Reporting Misleading Listings

When you’re browsing through Lake, it’s essential to keep an eye out for misleading listings. 

Sometimes, issues arise when a unit is inaccurately described or a host needs to adhere to Lake’s trust and safety guidelines. So, how can you report these issues and help maintain the trust within the community?

First, familiarize yourself with Lake’s policies and guidelines. For example, Lake has specific guidelines on things like profile accuracy.

Reporting a Listing Before Your Booking

To report a problem with a listing, follow Lake’s recommended process. On Lake, you’ll need to visit the listed unit’s page, click a flag icon, and select the reason for reporting. This flag is near the host’s profile information. Make sure you include as many details as possible when submitting your report.

Reporting a Listing After Your Stay

Remember to also leave a review with your honest feedback on the rental. Most importantly, you will help future guests make informed decisions by letting us know.

Furthermore, Lake’s trustworthiness will also improve – and we’re grateful for that! Google and other search engines prioritize trustworthy and accurate listings in their rankings. By reporting misleading information, you’re helping maintain the quality of short-term rentals.

Be proactive and diligent when looking for a vacation rental. Research different properties, read numerous reviews, and ask the host any questions you might have before booking. This will help you ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay while supporting the integrity of the online vacation rental community.

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