Supporting Accessibility Needs

Accommodating a guest’s accessibility needs is a great way to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

Highlighting Your Property’s Accessibility Features

In your account, navigate to your listing and select from a list of accessibility options that your property has.

These are the features you can select:

  • Step-free guest entrance
  • Step-free route to guest entrance
  • Guest entrance wider than 32 inches
  • Accessible parking spot
  • Step-free bedroom access
  • Bedroom entryway wider than 32 inches
  • Step-free bathroom access
  • Bathroom entryway wider than 32 inches
  • Shower or bath chair
  • Step-free shower
  • Toilet grab bars
  • Shower grab bars
  • Ceiling or mobile hoist

Communicating Your Readiness To Meet Accessibility Needs

Be proactive and ask your guests about any specific accessibility requirements they may have. This can be done via Lake’s messaging system or through automated guest messaging. Remember to be friendly and conversational when doing so. Providing clear, concise information about things like wifi connectivity and safety measures in your rental property.

Making Your Property More Accessible

When it comes to physical accessibility, think about the layout and design of your rental space. Does it have features like ramps, grab bars, or wide doors for wheelchair users? If not, consider making some of these improvements, as they can significantly improve the comfort and ease of use for guests with disabilities.

Now, let’s talk about comfort. Provide a range of options for your guests, such as easy-to-reach light switches, adjustable thermostats, and accessible plug sockets. 

Also, don’t forget the small touches that can make a big difference, like having a comfortable seating area and plenty of space for guests to move around easily.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Be open to special requests from guests and do your best to accommodate them
  • Provide detailed instructions to help guests navigate your rental property
  • Ensure your online listing accurately reflects your rental’s accessibility features

By following these guidelines and putting in the effort to accommodate guests with accessibility needs, you’ll provide a positive experience and expand your potential customer base.

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