Property Damage Policy

We understand that accidents can happen which may lead to the damage of a property. The Property Damage Policy is created to address any damage that may occur during a guest’s stay. The goal of this policy is to protect both hosts and guests and ensure a positive rental experience for all parties involved.

Lake does not provide liability or property damage insurance, as most Hosts already carry their own. Hosts are encouraged to review their insurance coverage and consult their insurance provider for additional protection options.

Host Responsibilities:

  • Hosts must maintain their own property insurance that covers liability and property contents.
  • Hosts must promptly notify Lake of any reported damages by contacting our customer service within 48 hours of the reported incident.
  • Upon receiving a damage report from a Guest, the host may assess the extent of the damage themselves or request a professional assessment.
  • If the damage is minor and within the scope of normal wear and tear, the host may choose to handle repairs or replacements directly with the guest.
  • If damage is major, Hosts should be submit a claim with their insurance provider that includes the original damage report.
  • A host may require a security deposit as a precaution against potential damages. The amount of the security deposit, if applicable, shall be clearly stated in the rental listing.
  • Hosts who knowingly misrepresent damages or engage in fraudulent activity may also face consequences, including suspension or termination of their hosting privileges.

Guest Responsibilities:

  • Guests are required to report any accidental damage or breakage that occurs during their stay to the host as soon as possible.
  • Guests are responsible for any damage caused to the rental property during their stay, whether accidental or intentional.
  • Guests are encouraged to treat the rental property and its contents with care and respect, adhering to any guidelines provided by the host.
  • Guests who fail to report damages or comply with the terms of this policy may be subject to additional charges, penalties, or suspension of their account on Lake.

Lake’s Responsibilities:

  • Lake reserves the right to request additional documentation or evidence to support the damage claim, such as photographs, receipts, or estimates for repairs.
  • In cases where the damage is significant or disputes arise regarding responsibility, Lake will investigate further and facilitate communication between the host and guest to reach a fair resolution.
  • If necessary, Lake may offer mediation services or assistance in obtaining quotes for repair or replacement costs.
  • Security deposits, if collected, will be held by Lake and released according to the terms outlined in the rental agreement.

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