Providing Local Recommendations

One of the joys of hosting is making the guests’ stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible. One way you can do that is by providing local recommendations. 

As a host, this enhances your guest’s experience and helps you stay competitive in the market.

Why provide local recommendations?

Guests appreciate knowing about local attractions, eateries, and events happening in the area. It helps them make the most of their stay by giving them a taste of authentic, local experiences. Plus, personalized touchpoints can positively impact your reviews and increase the likelihood of direct bookings for your property.

Suggesting Tailored Experiences

Expand your local recommendations beyond basic suggestions. Understand your guest’s preferences and tailor your recommendations to suit their needs. For example, recommend family-friendly attractions, romantic restaurants for couples, or high-energy nightlife for younger guests. Offer a wide range of options to cater to differing tastes and ensure memorable experiences for your guests.

Creating a Digital Guidebook

Consider creating a digital guidebook using tools like YourWelcome or Hostfully to give your guests access to your recommendations. These guidebooks contain essential information about the property, nearby attractions, and insider tips that only a local, such as yourself, would know. Moreover, they can be easily accessed through your guest’s smartphone, making their exploration hassle-free.

Integrating with Guest Communication Tools

For seamless interactions with guests, integrate your digital guidebook with communication tools like Unified Inbox, which enables easy communication through various online channels. This further allows your guests to promptly reach you for any queries, clarifications, or assistance.

Ensure that the digital guidebook is routinely updated, catering to the variations in local events, seasonal attractions, new hotspots, or any major changes in local transportation.

Going the extra mile to provide local recommendations can elevate guests’ experiences. It showcases your commitment and dedication to your properties, ultimately creating a loyal customer base and increasing your bookings.

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