Connecting with Other Hosts

Learn from their experiences, get advice on managing your property, and keep up-to-date with industry trends. So, where can you find these communities and start connecting with fellow hosts?

Joining Online Forums Focused on the Vacation Rental Industry

One great place to start is by joining forums dedicated to vacation rental hosts. Here, you can find a wealth of information on topics ranging from guest communication to attracting potential guests. 

Some popular vacation rental forums include the Community from HomeAway, which has sections like “New to renting,” “Get more bookings,” and “Interacting with guests.” Another option is the Airbnb Community Center, where hosts can ask questions, share advice, and discuss various hosting topics.

Participating in Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups

You can also connect with like-minded hosts through Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups. Search for groups specifically for vacation rental hosts, such as the New to Short Term Rentals, Airbnb, and Hosting Facebook groups. These groups allow members to share tips, ask questions, and collaborate on projects. Remember that some groups might require a membership request and have rules for participating in discussions.

Going to a Meetup

Another great option is to participate in local host clubs or meetups. These clubs, like the ones provided by Airbnb’s Host-to-Host support, offer the opportunity to connect with hosts in your area, both online and in person. By attending meetups and events in your city, you can create a support network of local hosts and share knowledge unique to your region.

Speaking To Another Host in a Private Call or Meeting

Recognize the power of direct communication with other hosts. 

Use social media platforms or contact them through forums to engage in one-on-one conversations. 

Ask if the other host would consider a one-on-one meeting via Zoom,  Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or your preferred video conferencing software. These connections can lead to valuable friendships and partnerships within the vacation rental community.

Remember, connecting with fellow hosts is an excellent way to grow and improve your vacation rental business. So, start exploring these communities and support networks today, and make lasting connections with hosts worldwide.

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