Knowing the Price Breakdown and Additional Fees

We want you to understand the total price of booking a vacation rental.

As you browse rental listings, you’ll first notice the nightly rate. However, that’s not the only part of the cost. There may be additional fees when booking, directly impacting your total price.

  • Service Fee: This is a fee that Lake charges for facilitating your booking process. It is 3% of the booking subtotal.
  • Cleaning Fee: Hosts often charge a cleaning fee to cover the cost of preparing the property for your stay. Cleaning fees vary depending on the size and type of the property.
  • Extra Guest Fee: Should you have additional guests beyond the property’s capacity, hosts may charge an extra guest fee.
  • Pet Fee: If you are traveling with your furry friends, some properties may charge a pet fee to accommodate them.

When calculating the payment for your stay, make sure to take into account these additional fees. It’s essential to consider these extra charges to avoid unpleasant surprises and stay within your budget.

Lake aims to display the total price upfront, including all fees and taxes. This makes it easier to have an accurate picture of the complete costs associated with your booking.

With a clear understanding of the price breakdown and additional fees, you can confidently find the perfect vacation rental for your next getaway.


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