Understanding Small Toy Haulers

Have you ever thought about making your road trips even more exciting? Let’s introduce you to small toy haulers, the solution for bringing your adventure gear along for the ride without sacrificing the comfort of home. Essentially, these are compact travel trailers designed with a storage area for your “toys” – think ATVs, motorcycles, and bicycles.

What Marks Them as ‘Small’?

  • Size: Typically under 25 feet in length
  • Weight: Light enough to be towed by half-ton pickups, SUVs, or even a hearty Jeep

Key Options and Features:

  • Storage: Tailored cargo spaces with reinforced tie-downs
  • Living Area: Compact yet functional living quarters with basic amenities
  • Accessibility: Large rear or side doors for easy loading and unloading


  • Maneuverability: Easier to navigate through tight spots
  • Fuel Efficiency: Lighter weight improves towing vehicle’s fuel consumption
  • Cost: Often more affordable than their full-sized counterparts

Some Disadvantages:

  • Space: More limited living and storage space compared to larger models
  • Capacity: May not fit larger toys or multiple vehicles

Who Makes Them?

Popular manufacturers include Forest River and Jayco. These industry giants provide a range of models to fit varied needs.

Key Features of Small Toy Haulers

small toy hauler2
Small Toy Hauler. Source: Trailers of the East Coast via Flickr.

When you’re eyeing a small toy hauler, it’s all about finding that sweet spot between comfort and functionality. Let’s unpack what you can expect when it comes to the nifty features these compact adventurers boast.

Bathroom Facilities

Every traveler knows the value of having private bathroom facilities, and small toy haulers often come equipped with fully functional bathrooms. Despite the limited space, manufacturers like KZ RV manage to include all the essentials, such as:

  • Toilets: Often compact and sometimes cassette-style for efficient space use.
  • Showers: Typically snug but serviceable, sometimes with an external shower option.

Sleeping and Living Spaces

At the end of an action-packed day, a cozy spot to lay your head is a must. The bedroom and living areas in these haulers are ingeniously designed to maximize space. For example, the KZ Escape E180TH, measuring under 22 feet, generally includes:

  • Convertible Dinette/Sofas or Murphy Beds: Serve dual purposes for seating and sleeping.
  • Lofts or Overhead Bunks: An additional sleeping quarter often found above the cargo area.

Kitchen Amenities

No adventure is complete without good food, and small toy haulers don’t skimp on kitchen amenities. Though the space is tight, you’ll often find cleverly integrated features like:

  • Refrigerators: Compact, yet capable of holding enough provisions for your trip.
  • Stovetops and Microwaves: Critical for cooking and heating up meals.

Storage Options and Cargo Space

The cornerstone of any toy hauler is its cargo space, and small ones make full use of every inch. Common configurations you’ll encounter include:

  • Tie-Downs and Reinforced Flooring: Essential for securing your motorcycles or ATVs.
  • Pass-Through Storage: Ideal for stowing longer items like fishing poles or small tables.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: Varies, but is carefully calculated to handle your toys while adhering to safety standards.

So remember, even though it’s compact, a small toy hauler can still pack a punch with amenities tailored for comfort and the sheer joy of exploration. Ready to hit the road?

Types of Small Toy Haulers

small toy hauler3 1

Small toy haulers come in various types to suit different needs, whether it’s hitching up to a pickup or driving a self-contained unit that carries all your gear. Here’s a quick guide to the popular types you’ll encounter.

Travel Trailer Toy Haulers

Travel trailer toy haulers embody the essence of flexibility combined with functionality. They can be hitched behind a variety of vehicles, including many midsize SUVs and trucks. For instance, the inTech Flyer Discover model is a lightweight option with an Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) of 2,787 lbs, meaning it’s not a burden on your tow vehicle.

Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

Fifth wheel toy haulers are the go-to for those seeking more space without going overboard. Typically boasting higher ceilings and more room for living quarters, they require a pickup with a fifth-wheel hitch, but offer a stable towing experience. You won’t find as many small fifth wheels, but innovative brands like Keystone have models specifically designed to be more compact.

Motorhome Toy Haulers

Motorhome toy haulers, enCompassing both Class C and Class A, are fantastic for adventurers wanting a driveable solution that packs living and hauling capabilities into one. They eliminate the need for a separate towing vehicle, and though typically larger, there are models designed with size-conscious features.

Lightweight and Custom-Built Toy Haulers

For those unique needs, lightweight and custom-built toy haulers are game changers. Brands like inTech offer models that are not only easy on your towing capacity but also customizable to fit personal preferences and requirements. You can tweak the overall design to ensure your hauler is truly one of a kind.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-timer, the right small toy hauler can make all the difference in your travels. Now, which one do you see yourself taking on your next big adventure?

Popular Small Toy Hauler Models

When it comes to outdoor adventures, nothing beats the convenience of a small toy hauler. We’ve handpicked a selection of the most admired models in the market. Each one packs a punch in its own unique way, with just the right balance of comfort and utility.

Forest River

The Forest River No Boundaries 10.6 and Forest River No Boundaries 19.1 stand out with their rugged construction and versatile features. Their compact size doesn’t skimp on durability or storage, perfect for those who love to go off the beaten track.

Intech Flyer

Intech Flyer reveals two compact powerhouses: the Discover and Explore. The Intech Flyer Discover boasts a UVW of 2,787 lbs and a tongue weight of 525 lbs. Its flexible space and lightweight design make it ideal for quick getaways without leaving behind any toys.

Rockwood Geo Pro

The Rockwood Geo Pro offers a perfect blend of size and amenities. With a focus on eco-friendly features and modern appliances, Rockwood trailers are ideal for those conscious about their environmental footprint while wanting all the home comforts on the road.

Wildwood FSX

Meet the Wildwood FSX 181RT, a model praised for its efficient space usage and budget-friendly price. Featuring a full ramp door, it turns loading and unloading into a breeze—a real win for anyone who has ever struggled with secure storage for their outdoor gear.

Jayco Jay Flight Octane

Next up is the Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222. It’s a testament to Jayco’s reputation for quality and durability, offering a generous cargo area. Plus, with its well-thought-out floor plan, there’s ample room for both relaxation and storage.

KZ Escape

The KZ Escape E180TH comes through for those who prioritize easy towing and a spacious interior. Its smart layout allows for large toys to be hauled with ease, giving you more freedom to pick and choose what comes along on your trip.

Happier Camper HC1

Lastly, the Happier Camper HC1 stands out with its retro charm and modular interior. This lightweight and flexible camper can be customized to your liking, making it as unique as your travels..xrLabel

Practical Considerations When Choosing a Small Toy Hauler

small toy hauler4 1
Small Toy Hauler. Source: Trailers of the East Coast via Flickr.

Determining the Right Size and Weight

The length and weight of your toy hauler should match your adventure style. Are you looking for something that’s just enough for your dirt bikes, or do you need space for an ATV? Small toy haulers typically range from 18 to 25 feet in length, but it’s essential to check the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), ideally being under 10,000 pounds for easier towing.

Analyzing Cargo Capacity and Floorplan

Your toy hauler is your mobile basecamp, so knowing its cargo capacity is a must. Check the maximum payload capacity, which should include your ‘toys’ and gear. Floorplans in small toy haulers vary greatly – some offer fold-down walls or dual-purpose areas making every square foot count. Look for a layout that provides the right balance of living space and cargo storage.

Comparing Price and Value

For money-savvy adventurers, the price tag is always on your radar. A small toy hauler can range anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on the features and quality of construction. Weigh the amenities provided against the cost – it’s about finding the best bang for your buck.

Assessing Tow Vehicle Requirements

Your current vehicle’s towing capacity is a deal-maker or breaker. You don’t want to go all in on a toy hauler only to realize your SUV can’t pull it. Manufacturers like Forest River and Keystone list the tow capacity needs. Ensure your ride is up to the task, considering a smaller truck or SUV can tow many of these compact models.

Essential Gear and Accessories for Your Toy Hauler

Ramp and Loading Equipment

For ease of loading bikes, ATVs, and side-by-sides, a durable ramp is a must. It’s not just about getting your gear into the garage space—it’s about doing it safely.

  • Non-slip Ramps: Often made of aluminum, these provide traction even in wet conditions.
  • D-rings and Tie-downs: To keep cargo secure during transit, we swear by heavy-duty D-rings anchored to the garage floor.

Securing Your Cargo

Once everything is in, making sure your motorcycles and mountain bikes don’t jostle around is a priority.

  • Strapping Systems: High-quality straps prevent movement and protect both the gear and the interior.
  • Wheel Chocks: They keep motorcycles upright and stable while you’re on the move.
  • E-Track Systems: For versatile cargo securing, these provide multiple anchor points.

Outdoor Features for Enhanced Camping Experience

  • Retractable Awnings: With LED lights and automatic retraction features, they offer shelter and ambiance.
  • Patio Conversion Kits: These transform the ramp door into a secure, elevated party deck.
  • External Sound System: To enjoy some tunes while watching the sunset from your own mobile outdoor lounge.

Using Your Small Toy Hauler for Adventure and Recreation

small toy hauler5

Ever thought of taking your beloved motorcycle or ATV into the heart of the wilderness? Small toy haulers are practically tailor-made for these escapades. Imagine cruising along a picturesque trail, your adventure gear securely in tow behind your RV… It’s the very essence of freedom!

Small toy haulers, like Forest River’s No Boundaries NB10.6, are designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Here’s how you can utilize these compact RVs for your most memorable adventures:

  • Camping: With these haulers, setting up camp is a breeze. They’re compact enough to fit into more secluded spots, letting you wake up to the wild calling right outside your door.
  • Off-Roading Excitement: Haul your dirt bikes or quads to off-beaten paths.
  • Adventure Gear Storage: The main advantage is the cargo space. Whether it’s kayaks, bikes, or hiking gear, everything is secure yet easily accessible.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Small Toy Haulers

When it comes to taking care of small toy haulers, it’s crucial to be proactive. Keeping them clean and performing routine checks can prevent costly repairs down the road. Let’s dive into how to keep your toy hauler in tip-top shape!

Routine Care and Cleaning

  • Exterior Wash: Wash the exterior with a gentle soap and water mixture to remove dirt and road grime.
  • Interior Clean-Up: For the inside, vacuum and wipe down all surfaces regularly to keep it fresh and inviting.
  • Frame Inspection: As most small toy haulers, like the Forest River Geo Pro G19FBTH, have aluminum frames, it’s important to check for any signs of stress or damage.

Preventive Measures for Longevity

The key to longevity is prevention. Here’s what to focus on to ensure your toy hauler is always ready for adventure:

  • UV Protection: To guard against fading and damage from UV rays, use protective covers and UV-inhibiting products.
  • Sealant Checks: Regularly inspect the seals around windows and doors, and reapply sealant as needed to prevent water damage.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Water Leaks: If you spot a leak, find the source and seal it immediately. During a hose spray down, having someone inside the toy hauler helps to spot any incoming water.
  • Frame Maintenance: Since the frame is the backbone of the toy hauler, any unusual sounds or alterations in towing behavior prompt you to do a thorough check. For small haulers with an aluminum frame, it’s imperative to ensure there isn’t any structural damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the top-rated brands for compact toy haulers to consider?

When you’re on the hunt for quality, brands like Forest River, Cruiser RV, and Thor Industries often come up in discussions. In particular, the Forest River Geo Pro and Cruiser RV Stryker are notable mentions, praised for their balance of amenities and compact size.

Where can I find a small toy hauler for purchase, and are there options available both new and used?

To snag a small toy hauler, your best bets are RV dealerships, online marketplaces like RV Trader, and local listings. They’re definitely out there in both new and pre-loved conditions, so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain that ticks all your boxes!

How do the floor plans vary in smaller toy haulers, particularly in regards to space utilization?

Floor plans in small toy haulers are a marvel of efficiency. You’ll find flexible living spaces that often convert into storage for your “toys”, cleverly designed kitchenettes, and multi-functional sleeping areas. It’s like a little puzzle, with each piece perfectly in place for maximum livability.

Can you find small toy haulers that include full bathroom amenities?

Absolutely, you don’t have to forego the conveniences of home. Many small toy haulers manage to pack in full bathrooms with all the essentials: a shower, toilet, and sink. It’s like having a little spa retreat on wheels.

What are the best places to look for small toy haulers that are available for sale locally?

Start with a local RV dealership or check out community boards. Local fairs and RV shows can also be goldmines for finding the perfect compact hauler nearby. It’s a great chance to chat with current owners and potentially find a deal right in your backyard.

Are there any lightweight toy haulers that offer convenience without compromising on the essential features?

For sure, manufacturers have been stepping up their game. Take the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G16FBTH, a champion of the lightweight category, tipping the scales at just over 3,433 lbs. You get all the necessities without the weight dragging you down.

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