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Lake Simcoe, nestled in Ontario, Canada, offers a range of experiences that cater to different tastes. No matter what time of year you visit, there are so many things to do in Lake Simcoe.

Whether you’re into thrilling adventures, peaceful moments by the water, or discovering local culture, this guide provides insights into the top experiences awaiting you in this charming Ontario destination.

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Cultural Activities

Attend Local Events and Festivals

When visiting Lake Simcoe, you can immerse yourself in the area’s vibrant local culture by attending events and festivals. Simcoe County, which includes its surrounding areas, often hosts a variety of cultural events celebrating arts, crafts, music, and food. Make sure to research events and festivals happening during your visit so that you don’t miss out. As Lake Simcoe is located less than an hour north of Toronto, you can also attend numerous events and festivals in the city if you’re willing to travel a little.

Visit Cultural and Heritage Sites

Lake Simcoe’s rich history and culture are reflected in its numerous cultural and heritage sites. You can easily spend a day exploring some of the famous historic sites and landmarks in and around Lake Simcoe. In downtown Orillia, you can visit the Orillia Opera House and the Leacock Museum, which showcases author Stephen Leacock’s life and works. Moreover, you can explore the nearby medieval-inspired castle, the Castle Village, for more fascinating heritage sites.

Engage in Traditional Experiences

Engage yourself in traditional experiences, where you have the opportunity to explore the region’s unique culture and customs. Visit art galleries to see local artists’ work and learn about the regional art scene. You might also encounter local artisans offering workshops on leatherworking, pottery, blacksmithing, and other traditional crafts. So make the most of your visit to this stunning area by diving into its rich cultural tapestry. You’ll undoubtedly return home with a deeper appreciation for Lake Simcoe’s history and culture and many cherished memories.

Things to do in Lake Simcoe: Outdoor and Nature Activities

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Nature Trails and Hiking

Lake Simcoe, located in Ontario, Canada, offers a variety of outdoor and nature activities to make your visit an unforgettable one. If you enjoy nature walks and hiking, there are plenty of things to do in Lake Simcoe to excite you. Head over to Simcoe County, where you’ll find numerous hiking trails and wildlife areas waiting to be explored. From the picturesque town of Georgina to the bustling city of Barrie, there are trails suitable for every skill level and preference.

While exploring, make sure to take advantage of the beautiful local outdoor spots that offer impressive views. For instance, Sutton and Innisfil are home to some lovely scenic trails that are perfect for a peaceful walk in the summer. Don’t forget to look out for diverse wildlife and fascinating plant species along the way. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect trail for you!

Water Activities

Lake Simcoe is not only known for its lush landscapes but also its pristine bodies of water. During your visit, indulge in various water activities to make the most of your time:

  • Swimming: Enjoy a refreshing dip in the lake during the summer months.
  • Paddleboarding and kayaking: Navigate the calm waters while exploring the nearby islands.
  • Fishing: Cast your line and try your luck in catching some local fish species.

No matter what kind of water activities you prefer, Lake Simcoe has you covered.

Adventure Sports

If you’re searching for a more adrenaline-filled experience, Lake Simcoe offers several adventure sports to satisfy your cravings. Some of the best things to do in Lake Simcoe for thrill-seekers include:

  • Biking trails: Simcoe County is home to various biking trails that cater to both beginners and more experienced riders.
  • Outdoor adventure parks: Test your physical limits at a nearby outdoor adventure park, where you can participate in activities such as zip-lining, climbing, and obstacle courses.
  • Camping: Immerse yourself in Lake Simcoe’s captivating environment by spending a night or two under the stars.

Relaxation and Wellness

Spas and Wellness Centers

Looking for a rejuvenating experience? Lake Simcoe is home to some fantastic spas and wellness centers. Visit Moser Medispa & Rejuvenation in Midland, where you can indulge in various treatments to unwind and revitalize (source). Interested in trying a different place? You can also check out Cavana Ridge in Orillia, which offers various rejuvenating services for your personal care needs (source).

Beaches and Pools

Who doesn’t love a good beach day? At Lake Simcoe, you’ll find plenty of sandy beaches and warm waters to take a dip. One of the must-visit beaches is Sibbald Point, a popular spot for swimming, picnicking, and soaking in the sun. While you’re there, why not explore the beautiful surroundings or take a leisurely stroll along the shore? If you’d prefer a different beach experience, try visiting Wasaga Beach, the world’s longest freshwater beach with 14km of white sands (source).

Parks and Gardens

After relaxing at the spas and beaches, Lake Simcoe’s downtown parks and gardens offer a change of scenery. Take some time to unwind in these beautiful green spaces, where you can enjoy a moment of tranquility as you meander through lush gardens and vibrant flower beds. Consider visiting Scales Nature Park, a unique park that showcases local flora and fauna, or head to Georgina Pioneer Village, a picturesque historical site set amidst gorgeous landscape.

Food and Culinary Activities

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Local Cuisine Tasting

When visiting Lake Simcoe, you’re in for a treat with various local cuisine options. The region is known for its fresh ingredients and diverse flavors, which are sure to please your taste buds. Be sure to check out the area’s highly-rated restaurants and treat yourself to some delicious, locally-sourced meals. Don’t forget to visit a brewery in the area, where you can sample award-winning craft beers or cider, proudly produced in the region. Feeling more like wine? Keep an eye out for local fruit wines and Ontario ciders that can be found at tasting rooms in nearby Norfolk County.

Cooking Classes

If you’re looking to expand your culinary skills and try your hand at creating some local dishes, consider signing up for a cooking class during your stay at Lake Simcoe. Many classes in the area are taught by local chefs and artists, offering unique insights into the region’s culinary culture. Not only will you have a chance to learn new techniques and recipes, but you’ll also be able to bring a taste of Lake Simcoe back home with you.

Visit Local Markets

To fully immerse yourself in the Lake Simcoe culinary scene, make your way to one of the many local markets in the area. These markets are bursting with fresh produce, artisanal products, and friendly vendors eager to share their knowledge and passion for their craft. Strolling through a market is an excellent way to experience the region’s agricultural abundance and support local businesses. Tripadvisor can be a handy resource to discover the best markets to visit during your stay, as well as top-rated restaurants and attractions in the area.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Live Shows and Performances

Looking for a night filled with live entertainment? Lake Simcoe has got you covered with various options. Head downtown to catch a local band or theater performance. Numerous events and venues offer a diverse selection of shows, suitable for all tastes. Be sure to check schedules and book tickets in advance during peak seasons!

Bars and Nightclubs

In need of a cold drink or looking to dance the night away? Lake Simcoe’s got your back with some of the finest bars and nightclubs. Whether you prefer Belgian beer or a fancy cocktail, there’s a spot that can cater to your preferences. Many bars also offer patios, perfect for relaxing on a warm summer night and taking in the lake views. And don’t forget to try some local brews while you’re at it!

Evening Cruises or Tours

How about exploring Lake Simcoe from the water? Various companies offer evening cruises and tours, giving you a unique perspective of the lake’s beauty. With options ranging from romantic dinner cruises to family-friendly boatrides, there’s something for everyone. Some tour operators, like Viator, can even help you book group hikes and excursions to nearby heritage buildings for an unforgettable experience.

While visiting Lake Simcoe during the winter season, be sure to check out the Christmas Panorama Lights – a dazzling winter wonderland of holiday displays. The festivities continue off the water as well, as you can find local farms offering blueberries and other seasonal delights. Ultimately, Lake Simcoe has a myriad of entertainment and nightlife options that will surely keep you and your companions entertained throughout your visit.

Shopping and Souvenirs

Local Artisan Shops

While exploring Lake Simcoe, you’ll find charming local artisan shops offering a variety of handmade treasures. These shops not only offer unique souvenirs, but also help support local artists. Make it a point to wander the streets of Jackson’s Point and market areas, where you can find boutique stores selling art, pottery, jewelry, textiles, and other creative pieces. The Lake Drive East area is a prime spot to discover exceptional finds from talented artists.

Popular Shopping Districts

Lake Simcoe is filled with popular shopping districts, gathering points of interest for locals and visitors alike. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore these vibrant districts during your stay. While visiting these areas, be sure to take advantage of the cafes, restaurants, and picturesque landscapes that provide an unforgettable shopping experience.

Unique Finds

Who doesn’t love adding a unique find to their collection? At Lake Simcoe, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to uncover one-of-a-kind items that will remind you of your trip. Be sure to visit local markets, galleries, and specialty stores to uncover an assortment of keepsakes. From handcrafted ornaments to delicious local produce, you’re bound to discover something special for yourself or as a gift for a loved one back home.

Remember to immerse yourself in the Lake Simcoe shopping experience, appreciating the local artists and businesses that contribute to the area’s lively atmosphere. Whether you’re strolling through the quaint streets of Jackson’s Point, exploring the bustling Lake Drive East, or unearthing hidden gems at specialty museums, you’re bound to find exceptional souvenirs to cherish from your visit.

Family-Friendly Activities

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Children’s Museums and Attractions

Looking for things to do in Lake Simcoe with the kids? Treat your little ones to an educational and fun experience by exploring the various museums and attractions available in the Lake Simcoe area. Georgina Pioneer Village, located in Georgina, is a charming spot where you can immerse your family in the local history. Wander through the historic buildings and learn about the heritage of the community.

Another family-friendly attraction to check out is Scales Nature Park. Situated in Orillia, this unique facility provides hands-on opportunities for kids to learn about native reptiles and amphibians. They can even get up close and personal with these amazing creatures during live animal presentations.

Parks and Play Areas

If you’re looking to spend some quality time outdoors, there are plenty of parks and play areas near Lake Simcoe. The picturesque Lagoon City area features beautiful trails, parks, and waterways waiting to be discovered. Rent a boat or paddleboard and explore the lagoons with your family, or enjoy a leisurely picnic at one of the many green spaces.

Sutton has parks with play structures, swings, and open spaces ideal for running around and burning off some energy. A popular spot in Sutton is High Street Park, which offers a playground, a basketball court, and plenty of shaded areas for a relaxing afternoon.

Interactive Workshops

For a more hands-on experience, consider enrolling your kids in some of the interactive workshops available. Many local businesses and community organizations offer classes and sessions designed for various age groups and interests, such as:

  • Art classes: Encourage your children’s creativity and help them develop their artistic skills in a fun and relaxed environment.
  • Outdoor adventure workshops: Give your kids the chance to learn about nature while engaging in exciting activities such as campfire cooking, orienteering, and hiking.
  • Science and technology courses: Keep your children engaged and challenged with workshops that nurture their curiosity about the world around them.

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