Accessing Host Support

A wealth of resources and help is available to assist you in providing the best experience for your guests and maximizing your income.

Getting Help From Dedicated Customer Support

A dedicated customer support team is here to help with various issues. For instance, Lake offers a 24/7 customer support line at 1-833-640-3240, with different phone numbers available for specific countries.  

International callers can always reach a Lake representative at +1-226-794-5744.

Make sure to save the contact number for your area so you can reach out whenever assistance is needed. 

Besides phone support, online help centers can guide you through troubleshooting issues, cancellations, and property listing management.

You can always email, and you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours.

Viewing Online Resources

To further enhance your hosting skills, look for educational resources provided by Lake. These could include downloadable ebooks, webinars, or video tutorials covering topics such as guest experience, property marketing, or income management.

By connecting with fellow hosts, seeking help from support teams, and using the resources provided by your platform, you can navigate through any challenges and ensure the best experience for your guests.

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