01 / Ice Fishing

Ice fishing draws anglers to Nebraska’s frozen lakes and reservoirs. One of the prominent locations for ice fishing is Lake McConaughy, Nebraska’s largest reservoir, known for its abundant fish population. Anglers drill holes in the thick ice to hook species like Walleye, Perch, and Northern Pike. Branched Oak Lake, near Lincoln, and Harlan County Reservoir are also popular ice fishing destinations, providing opportunities for a variety of catches.

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02 / Cross Country Skiing

Nebraska may not have mountainous terrain, but the state offers several parks and nature reserves that provide groomed trails suitable for cross-country skiing. One such destination is Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, where visitors can glide through the winter landscape, enjoying the crisp air and the peaceful ambiance of snow-covered trails. Indian Cave State Park is another favorite, offering cross-country skiers a chance to explore wooded areas and open fields while surrounded by the quiet beauty of winter. These trails cater to skiers of various skill levels, making the activity accessible for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

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03 / Snowmobiling

Nebraska boasts designated snowmobiling trails that wind through its diverse terrain. Areas such as Chadron and Valentine are popular for snowmobiling, providing riders with scenic vistas and opportunities to experience the beauty of Nebraska’s winter season. Snowmobilers can traverse through open fields, wooded areas, and rolling hills. Whether navigating the snow-covered Sandhills or exploring the bluffs, snowmobiling in Nebraska allows riders to connect with the state’s natural beauty in a unique and exhilarating way.

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Are you planning a vacation to the beautiful state of Nebraska? One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy a comfortable stay is by choosing a vacation rental. 

Nebraska offers a variety of vacation rentals for travelers who enjoy being close to nature. 

Popular Vacation Rental Locations

Vacation Rentals in Omaha

Are you looking for a comfy stay in Omaha? There are plenty of vacation rentals available to cater to your needs. You’ll find the perfect accommodation, from spacious ranches perfect for the entire family to modern apartments with all the amenities. Some popular options include 4-bedroom ranches, which can sleep up to 16 guests, and condos on golf courses.

Vacation Rentals in Lincoln

In Lincoln, you can choose from a variety of vacation rentals. Whether you prefer a cozy apartment or a large house to accommodate your family and friends, there’s something for everyone. These rentals usually come with top-notch amenities like Wi-Fi, private pools, and fully-equipped kitchens for a comfortable stay.

Vacation Rentals in Kearney

Kearney offers vacation rentals for travelers seeking a relaxing getaway. Expect a good mix of houses and apartments with various amenities, including Wi-Fi and pet-friendly options. Remember to explore the local attractions during your stay in Kearney and make the most of your vacation.

Vacation Rentals in North Platte

Plan your vacation in North Platte and enjoy various vacation rentals, from cozy apartments to spacious houses. With amenities such as Wi-Fi, private pools, and well-equipped kitchens, you’ll feel at home during your stay. North Platte boasts scenic beauty and numerous outdoor activities, making it an excellent destination for your next trip.

Unique Stays in Ericson

Consider glamping and camper rentals in Ericson if you seek a unique vacation experience. Fuss-free camping allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort. These unique stays are perfect for those seeking a memorable and adventurous vacation.

Lake House Rentals Near Johnson Lake

Lakehouse rentals near Johnson Lake offer the perfect escape for travelers seeking a waterfront retreat. Enjoy breathtaking views, private docks, and easy access to water activities like fishing, boating, and swimming.

Types of Vacation Rentals

Nebraska Farmhouses and Ranches

Are you looking for a peaceful and serene vacation spot in Nebraska? Farmhouses and ranch cabins offer a rustic and immersive experience amidst Nebraska’s beautiful countryside. Many of these rentals come with unique amenities such as horseback riding, outdoor fire pits for chilly evenings, and proximity to state parks and attractions.

Cottages for Rent

When planning a cozy getaway, consider renting a charming cottage nestled in the scenic landscapes of Nebraska. These vacation rentals offer a warm and inviting atmosphere for couples and small families. With all the comforts of home, you can create lasting memories during your stay.

6-Bedroom Houses for Large Groups

You’ll find many spacious six-bedroom vacation rentals. These well-equipped homes provide ample space for family reunions and large gatherings. Amenities like Wi-Fi, games rooms, and modern kitchens ensure everyone will be comfortable.

  • Sleeps 16 people comfortably
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • Ample amenities to keep guests entertained

Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals

Look for pet-friendly vacation rentals that allow dogs and other pets. These rentals often feature enclosed yards and nearby parks, making it convenient for you and your fur babies to enjoy your time together. Double-check the specific pet policies before booking to ensure a seamless stay.

With this variety of vacation rentals available in Nebraska, you can find the perfect spot for your next trip. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes and unique attractions this beautiful state offers, all from the comfort of your chosen home away from home.

Overview of Nebraska Vacation Rentals

Let’s explore some of the top-rated options you can find in Nebraska.

St. Michael House in Tarnov offers a cozy and charming vacation rental experience, perfect for those exploring Nebraska’s fantastic countryside. Similarly, Road 6 Farm Cabins & Lodges offer guests a unique and rustic getaway.

Are you looking for a family-friendly stay close to a city? Nebraska has plenty of vacation rentals that cater to different group sizes and needs. In Omaha, you’ll find Scenic and Secluded Acreage, a spacious property accommodating up to 14 guests. It offers a serene environment outside the city, making it perfect for a getaway with family or friends.

Are you considering a serene stay by a lake? The Family Cabin on the Lake is an exceptional option, just 30 minutes from Omaha. It comfortably sleeps 16 guests and boasts fantastic views of the lake.

If you want a more rustic experience, check out the Cozy Cabin on the River in Kearney. Located near downtown Kearney and sitting on the Platte River, it offers incredible views of Nebraska’s sunrise and sunset. It also has a well-stocked fishing lake right outside the cabin.

Nebraska offers fantastic options for those who enjoy wildlife and magnificent state parks. The Killdeer Nook Guest Cabin and the River Run 2-bedroom Barn Cottage are close to popular attractions like Henry Doorly Zoo and Eugene T. Mahoney State Park.

Amenities in Nebraska Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals with Hot Tubs

Who doesn’t love a relaxing soak in a hot tub after a long day of exploring? Some Nebraska vacation rentals offer this luxurious amenity including cabins in Lake Ericson to farmhouses in the Omaha area, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your needs and preferences.

Vacation Rentals with Internet

In today’s world, having access to the internet is crucial, especially when you’re on a vacation where you need to stay connected with your family, friends, or even work. Many Nebraska vacation rentals provide Wi-Fi as part of their offerings. So whether you need to catch up on emails, stay in touch with loved ones, or simply scroll through your social media feed during your downtime, rest assured that you’ll stay connected.

Cleanliness Standards in Rentals

Hosts and property managers know cleanliness is a top priority for their guests. As a result, you can expect your rental to be in tip-top shape when you arrive. Many of these rentals receive high ratings for cleanliness, ensuring that you and your travel companions have a comfortable and pleasant stay.

RatingsCleanliness Standards
4-starsAbove average
2-starsBelow average

Rentals with Popular Amenities

While staying in a Nebraska vacation rental, you can also find popular amenities to make your stay even more enjoyable. Some of these amenities may include:

  • Fully-equipped kitchens for home-cooked meals
  • Washer and dryer for laundry convenience
  • Outdoor entertainment spaces like patios, decks, and BBQ grills
  • Proximity to attractions like Henry Doorly Zoo or Eugene T. Mahoney State Park

Your perfect accommodation awaits in Nebraska’s vacation rentals. With a wide range of amenities and high standards for cleanliness, you can have a memorable and comfortable experience during your stay.

Seasonal Considerations for Renting

When planning your vacation rental experience in Nebraska, it’s essential to consider the seasonal variations in weather and activities. Let’s explore two popular rental types based on seasonality: fishing rentals and winter vacation rentals.

Best Time for Fishing Rentals

Are you an angling aficionado? Spring is the prime time for fishing rentals in Nebraska. As the weather warms up, you’ll find many fishing opportunities. Nebraska has over 450 fishable lakes and 11,000 miles of rivers and streams, so your options are vast.

For a few bucks, you can get a fishing license before embarking on your angling adventure. Here are some popular fishing locations to consider for your vacation rental:

  • Lake Ericson: Offers panfish, catfish, and trout fishing opportunities.
  • Cedar River: Known for its excellent walleye and northern pike fishing.
  • Wheeler County: A prime spot for bass, crappie, and bluegill fishing.

Be sure to survey available rentals near these prime fishing areas to reel in a great catch, pun intended!

Winter Vacation Rentals

Despite the chilly temperatures, winter in Nebraska can be a magical time for vacation rentals. Covering your lodging in a blanket of snow transforms it into a cozy retreat.

Winter sports enthusiasts can find plenty of activities to keep busy, such as:

Bundling up in warm clothing is a must, as temperatures during winter can dip relatively low. Stay warm, and don’t let the cold deter you from enjoying your vacation to the fullest!

Vacation Rentals in Natural Settings

Check out popular vacation rental options near Sandhills, Platte River, and Oglala National Grassland.

Rentals Near Sandhills

The Sandhills region in Nebraska is characterized by rolling hills, native grasses, and a serene landscape perfect for a getaway. Here, you will find a few vacation rental options to consider:

  • Sunny Brook Camp & Prairie River Outfitter: Located in Sparks, this vacation rental offers canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and tubing opportunities for its guests.
  • Sandhills Retreat Airbnb: Situated in Thedford, this rental allows you to immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings of the Sandhills area.

Rentals Near Platte River

The Platte River is a popular destination for travelers seeking to enjoy water activities and wildlife spotting. Some vacation rentals to consider near the Platte River include:

  • Rafter Lazy P Cabin: This superhost cabin in Bridgeport is close to the North Platte River, offering a calm and peaceful atmosphere for guests to unwind.
  • Scenic and Secluded Acreage: Just outside of Omaha, this rental accommodates up to 14 guests and is perfect for families or friends exploring the Platte River area.

Rentals Near Oglala National Grassland

For those seeking a vacation rental near the Oglala National Grassland, the following options are worth considering:

  • Hattie’s 1898 Homestead: Located near the Grassland, this farmhouse sleeps up to 10 guests and provides a unique experience of historical living.
  • Western Nebraska Vacation Rentals: Vrbo offers a selection of 98 vacation rentals in Western Nebraska, many of which are located close to the Oglala National Grassland. These rentals come with various amenities to suit your needs.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll surely enjoy your stay near these fantastic natural settings in Nebraska. 

Booking Platforms for Vacation Rentals

When planning your trip to Nebraska, finding the perfect accommodation is vital. One way to ensure a comfortable stay is to browse through vacation rental platforms like Lake. They offer a variety of unique properties that can cater to your preferences.

Tips on Booking Your Trip

  • Start by searching for the destination and dates on Airbnb. This platform lets you explore numerous vacation rentals across Nebraska, from cozy cabins near state parks to modern farmhouses in the heart of cities like Omaha or Lincoln.
  • As you browse the available listings, pay attention to the reviews left by previous guests. This can provide valuable insights into your chosen rental’s quality and overall experience.
  • Remember to consider the amenities provided in each vacation rental. List your must-haves, like a fully furnished kitchen or a large fenced backyard for your furry companion.
  • Scan the results, keeping in mind your budget and preferences. You can also sort by property type, such as cabins, vacation cottages, or farmhouses.
  • Once you’ve decided on a property, contact the host with any questions or concerns regarding your stay. Their responsiveness and willingness to assist will give you an idea of what to expect during your vacation.

Following these simple tips and using platforms like Lake, you can book the perfect vacation rental for your Nebraska adventure, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular types of Nebraska vacation rentals?

You will find various vacation rental options in Nebraska to suit your needs. Some popular choices include lakefront homes, cozy cabins, spacious ranches, and modern condos. Depending on your preference, you can find vacation rentals with amenities like air conditioning, WiFi, and even hot tubs to make your stay more comfortable.

Where can I find pet-friendly cabins in Nebraska?

Finding a pet-friendly cabin in Nebraska is easier than you might think. There are a few websites, such as Lake, Rent By Owner™, and Vrbo, where you can filter your search specifically for pet-friendly options.

Are there any secluded cabins in Nebraska for a private getaway?

Yes, there are secluded cabins available in Nebraska for your private getaway. Some options on Lake, Rent By Owner™, and Vrbo include Mama Jens River Cabin Getaway in central Nebraska or The Niobrara Lodge in Valentine.

Can I find cabins in Nebraska with hot tubs?

Many cabins in Nebraska offer hot tubs as one of their amenities. You can find these options on Lake. When searching for your perfect rental, search by amenities to find locations that offer hot tubs. This will help you narrow your choices and ensure you can enjoy a soothing and relaxing soak during your stay.

What options are available for lake house rentals in Nebraska?

Lakehouse rentals are an excellent choice for a vacation in Nebraska. For example, at Lake McConaughy, several rental options are available, such as condos on Bayside Golf Course or the Nebraska Vacation Rental near Lake McConaughy in Brule. Bellevue Home near Omaha also offers a private beach and fire pit for a unique lakefront experience. You can explore these options on Rent By Owner™ or Vrbo.

Can I book a last-minute vacation in Nebraska?

Yes, you can book a last-minute vacation in Nebraska. Websites like Lake, Rent By Owner™, Vrbo, and TripAdvisor offer an array of vacation rental options with immediate availability. To find the perfect last-minute option for your needs, simply filter your search by date and location and browse through the available properties. Be sure to watch for special deals or discounts for last-minute bookings.

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