upscale resorts to cozy vacation homes. Consider staying at properties near outdoor attractions such as Snow Canyon State Park or Sand Hollow State Park, or opt for lodging in the city’s heart to enjoy the thriving downtown atmosphere.

The Charm of National Parks

Utah has been granted a number of national parks ready for exploration.

Zion National Park
Zion National Park in Springdale offers breathtaking views and numerous hiking opportunities. It’s Utah’s most heavily used park with nearly three million visitors per year. While there, take the chance to take iconic hikes such as The Narrows and Angels Landing. After a day of exploration, you can unwind in one of the many charming, comfortable vacation rentals within 30 miles of the park.

Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon National Park, known for its stunning red hoodoo-shaped rocks, creates a truly unique landscape. Multiple trails are available, allowing you to customize your experience depending on your level of fitness and time constraints. Like Zion National Park, you can find vacation rentals nearby to provide a comfortable adventure base.

Canyonlands National Park provides a slightly different experience compared to the other parks. Here, you can marvel at the vast, rugged landscapes carved by time and erosion. Some notable attractions include the famous Mesa Arch, Upheaval Dome, and the Needles district. Canyonlands offers a fantastic opportunity for stargazing, thanks to the low light pollution in the area.

Planning Outdoor Activities During Your Stay in Utah

No matter the season, Utah offers abundant outdoor activities to explore and indulge in!

In spring, the snow melts, making it a perfect time to visit Utah’s beautiful national parks. Stretch the legs and get ready to hike in Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park. Both parks offer incredible hiking, picturesque views, and unique rock formations. 

Summer in Utah is synonymous with outdoor adventure. With temperatures soaring, you can cool off at Navajo Lake or explore Mammoth Cave and Cascade Falls. For thrill seekers, take advantage of the world-class biking terrains, such as the renowned Slickrock Trail in Moab. For a more leisurely outdoor activity, consider renting a kayak or paddleboard to meander along the calm waters of Green Valley Pecan Valley Resort in Hurricane.

Utah’s landscapes transform as fall approaches, treating you to vibrant foliage and cooler temperatures. This season is ideal for day trips to the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, aiming to glimpse the magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat. The Bonneville Salt Flats are also a must visit, boasting a surreal experience that makes for a unique and memorable adventure.

Finally, Utah’s winter season would only be complete with hitting the slopes in the state’s famous ski resorts. Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, and Solitude are just a few options for a perfect ski vacation. If you’re staying near Park City, you’ll be delighted by the ski vacation rentals available, offering easy access to mountain adventures and cozy accommodations.

Remember, the key is to plan according to the season and your interests. With so many incredible outdoor activities at your fingertips in Utah, there’s no doubt that your vacation rental stay will be an unforgettable experience.

Deciding the Right Type of Accommodation

Choosing suitable accommodations can make or break your trip when planning your vacation in Utah.

Vacation Rental Vs. Hotel

The first question is whether to stay in a vacation rental or a hotel. Each option has its pros and cons, so it all depends on your preferences and priorities.

Vacation homes, of course, offer more than just a bigger space and privacy.  You’ll find amenities like a full kitchen, making them the right choice for family or friend reunions. You’ll find various sizes and styles, from cozy cabins to luxurious homes. On the other hand, hotels provide on-site services such as daily housekeeping and concierge, giving you a more pampered experience. However, they might offer less space and privacy.

Choosing Based on Size

It’s essential to consider the size of the accommodation that best suits your needs. If you plan to travel with a large group, consider looking into vacation rentals with at least 5 bedrooms to ensure everyone has enough space. A cottage or a tiny home rental might be perfect for smaller groups.

Consider the following when choosing based on size:

– The number of people in your party
– The amount of living space you need
– The availability of individual bedrooms for each person or couple

Evaluating Mountain Views

One of the highlights of staying in Utah is experiencing the breathtaking mountain views. When selecting your accommodation, consider the surroundings and whether the property offers a great landscape view. Waking up to an incredible panorama will undoubtedly enhance your vacation experience.

Keep in mind these tips while looking for a place with great mountain views:

– Check property pictures and reviews for information on the views
– Confirm with the host if their property boasts clear mountain vistas
– Consider the proximity to popular sightseeing spots and hiking trails

Variety of Rentals in Utah

Utah offers diverse vacation rentals to suit your preferences and needs. This section will cover three popular types of vacation rentals in Utah: Cabins, Houses, and Condos.

Are you seeking an authentic experience in the heart of nature? Cabins are perfect for you! With various cabin rentals in Utah, you’ll enjoy a cozy, rustic experience close to outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and fishing. Many cabins also have modern amenities to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

Location: You’ll find cabins near popular attractions like national parks, ski resorts, and picturesque lakes.
Amenities: Expect features like fireplaces, hot tubs, and fully equipped kitchens.
Budget: Cabins cater to various budgets, starting from as low as $59 per night.

Renting a house could be your best option if traveling with family or a group. Utah houses offer spacious accommodations with multiple bedrooms and centralized living areas, perfect for a spontaneous game of charades or puzzle that’s left out to be completed during the course of your stay.

Location: Find houses in urban areas, close to amenities and attractions like Salt Lake City, or in more remote locations near outdoor adventures.
Amenities: Houses typically include modern conveniences like Wi-Fi, full kitchens, laundry facilities, and game rooms.
Budget: House rentals in Utah cover a wide price range, so you’ll find something to fit your wallet.

For those who prefer the convenience and amenities of resort-style living, condos are an excellent choice. Utah has numerous condos available, many in prime locations near ski resorts and popular tourist destinations.

Location: Condos are typical in holiday resort areas and bustling urban centers, offering easy access to activities, dining, and entertainment.
Amenities: Expect shared facilities like swimming pools, hot tubs, and fitness centers alongside in-unit features such as fully equipped kitchens and private balconies.
Budget: Condos cater to various budgets, with prices varying slighlyt on location, size, and amenities.

Utah’s vacation rentals cater to your tastes and requirements, whether you’re looking for a rustic cabin, a spacious house, or a resort-style condo. With options to fit every traveler’s preferences, your vacation in Utah will surely be memorable and enjoyable.

Key Features of Utah Vacation Rentals

Pet Friendly
Utah vacation rentals offer various pet friendly options to ensure that your furry friends can join you on your adventure. Many properties allow pets, making including your beloved companions in your vacation plans easy.

Kid Friendly
If you’re traveling with your family, you’ll be happy to know that Utah vacation rentals also provide kid friendly options. These properties often include high chairs, cribs, or play areas tailored for younger guests. 

Utah vacation rentals have many amenities to suit your needs and preferences. Some of the most sought-after amenities include:

– Fully equipped kitchens
– Hot tubs
– Wi-Fi
– Fireplaces
– Outdoor spaces for relaxation or activities
– Entertainment options, like game rooms or TVs with streaming services

These features allow you to tailor your vacation experience to your liking and help you feel right at home during your stay.

Understanding Costs and Discounts

When planning your Utah vacation rental, you must maximize your budget. So, let’s understand the costs and potential discounts associated with your stay.

First, you need to find the right accommodation that fits your budget. Utah vacation rental prices often range from $59 to over $200 per night, depending on location, size, and amenities. Remember that in certain Mormon heavy areas, it can be difficult to find alcohol, which might save you a bit on your beer budget.

Next, you should be aware of lodging taxes on short-term rentals—an added percentage on your bill that you pay as a guest, which the host is responsible for collecting and paying to the proper tax authority. Make sure to account for this when considering the total cost of your stay.

Now, when it comes to discounts, timing is crucial. To get the best deal, consider booking your stay during the cheapest month, when rental prices in Utah might drop by an average of 33%. Remember that weekends are more expensive than weekdays, so avoid Friday and Saturday nights if possible. Booking midweek nights like Monday through Thursday could save you a lot.

Another way to save is to look for vacation rental specials and deals. Some vacation rental providers offer package discounts or loyalty programs, so check their websites or contact them to inquire about their offers. Remember, a little research can go a long way in getting you the best value for your money.

Lastly, optional add-ons like travel insurance can provide peace of mind and extra coverage for your trip. While it adds a 7% cost to your reservation, it could save you money in unforeseen circumstances.

As you can see, understanding the costs and discounts associated with Utah vacation rentals is all about thoughtful planning and staying informed. Every little bit counts—now let’s get you the best deals!

Frequently Asked Questions about Utah

A last minute rental refers to booking a vacation rental property shortly before your intended stay. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a spur of the moment getaway or hoping to find discounted rates. Remember that availability and choices may be limited when booking last minute, so you must be flexible with your expectations and preferences.

Utah’s Best Vacation Rentals has received positive reviews and earned a “Best Of State Winner.” Comparing their reviews to other companies, it’s clear that guests appreciate the exceptional customer service, well-maintained properties, and variety of rentals available. While reviews can vary based on individual experiences, Utah’s Best Vacation Rentals maintains a strong reputation for delivering excellent vacation rental experiences.

Salt Lake City boasts an array of vacation rental options, ranging from luxurious downtown apartments to cozy mountain retreats. Some popular choices include rentals close to Temple Square, the University of Utah, and local ski resorts. Depending on your preferences, you can find properties offering stunning city views, walkability to local attractions, or a secluded escape in the surrounding mountains.

St. George vacation rentals typically offer amenities like swimming pools, hot tubs, and well-equipped kitchens. Many are located in resort-style communities, such as Paradise Village at Zion Resort and Ocotillo Springs Resort, offering even more on-site amenities and activities for guests to enjoy. With easy access to outdoor attractions like Zion National Park and Sand Hollow State Park, St. George vacation rentals provide a perfect place to experience Southern Utah’s natural beauty and adventure.

Yes, Southern Utah has unique rental properties perfect for those looking for something unusual. You can find rentals in enchanting desert landscapes, near national parks like Zion and Bryce Canyon, and in vibrant communities such as St. George and Kanab. With options ranging from cozy vacation homes to luxurious villas, there is something for everyone in Southern Utah.

Utah offers a wide range of vacation rental spots for every traveler. Some popular locations include Salt Lake City, St. George, Park City, and Moab. Each area offers unique experiences, with Salt Lake City being known for its urban attractions and proximity to ski resorts. At the same time, St. George boasts southern Utah’s stunning landscapes and outdoor adventure opportunities.

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