Discover Niagara Falls State Park

Niagara Falls State Park, designed by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, offers breathtaking views and thrilling adventures at every turn.

Picture yourself taking in the misty grandeur of Niagara Falls, exploring over 400 acres of lush terrain, and experiencing the park’s rich history. Established in 1885, it proudly holds the title of America’s Oldest State Park and is found in the vibrant state of New York.

Visiting spots like Prospect Point or taking a ride on the Niagara Scenic Trolley adds layers to your adventure, creating lasting memories. The park also features a variety of interactive exhibits and awe-inspiring points of interest, like the Observation Tower and Niagara Adventure Theater.


Top 3 Facts about Niagara Falls State Park


Oldest State Park in the USA

Niagara Falls State Park, established in 1885, is the oldest state park in the United States. It was created to preserve the natural beauty of the falls and the surrounding area.


Home to Three Waterfalls

The park is home to the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and a portion of the Horseshoe Falls. Together, these waterfalls have the highest flow rate of any waterfall in North America.


Cave of the Winds

The Cave of the Winds is one of the park’s most popular attractions. Visitors can take an elevator ride down to the base of the Bridal Veil Falls, where they can walk along a series of wooden walkways that bring them within feet of the rushing water.

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Dogwood Cabin

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Camping and transportation in Niagara Falls State Park

info_iconBackcountry camping permits required for wilderness camping opportunities.

How to Get to Niagara Falls State Park

Getting to Niagara Falls State Park is a breeze whether you’re coming from the United States or Canada, and understanding the entrance requirements ensures you’ll be waterfall-bound with no surprises.

By Car:

  • From the US: Drive through New York state and head towards Niagara Falls, following signs for the park.
  • From Canada: Make your way to the Rainbow Bridge, a friendly border crossing that will bring you right into the heart of Niagara Falls, NY.

By Public Transportation:

  • Buses and shuttles run frequently to the park from various nearby locations, including hotels and airports.

Places to Stay Near Niagara Falls State Park

There are several accommodation options near Niagara Falls State Park to suit different preferences and budgets:

  1. Hotels and Motels: There are numerous hotels and motels in Niagara Falls, NY, and Niagara Falls, Ontario, ranging from budget-friendly to luxury resorts. Many hotels offer views of the falls or are within walking distance.
  2. Vacation Rentals: and other vacation rental platforms offer a variety of accommodations, including apartments, condos, and houses, which can be a great option for families or larger groups looking for more space and privacy.
  3. Campgrounds: For those who prefer camping, there are campgrounds nearby where you can pitch a tent or park an RV, such as the Niagara Falls North KOA or Four Mile Creek State Park.
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Best Time to Go to Niagara Falls State Park



Ah, summer at the falls—peak season alert! Temperatures are comfortably basking in the 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit range. It’s prime time, and you’ve got all the attractions at full throttle, including the famous Maid of the Mist boat tour. Yes, there will be crowds, and yes, hotels hit their price peak. That’s the price for summer fun, right?



Bundle up, brave the chill, and you’ll find the falls in a quieter, more frozen state, with temperatures hovering between 21-30 degrees Fahrenheit. Want more good news? The hotel rates are at their lowest. February, much like January, is cold but magestic—Niagara Falls State Park takes on a serene snowy persona, and indoor attractions stay toasty and inviting.



Niagara Falls shakes off its icy cloak as the snow melts, and the crowds become thinner. Average temperatures are a cool 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also the time hotel rates tend to be more reasonable. While you might catch a bit of rain, the sight of the falls reclaiming its might is stunning—just bring a good raincoat!

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Must-See Attractions

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Niagara Falls

Of course, the main attractions are the falls, including the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and the iconic Horseshoe Falls. Viewing platforms and pathways along the river provide different perspectives of these magnificent waterfalls.

Maid of the Mist

This iconic boat tour takes visitors right into the mist of the Horseshoe Falls. It’s a thrilling experience that offers a close-up view of the powerful cascade and the opportunity to feel the sheer force of the falls.

Cave of the Winds

Located at the base of the Bridal Veil Falls, this attraction allows visitors to get up close to the falls on a series of wooden walkways and decks. You can feel the spray of the falls and experience the power of nature up close.

Helpful Tips: Making The Most of Your Adventure to Niagara Falls State Park

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Check the park’s website or call ahead to confirm opening hours, parking availability, and any special events or closures that might affect your visit.

Pack Appropriately

Dress Appropriately

Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear suitable for walking and getting wet from mist near the falls. It can be cooler near the water, so consider dressing in layers.

Respect Wildlife

Explore Different Viewpoints

Take advantage of the park’s various viewpoints and attractions to see Niagara Falls from different angles. Popular spots include Prospect Point, Luna Island, and Three Sisters Islands.

Stay Informed

Visit During Off-Peak Hours

If possible, visit early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the busiest times and enjoy a more relaxed experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Niagara Falls State Park

The park is open year-round, 24 hours a day. Some attractions and facilities within the park have specific operating hours, so it’s best to check ahead of your visit.

Visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking, picnicking, scenic drives, boat tours (like the Maid of the Mist), visiting observation towers, and exploring visitor centers and museums.

Yes, the park offers accessibility features such as wheelchair-accessible paths, ramps, and facilities. Some attractions like the Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds also have accommodations for visitors with disabilities.

Swimming is not allowed within Niagara Falls State Park due to dangerous currents and steep drop-offs near the falls and in the Niagara River. However, there are nearby beaches and swimming areas in the region.

Yes, guided tours such as the Maid of the Mist boat tour, Cave of the Winds tour, and guided hikes are available seasonally. These tours provide informative experiences with knowledgeable guides.

Yes, pets are allowed in the park, but they must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times. They are not allowed in buildings, on tours, or in areas where they could disturb or endanger wildlife.

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