Following Check-Out Procedures

As you prepare to depart from your vacation, it is important to follow the check-out procedures provided by the host and respect their check-out times and policies. In this process, consider what you can expect as a guest.

Leaving By the Check-Out Time

Before checking out of your accommodation, it’s important to double-check the check-out time provided in your booking confirmation or the listing description. 

Adhere to the check-out time since leaving late could disrupt your host’s schedule and incur additional charges. If you need extra time, it’s best to communicate with your host immediately. They may be flexible and allow for a later check-out time or, in the worst-case scenario, inform you about any potential late fees.

Here’s a handy checklist to ensure a smooth check-out:

  • Clean up after yourself: Clean and put away any dishes you use, dispose of leftover food, and gather your belongings. Double-check the closets, drawers, and under the beds so you remember everything.
  • Adjust the thermostat: Set it to the ideal temperature the host provides.
  • Turn off lights and electronics: Ensure all appliances and devices are unplugged or turned off to save energy.
  • Close and lock windows and doors: Before leaving, double-check that all windows and doors are securely locked to keep the property safe.
  • Lock the door and return the keys: Hosts often ask you to leave the keys in a specific location, like on a rack by the front door or in a lockbox. Make sure you follow their instructions to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Contact your host if you’re unsure of any check-out procedures or need clarification. They’ll appreciate you taking the time to follow their instructions carefully, helping to maintain their property.

Leaving a Lasting Impression

Respecting check-out times and practices ensures you’ll be making a positive, lasting impression. Doing so demonstrates courteous guest behavior and increases your chances of receiving a favorable review from the host. This can help you establish a good reputation within Lake’s community, making booking future accommodations easier.



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