Whether you’re craving the sea-salted air of Maine’s majestic coastline or seeking the tranquility among the towering trees of the White Mountains, New England has a campsite calling your name. Picture yourself boiling up a pot of fresh lobsters, caught just off one of the nearby piers and now cooking up at your campsite at Smuggler’s Den, or perhaps luxury is more your style—glamping within reach of Boston’s bustle at Normandy Farms. For the adventurous souls, how about a boating journey on Lake Champlain, keeping an eye out for its elusive aquatic resident, Champ? There’s no shortage of adventures here, catering to every outdoor enthusiast’s whim with a storied tradition of wilderness escapades. Get ready to take your pick from a curated list of the best campgrounds in New England, ranging from pristine lakefronts to serene woodland retreats.

Remember to pack your sense of wonder and leave room for the unexpected, as you’re not just planning a trip; you’re on the cusp of curating memories that will stick with you tighter than pine sap on your favorite hiking boots. With New England’s blend of natural beauty and family-friendly amenities, your only challenge will be deciding which of these top-rated campgrounds will serve as your home base for the grand outdoor narrative you’re about to write.

Best Campgrounds in New England Key Takeaways

  • New England offers diverse camping experiences, from seaside lobster bakes to wooded mountain retreats.
  • The region is dotted with popular campgrounds that feature everything from glamping to monster-spotting adventures on Lake Champlain.
  • Select from top-rated spots ensuring memorable moments, whether you’re in a tent, an RV, or a charming lakeside cabin.

Dry River Campground — New Hampshire

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Essential Campground Info

Have you been dreaming of an escape to the rugged White Mountains? Well, you’re in luck! Dry River Campground is a picturesque spot in Crawford Notch State Park, where adventure is practically on your doorstep. Let’s break down what you need to know about this camper’s paradise:

  • Affordability: At only $25, it’s a steal for serene mountain views.
  • Site Availability: There are 36 spots for you to choose from.
  • RV-Friendly: Bring your home-on-wheels; this campground welcomes RV travelers.
  • Fire Up the Fun: Yes, you can light a campfire here. Marshmallows, anyone?
  • Pet-Friendly: Don’t forget Fido; pets are welcome here if they’re on a leash.

Exploring Schoodic Woods Campground in Maine

Key Information on Schoodic Woods Campground

Fancy a serene camping spot away from the hustle? You’ll find Schoodic Woods Campground in Acadia National Park’s mainland section, not too far from the charming town of Bar Harbor. It’s a gem tucked away from the busier park areas.

Here’s what you need to know before you pack your gear:

  • Cost: Expect to spend between $22 and $50.
  • Capacity: There are 50 sites to choose from.
  • RV Accessibility: Bring your home-on-wheels along!
  • Campfires: Toast marshmallows over an open fire.
  • Pet-Friendly: Don’t forget your furry friends!

Grand Isle State Park — Vermont

Campground Insights

Exploring the serene setting of Grand Isle State Park could become your next favorite adventure. Whether you’ve set your sights on cruising the calm waters of Lake Champlain or basking in the stunning glow of an iconic sunset, this gem on South Hero Island doesn’t disappoint.

  • Rates: $19 per night
  • Accommodations: Boasting 119 sites with provisions for your RV.
  • Campfires: Get ready to roast marshmallows, as fires are welcomed here.
  • Pet-Friendly: Bringing along your furry friend? They’re allowed to join in on the fun.

What’s better than paddling out on a kayak or canoe, the gentle lapping of water against the hull, as you set off with stories of Champ, the local legendary sea dweller, whispering in the breeze? Here, you can venture across state lines to New York by water, adding an exciting chapter to your outdoor escapades.

This park is not just a place to stay; it’s a starting point for memories etched against the backdrop of ancient fossil reefs and possibly the ripples from a legendary creature. Ready to stake out your spot? Grab your gear, pals, or pooch, and dive into the essence of Vermont’s outdoor charm.

Sandy Pines Campground — Maine

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What to Expect at the Campground

Craving a mix of ocean breeze and forest serenity? Sandy Pines Campground offers just that. It’s situated snugly in southern Maine, where the coast whispers and the pines stand tall.

Ever thought about glamping with a splash of luxury? Here, set up camp in one of the nine plush canvas tents on the grounds. Fancy a peek into yesteryear’s travel charm? Circle your calendar for the Vintage Camping Weekend from June 10-12, featuring an array of snazzy classic campers and RVs.

Here’s what you need to know for your adventure:

  • Rates: Expect to spend between $40-85 for your site.
  • Choices abound: Pick from 73 spots to pitch your tent or park your RV.
  • RV friendly? Absolutely.
  • Gathering around the fire: Fires are a go!
  • Furry friend welcome mat: Bring your pets along!

Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort — Massachusetts

Essential Information on Normandy Farms

Have you dreamt of a camping trip that combines the rustic charm of the outdoors with the comforts of a high-end resort? That dream becomes a reality at Normandy Farms, located just a hop away from Boston. Fancy a dip? Choose between indoor and outdoor pools for that perfect swim. Want to stay active or unwind? Hit the fitness center or relax in the jacuzzi.

  • Cost Range: $50 – $200
  • Site Count: 400 accommodating spaces
  • RV Friendly: Absolutely
  • Fire Policies: Fires are welcome for that authentic camp vibe
  • Pet-Friendly: Bring your pets along for the adventure

Unwind at Bar Harbor Campground in Maine

What You Need to Know About Your Stay

Picture yourself surrounded by the vibrant hues of Maine’s fall foliage, where an impromptu decision could lead you to a snug spot by the ocean’s edge. At Bar Harbor Campground, steps from Acadia National Park, you have the luxury of settling in close to nature’s wonders and the quaint coastal vibes of Bar Harbor.

  • Cost of Stay: A mere $24 can secure your little slice of the outdoors.
  • Select Your Spot: 135 choices to park your home away from home.
  • Tent Talk: RV accommodations aren’t on the menu here, but your tent will fit right in.
  • Campfire Chronicles: Yes, stories around the fire are encouraged – build away!
  • Pet Parade: Bring your furry friends along for the adventure.

White Lake State Park — New Hampshire

Your Camping Experience Awaits

Have you ever imagined camping near a lake formed by ancient glaciers? Only 20 miles south of North Conway’s bustling outdoor scene, you can find White Lake State Park. Picture yourself surrounded by the serene views of the White Mountains, the perfect backdrop to your family camping adventure.

What to Expect at the Campground

  • Cost: Affordably priced between $25 to $75
  • Accommodations: Generous with 193 sites
  • RV Friendly: Bring your home on wheels
  • Crackling Campfires: Permitted and perfect for s’mores
  • Companion Animals: Time to leave the pets at home

Little River State Park — Vermont

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Your Guide to Little River State Park Camping

Little River State Park is the go-to spot for outdoor enthusiasts, tucked away along northern Vermont’s Waterbury reservoir. If your ideal getaway includes dipping your toes into refreshing waters, casting a line, or listening to the crackle of a campfire, you’re in for a treat. Your neighbors? Towering trees and the serene allure of the Green Mountain State.

  • Cost per Night: Fancy saving some bucks? It’s only $19 to stay.
  • Total Sites Available: Pitch your tent or park your RV at one of the 101 sites.
  • Accommodation for RVs: Bring your home-on-wheels along!
  • Welcoming Campfires: Yes, stories and s’mores await!
  • Pet-Friendliness: Four-legged friends? They’re absolutely welcome.

Whether you’re a mountain biker who relishes rugged trails or a climber seeking the thrill of Bolton Crags, this park is your gateway to a treasure trove of outdoor activities. Ready to dive into nature’s playground?

Smuggler’s Den Campground — Maine

Essential Information on the Campground:

Fancy escaping the hustle and excited about a serene retreat with coastal views? Imagine waking up on Mount Desert Island with Maine’s charm just a breeze away. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pricing: Starts at a friendly $11 and goes up to $85.
  • Available Spots: A total of 117 cozy sites await.
  • For the Road Travelers: RV-friendly options are a go.
  • Campfire Vibes: Fires are a definite yes – s’mores anyone?
  • Four-Legged Pals: Bring your pets; they’re absolutely welcome!

Lily Bay State Park — Maine

What to Know About the Campground:

Are you ready to explore the splendor of Maine’s outdoors? At Lily Bay State Park, your nature getaway awaits on the shores of Moosehead Lake, the largest in New England. Here’s the scoop on what this gem has to offer:

  • Staying Overnight? Expect to spend between $20 to $30.
  • Space for Everyone: The park boasts 243 sites.
  • RV Friendly: Bring your home on wheels!
  • Campfires: Gather ’round the fire, they’re permitted!
  • Furry Friends: Don’t leave your pets behind; they’re welcome!

Common Inquiries About Camping in New England

Family-Friendly Campgrounds That Shine in New England

Looking for a spot where your little adventurers can run free without a worry? You’re in luck! Our neck of the woods boasts campgrounds with playgrounds, activities, and plenty of open space for family fun.

  • Normandy Farms, MA: A camping resort with deluxe amenities that cater to families.
  • Schoodic Woods Campground, ME: A place for families to immerse themselves in nature with the added comfort of well-maintained facilities.

Top Spots for Cabin Camping in New England

Dreaming of that classic woodsy cabin vibe? The good news is, there’s no shortage of spots where you can cozy up in a cabin after a day of exploring.

  • Secluded Cabins: Search for campgrounds offering private cabin retreats in the woods.
  • Amenity-Rich Cabins: If a little luxury is what you’re after, look for cabins with added comforts like electricity and indoor plumbing.

Go-To Campgrounds for Fishing Enthusiasts in New England

Got your fishing gear ready but not sure where to cast your line? Reel in your next big catch at campgrounds that are known as fishing havens.

  • Waterfront Campsites: Some campgrounds are situated right on the shore, making fishing easy from dawn to dusk.
  • Lakeside Gems: Many inland campgrounds offer access to serene lakes stocked with local fish species.

Scenic Waterfront Camping in New England

Can’t get enough of waking up to water views? Experience the splendor of New England’s waterfront, from serene lakes to oceanfront vistas.

  • Beachside Camping: Experience the thrill of camping on the sands of Cape Cod or other coastal New England spots.

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