So, you’ve heard the term “glamping,” and you’re intrigued. Well, let’s jump right into it! Glamping is a trendy contraction of the words “glamorous” and “camping,” which gives you a brief idea of what to expect. It’s a luxurious way to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing the comforts and amenities of modern life.

Cultural Relevance

When talking about glamping, it’s fun to explore its roots. While the term “glamping” itself might have gained popularity when it was first included in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2019, the concept dates back centuries.

Fancy camping has a long history, dating at least back to the early 1500s, and involved British monarchs like King James V. Remember the famous Field of the Cloth of Gold event in 1520? Well, that’s a prime example of glamping! European royalty, such as Francis I of France and Henry VIII of England, would set up lavish tents decorated by skilled artisans, and indulge in feasts paired with the finest champagne.

Back in those days, glamping symbolized wealth and status, but today, it’s accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy nature in style. With an array of options across Europe and worldwide, you can find the perfect glamping experience that suits your taste and budget. So go ahead, embrace the glamping lifestyle, and make your next outdoor adventure a memorable one.

Key Features of a Glamping Experience

When it comes to glamping, you’re not limited to just tents. There is a wide range of property types to choose from, including yurts, cabins, domes, safari tents, and even airstreams! Each of these options offers its own unique experience and level of comfort, ensuring that your glamping experience is tailored to your preferences.

List of Common Amenities

Glamping accommodations often come with a variety of luxurious amenities that cater to your comfort. Expect to find:

  • King-sized beds
  • En suite bathrooms
  • Fully-equipped kitchens
  • Electricity and Wi-Fi
  • Hot tubs or private pools
  • Outdoor seating areas and fire pits

These creature comforts make your stay more enjoyable, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing the conveniences of home.

Unique Characteristics

Each glamping property type has its own distinctive features:

  • Yurts: Circular, tent-like structures with a conical roof and wooden framework.
  • Cabins: Cozy, often wooden, structures that blend into their natural surroundings.
  • Domes: Geodesic structures made from a series of interconnected triangles, offering a unique and modern aesthetic.
  • Safari Tents: Elevated canvas tents with spacious interiors and a true “out of Africa” feel.
  • Airstreams: Restored vintage trailers that combine retro charm with modern amenities.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional tent experience or something more adventurous, there’s a glamping option to suit your taste.

Types of Glamping Accommodations

Each of these glamping accommodations offers particular features that make the experience more memorable:

  • Yurts: Circular design provides a spacious and airy interior.
  • Cabins: Often feature porches or patios for relaxing in nature.
  • Domes: Geodesic shape provides excellent insulation and weather resistance.
  • Safari Tents: Elevated design allows for stunning panoramic views and a sense of privacy.
  • Airstreams: Compact yet fully-equipped, perfect for a quirky and nostalgic getaway.

No matter which type you choose, you can expect a memorable and comfortable stay in your luxury camping accommodation.

Popular Locations


When planning your glamping getaway, you can choose from a variety of locations. Some popular glamping regions in the United States include California, Oregon, Colorado, Virginia, Illinois, Maine, Washington, Missouri, New York, Utah, Arizona, and Florida.


While glamping is popular in the United States, you can also find fantastic glamping destinations in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia.

Notable Destinations

A few exceptional glamping destinations in the US are:

  • Dunton River Camp, Dolores, CO: A luxury tented spa destination in Colorado.
  • Camp Long Creek, Ridgedale, MO: Located on Table Rock Lake, this Missouri destination offers both glamping tents and cabins.
  • The Vintages Trailer Resort, Willamette Valley, OR: A unique resort in Oregon featuring vintage trailers for a fun glamping experience.
  • Backland, Williams, AZ: Less than 15 miles from downtown Williams, Arizona, and positioned close to the Grand Canyon.
  • Sandy Pines Campground, Kennebunkport, ME: A popular glamping destination in Maine with its unique tent setups.
  • Capitol Reef Resort, Torrey, UT: Located in Utah, this resort offers glamping near the beautiful Capitol Reef National Park.


One of the best aspects of glamping is that many locations are easily accessible from major cities and tourist destinations. For instance, Backland in Arizona is near the Grand Canyon, while Dunton River Camp in Colorado is nestled within the scenic landscape of Dolores. Furthermore, The Vintages Trailer Resort in Oregon’s Willamette Valley is just a short drive from Portland, making it an easily reachable glamping location.

Ideal Travelers

People Who Love to Go Glamping

Are you a nature enthusiast who enjoys the outdoors, but don’t want to give up the comforts of home? If so, glamping is perfect for you! Glamping guests often appreciate modern amenities like king-sized beds, hot showers, and even Wi-Fi, without sacrificing the adventure of the great outdoors. Picture yourself in luxurious treehouses or uniquely designed tents fit for royalty!

Glamping is perfect for any age group, from young adults looking for a fun getaway to older couples seeking a peaceful retreat. As a guest, you can expect an experience catered to your personal needs, ensuring a memorable stay amidst nature’s wonders.

Occasions or Purposes

Not sure if glamping is right for your next adventure? Well, rest assured that glamping is ideal for a variety of occasions and purposes. Here are some examples:

  • Romantic escapes: Whisk your loved one away to a glamping site and spend quality time together. Relax in king-sized beds, stargaze, and reconnect with nature in a cozy setting.
  • Family vacations: For families looking to bond over an outdoor adventure, glamping offers an opportunity to explore nature while ensuring the comfort of your loved ones. With spacious tents or treehouses, there’s enough room for everyone.
  • Small group retreats: Glamping sites often cater to group events like birthdays, reunions, or even team-building activities. You can enjoy accommodation options like treehouses and shared spaces that bring people together for an unforgettable experience.
  • Solo relaxation: If you’re seeking some alone time in nature, glamping locations offer an ideal environment for self-discovery and relaxation. In a private tent or treehouse, you can curl up with a good book, meditate, or simply enjoy the scenery around you.

Remember, glamping is all about finding the perfect balance between adventure and comfort. So, why not give it a try on your next trip? Just imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping and the sun rising over a breathtaking landscape. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Pros and Cons of Glamping


Glamping offers a unique combination of comfort and luxury while still allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors. With a variety of accommodations to choose from, such as bell tents, huts, and luxury cabins, you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Many glamping hosts go above and beyond to provide a memorable experience for their guests. You may find yourself with access to luxurious amenities like hot tubs, fishing gear, and fully-equipped kitchens — all while being surrounded by nature. Additionally, comfort is a key aspect of glamping, so expect cozy beds and proper heating, which might be missed when camping traditionally.

Renting a glamping site enables you to experience the benefits of a gorgeous natural setting without the hassle of setting up and breaking down camp. For those who enjoy outdoor activities like fishing and hiking, glamping can serve as the perfect base for these adventures.

Downsides or Considerations

While glamping offers many perks, there are some factors to keep in mind. One consideration is that glamping is typically more expensive than traditional camping due to the added luxury of the accommodations and amenities provided. You’ll need to weigh the cost against the added comfort and experience of glamping.

Since glamping is a popular trend, there’s an increased likelihood of crowded sites or difficulty in booking your desired accommodations (particularly during peak seasons). Make sure to plan and book well in advance to secure your desired spot.

Lastly, glamping may not provide the same level of seclusion and “roughing it” that some outdoor enthusiasts crave. The added comfort and luxury may detract from the traditional camping experience for some, so it’s essential to consider what aspects of the outdoors you value most before choosing glamping.

Remember, glamping’s popularity has risen, so it’s important to do your research and find the perfect site that suits your preferences while aligning with your budget. Take time to explore the various options and consider the pros and cons to make the right decision for your nature getaway.

Cost and Affordability

Average Cost Range

When planning your glamping experience, it’s essential to know the average costs associated with different luxury glamping accommodations. For instance, yurts typically range from $50 to $150 per night, while treehouses can range from $100 to $500 per night. Tipis are generally more affordable, with prices ranging between $25 and $100 per night.

General Idea of Pricing

It’s important to understand that glamping can be as luxurious or as budget-friendly as you want it to be. Some glamping experiences include top-notch amenities, gourmet meals, and even all-inclusive options, with prices starting from $1,250 per night. On the other hand, there are more budget-friendly options available, starting at around $129 per night. Ultimately, the pricing will depend on your choice of accommodations, location, and the included amenities.

Finding Affordable Options

To find affordable glamping options, try these tips:

  • Compare prices: Shop around and compare multiple glamping sites to find better deals and discounted rates.
  • Book during off-peak seasons: Avoid peak seasons when prices are generally higher. Many glamping sites offer lower rates during weekdays and non-holiday periods.
  • Consider group bookings: Some accommodations offer larger Airstreams and tents that can fit up to six people. By splitting the cost with friends or family, you can significantly reduce your per-night expenses.
  • Look for promotions and discounts: Keep an eye out for special offers, coupon codes, or last-minute deals that can help you save on glamping accommodations.

Remember, finding the perfect balance between cost, comfort, and unique experiences will make your glamping adventure a memorable one. So, take the time to research and compare your options to find the best fit for you and your budget.

Booking Tips

Are you ready to embark on a glamping adventure? Before you start packing your bags, let’s discuss some booking tips to ensure you have a seamless glamping experience!

Best Times to Book

When it comes to booking a glamping getaway, timing is key. You want to make sure you’re getting the best deal and have ample options to choose from. Typically, booking during the offseason allows you to take advantage of lower rates and less crowded facilities.

  • Early booking: Consider booking a few months in advance to secure your preferred dates and accommodations. This gives you the opportunity to snag the best spots and early bird discounts.
  • Last-minute bookings: If you’re a spontaneous adventurer, you may find great deals when booking a glamping experience at the last minute. Just be aware that availability could be limited, so you may need to be flexible with your dates and location.

Smooth Booking Experience

Here are some tips for ensuring a smooth booking process, allowing you to better focus on your upcoming glamping adventure.

  • Research: Before booking anything, do your homework on potential glamping destinations. Reading reviews from fellow travelers can help you determine which location and accommodations suit you best.
  • Create a checklist: Outline the amenities and facilities you’re looking for in a glamping experience. This could include things like a private bathroom, Wi-Fi, or access to nearby outdoor activities.
  • Secure your spot: Once you’ve found your dream destination, book your glamping accommodations as soon as possible. Popular sites can fill up quickly, so don’t delay!
  • Communicate with the host: It’s always a good idea to get in touch with the host or property manager ahead of time. They can answer any questions you have and provide helpful details about your stay.

By following these booking tips, you’ll be well-prepared for your glamping experience. Now, all that’s left to do is count down the days until you’re relaxing in nature, enjoying the comforts of your luxurious accommodations!

Local Attractions and Activities

Nearby Attractions

While glamping, you’ll find an abundance of nearby attractions to make your experience even more memorable. Take advantage of the beautiful surroundings by exploring the great outdoors. If you’re in Scotland, consider visiting the breathtaking Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park or the iconic Isle of Skye for stunning landscapes and wildlife.

For those seeking a more active getaway, hiking is a popular activity, and many glamping sites offer easy access to scenic trails suitable for all levels of fitness. Fishing enthusiasts may enjoy casting a line in nearby rivers or lakes. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a delicious dinner to cook over an open fire!

Recommendations for Local Experiences

In addition to the outdoor activities, many glamping sites offer a variety of on-site amenities to enhance your stay. For a truly relaxing getaway, indulge in a massage or join a yoga class in a serene setting. You can connect with nature while finding your inner peace.

If adventure is more your style, consider canoeing or kayaking along nearby waterways. Glide through the water as you take in the breathtaking views and enjoy the serenity of your surroundings. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the stunning scenery and wildlife you might encounter along the way.

Here’s a quick summary of local experiences to consider during your glamping retreat:

  • Hiking: Discover picturesque trails and enjoy the beauty of nature
  • Fishing: Cast a line in nearby rivers or lakes and possibly catch your dinner
  • Massage: Indulge in a relaxing massage to rejuvenate your senses
  • Yoga: Join a class to find inner peace in the great outdoors
  • Canoeing/Kayaking: Explore waterways and experience the tranquility of nature

Remember to make the most of your glamping experience by embracing both the activities and relaxation that your destination has to offer. Use your time in nature to unwind, connect with your surroundings, and create lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glamping?

What do they mean by glamping?

Glamping is a blend of “glamorous” and “camping,” meaning it’s a more luxurious way of camping that includes upscale amenities like comfortable beds, electricity, and sometimes even en-suite bathrooms.

What is glamping slang for?

Glamping is a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping,” describing a style of camping with amenities and resort-style services not usually associated with traditional camping.

What are the two words in glamping?

Glamping is a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping.”

What the heck is glamping?

Glamping is glamorous camping—a more luxurious way of camping that still involves sleeping in the great outdoors but with more comfort and amenities than traditional camping.

What is glamping urban dictionary?

According to the Urban Dictionary, “Glamping” is defined as “Shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping.”

Why is it called glamping?

Glamping is called so because it merges the glamour of upscale living with the traditional outdoor camping experience.

Why Glamping?

Why do people go glamping?

People choose glamping because it offers the excitement of staying in unique accommodations like luxury tents, cabins, or RVs, while also providing modern comforts and amenities.

What makes glamping special?

Glamping is special because it combines the fun of camping with the comfort of a luxurious stay, such as sleeping in a real bed with a mattress and duvet, rather than on a roll mat with a sleeping bag.

What do people expect from glamping?

People expect luxury accommodations that often include spacious tents, yurts, safari-style lodges, treehouses, or retrofitted vintage trailers and cabins. These are typically furnished with comfortable beds, linens, rugs, and sometimes even furniture.

Why is glamping so popular?

Glamping is popular because it allows people to enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort. It provides breathtaking views and outdoor experiences right at the doorstep, all while enjoying modern amenities.

Differences and Comparisons

How is glamping different from camping?

Glamping combines the allure of being in nature with the luxury of a curated experience, meaning you don’t need to bring your own tent or camping supplies, as everything is provided and set up for you.

What’s the difference between camping and glamping?

Camping involves setting up your own tent and roughing it in nature, while glamping includes staying in pre-set accommodations like yurts or luxury tents with added amenities such as electricity and comfortable bedding.

What is the difference between a cabin and glamping?

Cabins offer more structure and typically more luxury and comfort, such as solid walls, heating, and full kitchens. Glamping tends to be in more temporary structures like tents but still includes luxurious touches and amenities.

Costs and Value

Is glamping expensive?

Glamping can vary in price. While some options are luxurious and costly, others are more affordable. It offers a range of accommodations from budget-friendly to high-end luxury.

Is glamping more expensive than camping?

Glamping can be more expensive than traditional camping due to the added amenities and comfort. However, prices vary widely depending on the location and level of luxury.

Is glamping worth the investment?

Yes, glamping can be worth the investment for those seeking a unique and comfortable outdoor experience. It offers the best of both worlds—nature and luxury.

Amenities and Facilities

Do you have your own toilet when glamping?

Many glamping accommodations come with private toilets, either en-suite or nearby. Some sites might have shared facilities, but these are often well-maintained and convenient.

Do glamping tents have toilets?

Some glamping tents include en-suite bathrooms with toilets, while others may offer shared facilities nearby. It depends on the specific site and level of luxury.

Do glamping accommodations have showers?

Many glamping accommodations include showers, either en-suite or in shared facilities. This ensures guests have the comforts of home while enjoying the great outdoors.

Environmental and Demographic Considerations

Is glamping bad for the environment?

Glamping is generally more sustainable than traditional camping. It uses fewer resources and is designed to minimize impact on wildlife and the environment.

What age is glamping for?

Glamping is for everyone, regardless of age. It’s popular among families with young kids, pensioners, and everyone in between.

Is glamping a fad?

Glamping has grown significantly since the term was coined in 2005. It’s now a well-established trend in outdoor recreation and travel.

Other Related Questions

Is car camping considered glamping?

Car camping can be considered a form of glamping if it includes luxury amenities like a comfortable sleeping setup and modern conveniences.

Is an RV considered glamping?

Basic RVing is considered glamping, especially if the RV is equipped with amenities like a full kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable bedding.

Is a yurt glamping?

Yes, staying in a yurt is considered glamping. Yurts provide a unique and comfortable camping experience with amenities like real beds and sometimes even kitchens and bathrooms.

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