Experimenting with Last-Minute Deals and Offers

Offering last-minute deals on your vacation rentals is a great way to ensure you maximize bookings and take advantage of any gaps in your calendar.

Setting Up Last-Minute Discounts

To set up last-minute discounts, you can use your host dashboard on Lake. Select the “pricing” tab and find the “last-minute discount” option. 

From there, you can adjust your price by setting a percentage discount or a fixed amount for bookings within a specified number of days before guest arrival, usually around 29 days.

Making Your Last-Minute Deal Even More Attractive

Now, let’s talk about some ways to make your deal more attractive to potential guests:

  • Be flexible with your minimum stay requirements: Offering shorter minimum stays can encourage last-minute bookers who might only need accommodation for one or two nights.
  • Promote your deals on social media: Share your last-minute offers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a larger audience and increase visibility.
  • Highlight your property’s unique selling points: Emphasize any appealing features your vacation rental has (e.g., amenities, nearby attractions, or positive reviews) that entice guests to book your property.
  • Offer additional incentives: Consider adding extra perks like free parking, airport transfers, or a complimentary bottle of wine for guests who book at the last minute to sweeten the deal and make your rental more attractive.

Finalizing Last-Minute Bookings By Approving Them Quickly

Acting swiftly is essential when it comes to last-minute bookings. Make use of automated responses to requests and messages, as it will help you secure more bookings by reducing your workload and improving the guest experience. Remember that fast response times can also determine how high your listing appears in online travel agency (OTA) website search rankings.

By offering attractive last-minute deals and being responsive, you’ll give yourself the best chance of filling those gaps in your calendar and increasing revenue from your vacation rentals.

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