Host Safety

Creating safe havens for memories

At, we cherish the role our hosts play in crafting unforgettable experiences for families and friends, amidst the serene backdrop of nature. Your willingness to share your space is what makes memory-making possible for so many. In turn, we are dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind through comprehensive safety measures and support. Here’s how we’re committed to making hosting not just rewarding, but also secure and worry-free.

Safety measures and support for hosts


24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist with any concerns or emergencies, ensuring you’re never alone in managing your property.


Verified Guests

We employ a rigorous guest verification process to ensure you know who you’re welcoming into your home, fostering a trusted community of users.

verified guests
property for guests

Tips for preparing your property for guests


Clear instructions

Provide guests with clear instructions for the safe use of your property, including appliances, heating systems, and any specific areas of caution.


Safety checklist

Use our comprehensive safety checklist to prepare your space, covering everything from securing valuables to installing smoke detectors and first-aid kits.

Guidelines for safe and respectful interactions with guests


Communication is key

Encourage open communication with guests before and during their stay. Use’s messaging system to maintain privacy and security.


Say your house rules

Clearly outline your house rules in your listing, including any specific safety policies or community guidelines guests should follow.

guidelines for safe and respectful interactions with guests
Information on Insurance and Liability Coverage for Hosts

Information on insurance and liability coverage for hosts


Host protection insurance

Benefit from our Host Protection Insurance, which offers liability coverage to protect you in the unlikely event of guest accidents or property damage.


Understanding your coverage

We provide resources and support to help you understand the scope of your insurance and liability coverage, ensuring you’re fully informed and confident in your hosting journey.

Embracing our values as hosts

By joining as a host, you become a steward of not just your property, but of the experiences and memories that guests will cherish. Our commitment to safety is rooted in our values—family, friendship, memory-making, and stewarding the natural world. We’re here to support you in providing a safe, welcoming space where these values can flourish, guests can feel at home, and where the creation is respected and preserved.

embracing our values as hosts

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