Following Check-In Procedures

Once your booking is secured, it’s time to turn your attention to check-in. 

A few days before your arrival, watch for your host’s messages. They might provide you with check-in instructions, such as an access code to a lockbox, or arrange a time for an in-person key hand-off. 

Keep the lines of communication open, and don’t hesitate to contact your host with any questions.

Some key points for a smooth check-in process include:

  • Confirming your arrival time with your host
  • Reviewing the check-in instructions provided by the host
  • Making a note of any specific property access details (e.g., keypad code, lockbox location)
  • Keeping your host informed of your travel updates or any delays

During your stay, remember to maintain open communication with your host. Lake has a built-in messaging tool, making guest-to-host communication a breeze. Use the messages feature to ask your host questions about the property or seek recommendations for local activities.

A successful check-in process begins with securing your booking and payment on the online vacation rental platform. Follow the host’s instructions, communicate regularly, and you’ll be all set.


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