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Definition: What is a vacation rental website?

Vacation rental websites offer a diverse range of properties for travelers to choose from. Hosts can list their properties and manage bookings, while guests can find the perfect vacation rental to suit their needs.

Why do people choose to stay in a vacation rental home?

Vacation rentals are a popular choice for families and groups looking to enjoy a destination together. They provide a home-away-from-home experience, offering more space and amenities than traditional hotels.

A vacation rental is usually a furnished apartment, house or resort-condominium complex that is temporarily rented out to tourists. This type of accommodation is ideal for families on vacation as it provides ample space for everyone to stay together and have a more immersive experience at their destination.

By choosing a vacation rental, you can cook your own meals, entertain guests, and fully relax in a home away from home. This alternative accommodation option is available in many destinations and can cater to different budgets and preferences. Whether you’re planning a family trip or an adventure with friends, consider a vacation rental to enhance your travel experience.

The Origins of Vacation Rental Websites

Did you know that the first online platform for vacation rentals was VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner), launched in 1995? Born from the idea of a retired teacher to rent out his ski resort condo, VRBO soon gained popularity among homeowners.

As the industry evolved, Airbnb entered the scene in 2008, shifting the focus to short-term rentals and a more user-friendly experience. With Airbnb’s success, new players emerged, like Sonder, Welcome Beyond, Plum Guide, and Airbnb Plus.

Sonder was established in 2012 and is known for its beautifully designed spaces and customer service driven by technology. Welcome Beyond, founded in 2010, offers a selection of boutique and design-focused properties. Launched in 2015, The Plum Guide has a strict selection process for high-quality homes, while Airbnb Plus, which was introduced in 2018, features homes that are of exceptional quality, style, and host dedication. 

Synonyms for Vacation Rentals

Vacation homes is a broad term encompassing various properties, including beach houses, cabins, and villas. On the other hand, a weekend getaway refers to a short vacation, not necessarily related to a specific type of property.

Condos and villas are often used interchangeably, especially when referring to luxurious vacation properties. While both offer a comfortable stay, condos are typically part of a larger complex, while villas provide more privacy, often with private pools and gardens.

Cabins and cottages share similarities, such as being smaller, cozy, and typically in more rural settings. However, cabins are often more rustic, while cottages can offer more modern amenities.

When describing amenities, a full kitchen means the rental includes all necessary appliances and utensils for cooking. This feature can be found in various types of vacation rentals, such as condos, villas, and vacation homes.

Finally, beach houses refer to vacation properties located near the ocean, offering easy access to the beach. These can be condos, villas, or standalone homes but are distinguished by their proximity to the water.

How Vacation Rental Platforms Are Used

Looking for a perfect rental home or city apartment for your vacation? It’s important to choose a trustworthy vacation rental website. In North America and Europe, many homeowners list their rental homes on various platforms, offering a vast selection of options for travelers.

Top vacation rental websites like Airbnb, Vrbo, and KAYAK provide a wide range of rental options for travelers. Whether you prefer a beach house, a cozy cabin, or a modern city apartment, you’ll likely find the perfect fit for your needs.

These websites cater to an even broader global audience, in addition to offerings in North America and Europe. The best vacation rental websites provide easy-to-use search filters, secure payment methods, and relevant customer reviews to guide you in your decision-making process.

To maximize your experience on vacation rental websites, remember the following tips:

  • Be clear about your requirements, such as desired location, price range, and preferred amenities
  • Read up on the rental’s policies, including check-in and check-out times, cancellation policies, and any additional fees
  • Communicate with your host before booking to ensure a smooth stay

By following these guidelines, you will be better equipped to navigate vacation rental websites and find the perfect rental for your next getaway.

Common Terms on Vacation Rental Websites

When looking for vacation rental websites, you’ll come across a variety of features and options. Let’s discuss some essential terms you’re likely to encounter:

Multiple bedrooms: Vacation rentals are ideal for larger groups who need multiple bedrooms. You can find properties with several bedrooms that provide ample space for your entire family or group of friends.s.

Contactless check-in: To prioritize safety and convenience, many vacation rentals now offer contactless check-in options. This means you can access the rental without direct interaction with the host, typically through digital means like smart locks or lockboxes.

Kitchens:  Vacation rentals offer fully equipped kitchens, allowing guests to save money by cooking meals at home. 

Reviews: When selecting a vacation rental, it’s essential to read reviews from previous guests to gain insights on the property, host, and location. This information can help you make an informed decision.

Deals: Be on the lookout for discounts and promotions on vacation rental websites. These can help you save money or even get extra perks like free cancellations.

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