David Ciccarelli, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Management and Business Administration

Toronto, Canada


Strategy, Product Development, Customer Experience


Harvard Business School


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Lake Muskoka



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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


  • Member of the Muskoka Lakes Association.
  • Walked 400kms and finished the Camino de Santiago.
  • Lived in London, San Francisco, New York and Sydney.


My story began in Thunder Bay, a place where the forest met the lake and looks onto the Sleeping Giant. Here, my love for the outdoors was kindled. Growing up in northern Canada allowed for plenty of time outside, swimming, rafting, mountain biking and even cliff jumping. In the winter, my friends and I skated, went skiing, and heated up by campfires or a sauna. From a young age, I learned some of life's most essential lessons such as being prepared, situational awareness and navigation and orienteering skills. My childhood was marked by summers spent at various camps, where I achieved the Eagle Award. I also honed my leadership skills at the Ontario Pioneer Camps in Huntsville. These experiences weren't just about fun and games; they were where I discovered my potential to lead and inspire others. The leadership training I received at the Ontario Pioneer Camps was transformative. Here, I learned the true essence of being a leader: to serve, guide, and inspire.

As a camp counselor, I had the privilege of shaping young minds. Those years were about more than just teaching camping skills; they were an opportunity to pass on the values of teamwork, respect for nature, and the joy of discovery. My passion for the outdoors continued to grow. I traveled the world, drawn to the beauty of lakes, oceans, valleys, and mountains. With each journey, my love for adventure deepened. Earning my boating license led me to many summers spent navigating Lake Muskoka. Navigating Lake Muskoka was not just about steering through the waters but mastering my fears and embracing the unknown. Father-Daughter Bonding: Hiking the Camino de Santiago One of my most cherished adventures was hiking the Camino de Santiago with my daughter.

This 400 km trek was a physical journey and a religious pilgrimage that brought us closer than ever. Walking 20-30 kilometers daily with nothing but a backpack, shoes, and hiking poles was a challenge that tested our limits. But the memories we made are etched in my heart forever. Becoming an outdoorsman wasn't just a hobby but a calling to found Lake. I realize how nature has molded me. Reflecting on my adventures, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and a thirst for more. These experiences have been about reaching destinations and the journey itself. As I look to the future, I am excited for the new adventures that await. The path ahead is uncharted, but one thing is sure: the journey is far from over.


I attended Harvard Business School and completed the Owner President Management Program from 2019 to 2022. This program, delivered in three units over 24 months across three calendar years, was a transformative learning experience. It prepared me, as a CEO, to elevate both my company and my leadership expertise to new heights. Back in 2017, I completed the QuantumShift Program at Ivey Business School at Western University. QuantumShift was a unique challenge, bringing together forty of Canada’s most promising entrepreneurs. It pushed me to enhance my leadership style, inspire my business partners, and seize maximum growth opportunities. This program was designed for CEOs like me, whose businesses have moved beyond the startup phase and are poised to scale up significantly.

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