Safety Tips and Guidelines

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In alignment with our core values of Family, Friendship, Memory-making, and Nature, is committed to fostering a safe, secure, and enriching experience for all our users. We believe in creating a community where every booking, stay, and interaction is built on a foundation of trust and safety. Here are some guidelines designed to protect you and enhance your experience from start to finish.

Tips for a safe and secure booking process


Family first

When searching for the perfect vacation rental, consider the needs of every family member. Look for listings that feature safety amenities, such as smoke detectors, safety gates for children, and first aid kits.


Read reviews

Leverage the power of the community. Read past reviews of properties and hosts to ensure they meet our community’s standards for safety and hospitality.

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Guidelines for Staying Safe

Guidelines for staying safe before, during, and after your rental experience


Pre-arrival communication

Use’s secure messaging platform to clarify details with your host, including how to access the property and any safety features you should be aware of.


Safety walk-through

Upon arrival, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the property. Locate all exits, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. If you’re staying with children, identify any potential hazards to keep them safe.


Check-in with loved ones

Share your travel itinerary and accommodation details with a friend or family member. Keeping someone informed of your whereabouts is a key safety practice.

Advice on how to secure personal belongings and ensure personal safety


Secure your belongings

 Even in the safest communities, it’s wise to take precautions. Use safes if available, and keep valuable items out of sight.


Emergency preparedness

Always have a plan. Know the local emergency numbers, and have a small emergency kit with essentials. Discuss a meet-up plan with your travel companions in case of separation without cell service.

Personal Safety
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Recommendations for safe communication and payment on


Be aware of scams

Be cautious of requests for off-platform communication or payments. Report any suspicious activity to our support team immediately.


Secure platform use

Always communicate and pay through’s secure platform. This ensures your information is protected and that you’re covered under our Terms of Service.

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