Knowing the Policies and Standards

At Lake, we have distinct hosting requirements and guidelines to provide guests with safe, comfortable, and enjoyable stays. 

By understanding these rules, you’ll know what to expect and be better equipped to meet the expectations of both Lake and your future guests. Issues such as reservation commitments, timely communication, listing accuracy, and cleanliness should be top priorities for hosts.

Reading The Policies and Standards

Take the time needed to read through the policies and standards set to ensure guests have a memorable experience.

  • Community Guidelines
  • Hosting Standards
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Pet Policy
  • Service Animal Policy
  • Accessibility Policy
  • Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • Terms of Service

By considering these policies and the details they cover, you’ll gain even more confidence that you’re in the right place, and the listing with Lake is a great decision.  

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