Vetting Guests

On Lake, you can effectively screen your guests without compromising your guest communication and guest community.

Starting with Their Profile

Always take a moment to review the potential guest’s profile. A few things to look for include a clear profile picture, a verified ID, a complete bio, and general information about them. This will help you get a sense of the person who wants to stay at your rental.

Reading the Guest Reviews

Guest reviews hold valuable information about their previous stays. Pay attention to both positive and negative feedback from previous hosts. A consistent pattern of good reviews can suggest that this guest will likely treat your property well and follow your house rules.

Establishing Communication

Interacting with guests immediately lets you establish a connection and get a feel for their expectations. Clear communication about your immediate check-in/check-out procedures will help set the right tone for the stay.

Remember to be prompt in your responses, focusing on information density and maintaining that friendly tone throughout your interactions. This will help build trust and contribute positively to the guest experience.

Using a Questionnaire 

A simple pre-booking questionnaire can help you collect relevant information about the guest’s travel plans and the purpose of their visit. Keep the questions friendly and conversational, but make sure they cover essential aspects like the number of guests, their intentions, and any additional needs they might have.

Tailor your vetting process according to your listing and personal preferences. But always balance being thorough and approachable, ensuring guests feel welcomed and respected while keeping your property safe and your guest community thriving.

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