Importing Listings

Importing your listings to Lake saves you the time manually entering all the information from scratch.  Importing is faster than copying and pasting, especially if you have more than 5 listings.

Importing From a Spreadsheet

You must have them in a CSV file (i.e., a document where the values are organized in rows and columns and separated with a punctuation mark). You can create a CSV file in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, write Categories’ names in rows, and their records in columns. 

Once you create a file, go to the My Account > Listings section and click Import Listings (please note, if you don’t see the Import button, you need to navigate to HivePress > Settings > Listings > Submission section and enable the Allow importing listings feature). Then follow these steps:

  1. Upload a CSV file with your listings;
  2. Select a Column delimiter (i.e., a punctuation mark you’ve used in your CSV file);
  3. Choose between the following Import mode options:
  • Create new only;
  • Update existing or create new;
  • Update existing only.
  1. Click on the Upload button.

Next, proceed to the Map Columns section:

  1. The listing fields from your file get automatically uploaded to the ones with the same name (e.g., Title, Description, and Category). Make sure that the imported listings have all the required fields completed.
  2. Click on the Import button and import listings along with their attachments.

Importing Using a Channel Manager

A channel manager is essential for managing your properties across various online vacation rental platforms. Some popular channel manager options include BookingSync, Hostify, Guesty, and Uplisting. These tools connect your property management system (PMS) to different platforms, updating your listings, availability, and prices in real time.

Now, let’s get started with the importing process. First, you’ll want to connect your channel manager to your PMS by entering the necessary credentials or API keys. This will allow your channel manager to access your property management software and import your property data, including descriptions, photos, and amenities. Once you’ve connected your channel manager, it’s time to link your properties with the online vacation rental platforms.

Here’s how you can import your listings to Lake:

  • Lake: Connect your channel manager to your Airbnb account using your login credentials. Once connected, follow the specific instructions provided by your channel manager to import your listings and synchronize the availability, prices, and booking details.

Some PMS, like Lodgify and iGMS, offer additional features like a unified inbox, which allows you to manage all your messages from different platforms in one place. 

Keep track of your bookings, availability, and prices when listing your vacation rentals across these platforms. By integrating a channel manager with your PMS, you can simplify the process and maintain a consistent presence on all platforms.

With this information in mind, you’re ready to maximize your vacation rental bookings by importing your listings across multiple platforms.

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