Overview of OwnerRez

OwnerRez is recognized as an industry leader in the vacation rental management platform domain, designed to meet the demands of owners who require efficiency in managing their properties. Embracing the power of automation and integration, OwnerRez ensures that your brand stands out in the competitive vacation rental sector.

The CEO Paul Waldschmidt and Founding Story

Paul Waldschmidt, CEO of OwnerRez, had his own share of frustrations with vacation rental management — complexities of scheduling, handling reservations, and the overwhelming paperwork. His experiences became the catalyst for developing OwnerRez, born out of a necessity to simplify and automate the process.

Key Milestones of OwnerRez

Since its inception, OwnerRez has marked several key milestones:

  • Advanced Automation: Simplifying tasks that were once manual and time-consuming.
  • Flexible Pricing: Offering a range of packages to suit both small homeowners and large property managers.
  • Expanding User Base: Gaining the trust of users who rely on reliable customer support and robust features.

Target Audience

OwnerRez caters to a diverse audience, from small-scale property owners to large management firms, ensuring their unique needs are addressed. If you are looking for a management platform that prioritizes your brand and streamlines operations, OwnerRez could be your solution.

Through user-friendly interfaces and customizable features, OwnerRez enables you to manage your vacation rental business effectively, whether you’re just starting out or are already an established player in the industry.

Core PMS Features

core features

OwnerRez provides robust tools designed to streamline your vacation rental business. Whether you’re juggling multiple listings or focusing on the perfect guest experience, these core features have got your back.

Listing and Channel Management

Want to broadcast your properties to the world? With channel management, you can easily synchronize your listings across top booking platforms. This integration means your calendar stays up to date, avoiding those pesky double bookings. Plus, it’s all in one place—no more tab hopping!

Booking and Reservation System

Now, let’s talk reservations. OwnerRez’s booking system is smart. It not only keeps track of your guests’ stays but also provides detailed reports. Imagine having all that info at your fingertips—cool, huh?

  • CRM: Keep guest details organized
  • Bookings: Manage with ease and precision

Payment Processing

Getting paid should be the easy part, right? Well, with OwnerRez, it is. Their payment processing tools handle transactions smoothly, leaving you and your guests with one less thing to worry about.

  • Properties: Secure payments for your rentals
  • Integration: Fits right into your workflow

Guest Communication

Ever had a message get lost in the shuffle? With OwnerRez’s unified messaging system, all your guest communications are in one place. Quick, personalized responses? Yes, please!

Automation Features

Your time’s valuable, so let OwnerRez take some tasks off your plate. Their automation features handle the repetitive stuff, like sending out check-in instructions. It’s like having a tireless helper who doesn’t need coffee breaks.

  • Bookings: Auto reminders and updates
  • CRM: Auto-generated guest profiles


Deciding on the right vacation rental software is a big move for your business, isn’t it? The right choice can make a world of difference, and that’s where OwnerRez steps in. Let’s break down the costs and peek at how it sizes up against other options out there.

Pricing Structure

OwnerRez understands that every property is unique, just like you. So they offer tiered pricing options that grow with your business. Starting at $40 per month for a single property, you can expand your empire and only pay an additional $15 for your next property and progressively more as you add more properties. No surprises here, just clear, per-property pricing that includes all the essentials, such as unlimited bookings and access to a suite of tools.

Contract Period

Feel trapped by long-term commitments? With OwnerRez, wave goodbye to contracts and hello to flexibility. They operate on a monthly basis, giving you the freedom to opt in and out. They also understand the importance of try-before-you-buy with their 14-day free trial. So dip your toes in, risk-free!

Comparison with Competitors

But how does OwnerRez hold up against the crowd? Users rave on platforms like G2 and TrustPilot that OwnerRez holds its own when it comes to features and user experience against competitors. It’s all about getting quality software that pays for itself in efficiency and guest satisfaction. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

User Interface and Experience

When you step into the world of property management with OwnerRez, you’re greeted with an interface that aims to streamline your management tasks and elevate your experience. Let’s explore just how they manage to keep things user-friendly while offering powerful tools.

Ease of Use

OwnerRez prides itself on easy-to-navigate dashboards that bring vacation rental management to your fingertips. Have you ever wanted to feel like a tech wizard without the complex spells? Think of the website builder: it’s noted for allowing users to craft a custom website in a flash—with most needing little to no technical expertise.

Design and Navigation

The design aesthetic and navigation within OwnerRez are clear-cut, guiding you naturally from one task to the next. Can you imagine finding every tool you need in one place, just a click away? Imagine no more! The platform is committed to intuitive design, ensuring that finding integrations, adjusting settings, or accessing the user portal feels seamless.

Mobile Compatibility

Not tethered to a desk? No problem! In today’s on-the-go world, a mobile-friendly application is a necessity. OwnerRez strides into the mobile arena with an interface that keeps up. Need to check bookings or communicate with guests while in line for coffee? The mobile experience has you covered, easily accessible from various mobile app stores, giving you a property management command center in your pocket.

Performance and Reliability

When you’re managing properties, you need a system that won’t let you down. With OwnerRez, performance and reliability are at the core, ensuring your operations are smooth and secure. Let’s take a deeper look into what this means for you.

Speed and Uptime

How frustrating is it when a system lags? With OwnerRez, speed is part of the package. They boast impressive uptime stats, ensuring you have access to your management tools whenever you need them. Through a combination of state-of-the-art servers and effective coding, the platform is designed for responsiveness, because every second counts in the hospitality industry.

Data Security

In today’s digital age, data security is not just a feature, it’s a necessity. OwnerRez understands this and employs robust measures to keep your data under lock and key. Encryption, regular backups, and secure server architectures are just the beginning. What’s more, they’re tight-lipped on sharing your sensitive information with third parties, because your trust is their priority.

By choosing OwnerRez, you’re opting for a system that’s swift, secure, and certified. Whether you’re checking in on a reservation or auditing your financials, this platform stands by to keep your operations uninterrupted and your data protected. Isn’t that a comforting thought?

Integration and Scalability


When you’re managing vacation rentals, seamless integration and scalability are key. Let’s explore how OwnerRez not only connects you with popular travel platforms but also integrates with vital tools for your business, all while allowing you to scale effortlessly.

Travel Platform Connections & Partnership Status

Ready to expand your reach? OwnerRez integrates with major travel platforms, which means your properties get maximum exposure. You’ll find partnerships with companies like Airbnb and Vrbo, simplifying the management of property content, rates, and availability. This kind of integration ensures that your listings are current and consistent across the board.

Integration with Other Tools

Beyond travel platforms, OwnerRez syncs with a variety of tools to streamline your operations. Think accounting software that tracks your finances, to cleaning services that keep your properties spotless. Even maintenance help is a click away, ensuring that all aspects of property management are covered and collaboration is as smooth as butter.

  • Accounting: Integral for keeping your books in check.
  • Housekeeping: Schedule cleanings without the clutter of back-and-forth communication.
  • Maintenance: Quick fixes are easy when your tools talk to each other.


As your business grows, so should your software. OwnerRez rises to the occasion, designed for scalability. Whether you’re adding a new property or expanding your service offerings, OwnerRez’s architecture supports your growth every step of the way. It’s not just about growing; it’s about growing smart—with a system that adapts to your needs.

Great software grows with you, doesn’t it? That’s why, with OwnerRez, you’re poised to take on more bookings and streamline your operations, all while keeping the nitty-gritty details under control.

Customer Support and Resources Offered by OwnerRez

OwnerRez extends its supportive hand to ensure you’re never alone in your vacation rental management journey. From the moment you kickstart your experience with OwnerRez, you’ll find comprehensive resources and support to guide you every step of the way.


Embarking on your OwnerRez adventure? The Onboarding process is crafted to get you up and running swiftly. It includes:

  • Setup Wizard: Intuitively guides you through adding properties, setting up rates, and tailoring seasons.
  • New Registration Requirements: Bridges gap between initial registration and beginning smooth operations.

Support Channels

Stuck or need a helping hand? Various Support Channels are at your disposal:

  • 24/7 Support: Provides round-the-clock assistance, ensuring help is always a click away.
  • Live Chat & Email: Quick and responsive, offering human connections to solve your queries.
  • Phone Support: Sometimes, a friendly voice is what you need to sort things out effectively.

Training and Educational Resources

Aim to become a rental maestro? OwnerRez enriches your learning through:

  • Articles & Updates: Stay informed on the latest features and industry best practices.
  • Tutorial Videos: Visual learners, rejoice! Access a bounty of step-by-step guides.
  • Forums: Engage in community-driven wisdom, exchanging stories and advice with peers.

OwnerRez is invested in your success, ensuring no question is left unanswered and no issue unresolved. Through their committed support and myriad educational offerings, you’re not just using a platform, you’re joining a community of seasoned vacation rental aficionados.

Pros and Cons of OwnerRez

pros and cons

Choosing the right vacation rental software can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, right? If you’re eyeing OwnerRez, you’ve likely heard that it streamlines property management and offers a suite of tools to support your rental business. But no system is without its quirks, so let’s dive in and examine the upsides and the limitations that come with it.


Ease of Use:

  • High User Ratings suggest that users appreciate how straightforward OwnerRez is to operate, making tasks from booking to management more manageable. According to Software Advice, users find the platform welcoming and user-friendly.


  • With its robust property management module, OwnerRez aims to simplify the management of single to multiple properties. Users have noted solid third-party integrations, which are essential for keeping everything running smoothly. The ability to integrate with channels like Vrbo, AirBnb, and Booking.com is particularly highlighted in G2 reviews.


  • When it comes to needing a hand, OwnerRez boasts exceptional customer service, praised by users for being responsive and helpful as mentioned on Capterra.


Learning Curve:

  • While generally considered user-friendly, new users may need some time to get up to speed with all the features OwnerRez offers. Getting the most out of the software’s functionality could initially be a bit challenging for some.

Integration Overhead:

  • Despite the strong integration capabilities, you might find the need to work with multiple third-party services to ensure seamless operation. This, as indicated by some GetApp reviews, might entail a bit more complexity if you’re not tech-savvy.

By breaking down OwnerRez’s pros and cons, you should now have a clearer picture of how it can impact your vacation rental business. Remember, the perfect software isn’t about having zero cons; it’s about finding a balance that harmonizes with your operational needs and preferences.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In wrapping up, it’s evident how OwnerRez might fit into your business framework, whether you’re just starting out or managing a portfolio of properties.

Final Thoughts on the Software

OwnerRez is designed to streamline vacation rental management at every turn. Your time is precious, and with features like direct booking and automated guest communications, you’re looking at a platform that values efficiency as much as you do. When it comes to pricing, you’ll find that it becomes more cost-effective if you have multiple properties, ensuring that as your business grows, your software solution scales with you.

Recommendations for Specific Types of Users or Business Sizes

  • For Small Property Owners: If you’re overseeing one or a few properties, OwnerRez’s entry-level pricing makes it accessible, equipping you with professional tools without overwhelming your budget.
  • For Large Property Managers: With a business managing numerous listings, automations and integrations available on OwnerRez can save you countless hours. The software tailors itself to your growing needs, helping you to keep your focus on scaling up.
  • For Those Seeking Customization: Both small homeowners and large property managers can appreciate OwnerRez’s flexibility. Your own branding and unique workflows are welcomed here, creating a personalized approach to vacation rental software that fully manages your channel listings.

Frequently Asked Questions

OwnerRez provides an array of tools and features that can enhance your experience as a vacation rental owner. Let’s dive into some common questions to help you navigate your way through using this platform.

What are the best practices for integrating OwnerRez with other vacation rental services?

To ensure seamless integration with services like booking channels and website builders, use OwnerRez’s comprehensive connecting options. Prioritize consistency in your branding and communication to make the most of these collaborations.

Can I manage my properties on-the-go with an OwnerRez mobile app?

Currently, OwnerRez does not offer a dedicated mobile app. However, their systems are optimized for mobile, allowing you to manage your properties via a mobile browser effectively.

How can I customize the OwnerRez logo to fit my vacation rental brand?

With OwnerRez’s WebAssist, you can tailor your website, including customizing the OwnerRez logo, to reflect your brand’s uniqueness and align it perfectly with your marketing strategy.

What are some standout features of the OwnerRez API that benefit vacation rental owners?

The OwnerRez API offers robust features like automated messaging, dynamic pricing, and synchronized bookings, which streamline management tasks and enhance guest communication.

What types of accounting features does OwnerRez offer to help me manage my vacation rental finances?

OwnerRez comes with several accounting functionalities such as tracking payments, handling expenses, and generating financial reports, supporting the financial health of your vacation rental business.

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