Communicating with Your Host

So, you’ve booked a fantastic vacation rental through Lake. Before you embark on your dream getaway, remember the importance of communicating with your host. 

Feel free to contact your host with any questions or concerns about the booking. It’s better to clarify any doubts ahead of time rather than arrive unprepared. Your host will likely appreciate your initiative and attentiveness.

When messaging the host, maintain a friendly and respectful tone, just like you would in a conversation with a new acquaintance or a friend. Be concise and specific when asking questions or sharing information.

Here are a few key topics you should consider discussing with your host:

  • Check-in and check-out: Confirm the check-in and check-out times to ensure a smooth transition to and from your stay.
  • Key access: If it’s not mentioned in the listing description, ask the host how to access the rental, whether it’s a physical key, lockbox, or electronic lock.
  • House rules: Familiarize yourself with specific rules for your stay, such as quiet hours, parking, or pet restrictions.
  • Amenities: If you need clarification on the amenities included, double-check with the host to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Ideally, you should engage with your host soon after booking and continue as needed until your arrival. This approach allows your host to be better prepared and provide personalized assistance.

Remember that staying at a vacation rental is not the same as staying at a hotel, so always treat your host with the same courtesy you’d expect in return. Effective and considerate communication will set the stage for a fantastic stay.


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