Saving Favorites

Have you ever encountered a listing you love but need more time to book? 

Let’s talk about saving favorites, a helpful feature on these platforms that allows you to save listings for later and organize them effectively.

Clicking the Heart To Save to Your Favorites

To start, click the heart or “save” icon on each listing. This adds the rental to your favorites list—it’s that easy! 

Viewing Your Favorites

Now, you can quickly return to the favorites list and revisit those properties anytime. Just log in to your account so Lake can track your favorite listings.

Creating Multiple Favorite Lists

If variety is the spice of your vacations, no worries! You can create multiple lists to separate and categorize your top picks. For example, you can make separate lists for beach getaways, mountain retreats, or city breaks. This way, when planning a vacation, you won’t waste time remembering which of the countless rental options caught your attention.

Sharing Your Favorites List

Favorite lists can be shared with friends and family members, making travel planning a more collaborative and enjoyable experience. 

To share your lists, simply copy the link or use the provided sharing tools within Lake. You can even add notes or comments to each listing, highlighting the features you love or noting why you saved the property in the first place.

Saving favorites streamlines your vacation planning and ensures you don’t miss out on the accommodations that piqued your interest.

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