Using The Calendar

Managing your reservations using the calendar effectively will avoid double bookings and streamline your process.

Starting with Calendar in Your Lake Account

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Using Channel Management Software

If you have multiple properties and take advantage of several channels such as Lake, Airbnb, VRBO,, and others, consider investing in a channel manager if you haven’t already. Real-time integration with your calendar helps you stay on top of everything, and with platforms like Hostify, you get a “Zero Double-Booking Guarantee.” No more unpleasant surprises for your guests!

Syncing All Your Calendars

A multi-calendar is your best friend. Channel managers like Hostaway and OwnerRez often provide a unified system, allowing you to sync your calendars across channels like Lake, Airbnb, Vrbo, and This means real-time updates that keep you informed and organized.

Unifying Your Inbox

Handling guest requests can be daunting. With a unified inbox from platforms like Rentals United or Smoobu, you can manage communication with potential renters on multiple channels, making life much simpler. Who said being a host has to be hard?

Automating Messages

Setting up automated message templates for common questions and scenarios will save you time and ensure consistency in communication. 

As technology advances, mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular for guest communication. Apps like Guesty can help you manage multiple properties and streamline guest interactions from your phone. It centralizes your communications and allows you to integrate with other services, such as WhatsApp and SMS, keeping everything in one place. Plus, with high open rates on SMS (98% compared to email’s 20%), you’re more likely to get your message across.

Scheduling Cleanings

Solutions like Operto and Breezeway offer tools to organize cleaning schedules and other logistic details, ensuring your property is ready for those eager guests.

Combining these tools and making the most of the available features, you’ll find managing your property and other vacation rentals a breeze.

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