Staying on Top of Platform Improvements

Staying informed of the latest updates and improvements on Lake is key to maximizing your success as a host. 

Here are the best ways to stay informed:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter: You’ll receive our monthly newsletter because you’ve joined Lake and listed at least one property.
  • Follow us on social media: Big announcements get posted across all major social platforms.  Find us on all social media sites @lakedotcom 
  • Listen to the Lake Life podcast: You’ll hear announcements and updates on them in our podcast.  Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, be it Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Attending Webinars Or Watch the Replay

From time to time, we run webinars that include content from an expert in the industry, a presentation, and time for questions and answers.  Register for the webinar in advance, as they are often limited to 500 attendees. If you can’t attend live, catch the reply.  Replays are only sent to those who registered.

Staying Subscribed to the Newsletter

To ensure you’re always in the loop, subscribe to our host newsletter, tailored to bring you the latest features, tips, and strategic advice directly to your inbox. Make sure to enable notifications in your account settings — this way, you’ll receive real-time alerts about new tools and updates as soon as they go live.

Visiting Community Forums

Additionally, regularly visit host community forums and blogs, where you can find in-depth articles and discussions about recent changes and enhancements. 

These resources are designed for you — to empower you with knowledge and to foster a thriving hosting experience on our platform.

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