Agreeing to the Terms of Service

When you start hosting on an online vacation rental platform, it’s essential to adhere to Lake’s policies and standards, ensuring a positive experience for both you and your guests. 

Here are the key areas to focus on:

Marketing and promotion: Showcase your property in the best light using high-quality photos and compelling, accurate descriptions of your space. Additionally, you can offer competitive pricing and adjust promotions according to market trends or local events at your lake or city.

Calendar and listing details: To avoid misunderstandings and disappointment, update your property’s availability accurately on Lake’s calendar and provide detailed, truthful information about the property in the listing. Be transparent about pricing what amenities you offer, and set clear ground rules to manage expectations.

Cancellations: Sometimes, guests might inevitably need to cancel their reservation. Be upfront about your cancellation policy and choose one that balances flexibility and reliability. Be aware of Lake’s guidelines around cancellations and follow them.

Check-in: A smooth check-in process leaves a good first impression! Be clear about your check-in time, method of check-in, and what the guests should expect when they arrive. Provide accurate directions to your property and make sure it is easily accessible.

Privacy: As a host, you should respect your guests’ privacy. Make it a priority to communicate openly with them about any security measures, such as surveillance cameras or smart locks, that you have implemented on the property. Remember to disclose this information in your listing details to avoid surprises during their stay.

Health and safety: Keeping your space safe and healthy is critical. Be proactive in implementing required health and safety measures, such as a common five-step enhanced cleaning process during the pandemic. Ensure your property is free of hazards like blocked fire exits and show that you care about the guest’s well-being.

Customer support: Be responsive and professional when interacting with your guests. Be prepared to handle issues that may arise during their stay, and always report any problems to Lake’s customer support.

By adhering to these terms and policies, you contribute to the overall economic benefits of the online vacation rental platform and play a part in revolutionizing the travel industry. 

Your guests’ satisfaction starts with your effort and dedication to providing a great hosting experience.

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