Setting Up Payouts

As a host on Lake, you’ll want to set up your payouts to receive revenue from your guests’ reservations. 

To set up payouts on Lake, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Account, select “Payments & Payouts” from the menu, then click “Payouts.”
  2. If you haven’t set up a payout method, click “Set up payouts.” If you already have an existing payout method, you can add a new one by clicking “Add payout method.”
  3. Select your billing country/region to see which payout methods are available.
  4. Choose your payout method and click “Continue.”
  5. Add your information and click “Next.”

When are payouts sent?

Payouts are sent each Friday for completed stays up to the previous Friday.

Integrating with a Property Management System

If you use a property management system (PMS), you’ll want to link your payments and payouts with Lake, as this can help you better manage your reservations and optimize your revenue. 

Integrating with channel management tools can also facilitate communication with guests and automate key data processing. Messaging tools are essential in building trust with your guests, addressing inquiries, and ensuring they have a positive experience.

Following these steps and prioritizing user experience, you can set up payouts efficiently and cultivate a successful online vacation rental business.

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