Meeting Accessibility Needs

Searching for Accessible Homes and Rooms

When planning a vacation, travelers with disabilities often need accommodations that cater to their specific accessibility needs. Lake recognizes the importance of making this information readily available to its users.

Filtering by Accessibility Feature

These are the features you can filter by:

  • Step-free guest entrance
  • Step-free route to guest entrance
  • Guest entrance wider than 32 inches
  • Accessible parking spot
  • Step-free bedroom access
  • Bedroom entryway wider than 32 inches
  • Step-free bathroom access
  • Bathroom entryway wider than 32 inches
  • Shower or bath chair
  • Step-free shower
  • Toilet grab bars
  • Shower grab bars
  • Ceiling or mobile hoist

Contacting The Host To Ask Specific Accessibility Questions

In addition to using the platform’s search filters, it might be helpful to reach out to the property owner or manager directly to ask specific questions about the accessibility of the property. Most hosts and property managers are eager to accommodate guests with disabilities and provide any additional support that may be needed.

By knowing what to look for and making the most of available features on vacation rental platforms, you can find the perfect accessible accommodation for your trip, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

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