Enjoying Amenities

When you arrive at your rental, take a walk around the property and note the location of each amenity. It’s also a good idea to locate any available manuals or guides for the appliances and devices in the rental. Be respectful of the owner’s property and use the amenities responsibly.

Some common amenities provided by vacation rental platforms include:

  • WiFi: Almost every vacation rental offers free WiFi these days, ensuring you can remain connected during your stay. Ensure you obtain the network name and password upon arrival, likely in a guest book, or check the property listing for this information.
  • Kitchen appliances: A fully functional kitchen, equipped with a coffee maker, stove, oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher, is often available at vacation rentals, enabling you to prepare and enjoy meals while at your temporary residence. On arrival, locate the kitchen appliances and any available instructions.
  • Air conditioning and heating: Comfort is a top priority for all guests, and vacation rental properties typically offer air conditioning and heating systems to maintain a pleasant environment. Familiarize yourself with the temperature control settings upon arriving at the property.
  • Entertainment: Many vacation rentals have TVs, streaming services, and gaming consoles. Be sure to inquire or check the property listing about available entertainment options and any necessary login information.

In case of any questions or issues regarding the amenities, don’t hesitate to reach out to the property owner or manager through Lake. They’ll gladly assist you and ensure you have an enjoyable stay.



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