Boating at Your Vacation Rental

Brush up on your boating etiquette and be the perfect boat guest with these tips.

Being Punctual

Firstly, be punctual. Arrive on time, as your host may have a strict schedule, such as tide times or booking arrangements. Nobody likes waiting, especially when it’s time to hit the water!

Respecting That The Captain is In Charge

Listen to the Captain’s instructions. The person in charge of the boat is the captain, meaning their instructions and rules should be followed for everyone’s safety. Trust their expertise and remember that they’re overseeing the vessel to ensure a smooth experience for you and your fellow passengers.

Stowing Away Personal Items

When it comes to personal items, make sure to stow them away neatly. As space is usually limited on boats, keeping walkways clear is crucial for everyone’s comfort and safety. Plus, it’s always good manners to be tidy during your stay.

Dressing for the Water

Wear proper footwear. No one wants to be responsible for leaving scuff marks or scratches on the boat deck. Opt for non-skid shoes that help prevent slips and falls. Guests with little on-the-water experience, in particular, should follow this advice.

Combining your knowledge of boating etiquette with clear communication and respect for your host’s guidelines will earn you a stellar reputation with your host, and the online vacation rental platform community.

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