Using the Hosting Dashboard

The hosting dashboard offers a centralized hub to sync and manage calendars across various booking platforms. This automation will help you keep your availability current and avoid double bookings. The dashboard will also offer insightful reports and analytics to help you optimize your listing strategy.

Explore specific features offered by Lake, such as:

  • Multi-calendar: This tool allows you to manage your bookings and availability across multiple properties from a single dashboard.
  • Messaging: Easily communicate with your guests and maintain a consistent response time by managing all your inquiries from the dashboard.
  • Revenue Tracker: Keep track of your earnings and identify trends for better revenue management strategies.
  • Inventory Management: Manage your property’s essential supplies and amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for your guests.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, either! We provide resources and support to help you succeed as a host. 

Leveraging your hosting dashboard and vacation rental management software will help you automate, streamline, and sync your hosting activities, making your life as a host much easier.

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