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Traveling to Omaha is a journey marked by a harmonious blend of cultural vibrancy and Midwestern charm. Nestled along the banks of the Missouri River, this city in Nebraska offers a diverse array of attractions that cater to every traveler’s interests. From the historic cobblestone streets and eclectic shops of the Old Market district to the world-class exhibits at the Henry Doorly Zoo, there’s a unique experience awaiting every visitor. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore scenic parks and walk the iconic Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, while foodies can indulge in the city’s renowned culinary scene, featuring everything from succulent steaks to innovative farm-to-table cuisine.


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Three Fun Facts about Omaha


Birthplace of the Reuben Sandwich

Omaha is credited with being the birthplace of the famous Reuben sandwich. The sandwich, consisting of corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on rye bread, is said to have originated at the Blackstone Hotel in the 1920s.


Strategic Railroad Hub

Due to its central location in the United States, Omaha became a vital railroad hub in the 19th century. The city’s Union Pacific Railroad headquarters played a significant role in connecting the east and west coasts.


Largest Indoor Rainforest in the U.S.

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium features the largest indoor rainforest in the United States. The Lied Jungle provides an immersive experience with waterfalls, lush vegetation, and a variety of wildlife.


Must See Attractions

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Joslyn Art Museum

Speciality Museums

Art lovers, rejoice! The Joslyn Art Museum features an array of accessible exhibits, with everything from ancient to contemporary art. Take a stroll through the galleries at your own pace, and embrace the world of creativity

The Durham Museum

Speciality Museums

Dive into the rich tapestry of the past at The Durham Museum. This cultural gem offers accessible exhibits and allows service animals, ensuring a welcoming experience for all visitors. In this beautiful art deco building, you’ll get to see history come to life and learn something new.

Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium


Ever wanted to explore a jungle or a desert? At the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, you can do just that, and so much more! It’s an accessible adventure where you can come face-to-face with wildlife from across the globe, all without leaving Omaha.

CHI Health Center


Ready for some entertainment? The CHI Health Center is not just for sports and concerts; it’s also a place where everyone can have a great time, thanks to its accessibility for guests of all abilities.

Westroads Mall


If shopping’s your cardio, then Westroads Mall is your gym! You’ll find an array of stores and dining options, all in a comfortable and accessible environment.

Lauritzen Gardens

Nature & Parks

Lauritzen Gardens is a breathtaking botanical oasis where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of meticulously landscaped gardens, seasonal displays, and a captivating arboretum, creating a serene haven for nature enthusiasts and garden admirers alike.

Lakes Near Omaha

Zorinsky Lake

156th and F St Omaha, NEbraska 68135

Located within Omaha, Zorinsky Lake is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and hiking. The lake is surrounded by a scenic trail, providing a great space for outdoor activities.

Distance from Omaha: 17 miles
Activities: Fishing, kayaking, canoeing, biking

Cunningham Lake

8660 Lake Cunningham Rd, Omaha, Nebraska

Situated in Cunningham Lake Park, this lake offers fishing, boating, and picnicking. The park also features walking trails and beautiful views, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Distance from Omaha: 12 miles
Activities: Fishing, picnicking, hiking, kayaking

Flanagan Lake

168th and Fort St, Omaha, Nebraska 68116

This newer addition to Omaha’s recreational spaces, Flanagan Lake, offers fishing, kayaking, and a network of trails for walking and biking.

Distance from Omaha: 17 miles
Activities: Walking, kayaking, fishing, swimming

Secret Fishing Destinations Near Omaha

Carter Lake

809 Carter Lake Shore Dr N, Omaha, Nebraska 68110

Tucked away in the city, Carter Lake, located in both Nebraska and Iowa, can be a hidden gem for local anglers. It offers a variety of fish species, including bass, catfish, and panfish.

Fishing: Boat, dock, shoreline
Species: Largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, carp, sunfish, crappie, pike

Lake Wanahoo

Lake Wanahoo Center, Nebraska 68066

Located northwest of Omaha in Wahoo, Nebraska, Lake Wanahoo is a relatively new reservoir that has become known for its quality fishing. It’s stocked with various fish, and the scenic surroundings make it a serene spot for fishing.

Fishing: Kayak, shoreline
Species: Bass, bluegill, walleye, crappie, pike

Two Rivers State Recreation Area

27702 F St, Waterloo, Nebraska 68069

Situated between Omaha and Lincoln, Two Rivers SRA provides a peaceful setting for fishing. The park has multiple lakes and ponds, offering opportunities to catch bass, bluegill, and catfish.

Fishing: Kayak, shoreline
Species: Trout, crappie, pike, bluegill

Top Hiking Trails

Red Cedar Trail

Platford-Springfield II, Nebraska

Red Cedar Trail, located near Omaha, offers outdoor enthusiasts a scenic escape with its picturesque landscapes and well-maintained paths. This popular trail winds through lush woodlands, providing hikers and bikers with a tranquil setting to explore nature just a short distance from the city.

Distance: 2 miles
Type: Loop
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 63 m
Time to Complete: 1 hour

Dozer Cut, Bunker Hill, and Badger Ridge Trail Loop

Fox Run Ridge, Honey Creek, Iowa 51542

The loop trail forms a captivating hiking circuit near Omaha, offering outdoor enthusiasts a diverse experience through wooded areas and open spaces. This trail, known for its varying terrain and scenic vistas, provides hikers with a rewarding journey that combines the beauty of nature with a touch of adventure.

Distance: 6.3 miles
Type: Loop
Difficulty: Difficult
Elevation Gain: 383 m
Time to Complete: 3 hour

Glenn Cunningham Lake Trail

North Central Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska 68122

Glenn Cunningham Lake Trail, circling the serene waters of Glenn Cunningham Lake in Omaha, is a popular destination for walkers, joggers, and cyclists seeking both exercise and tranquility. The well-maintained trail not only offers stunning views of the lake but also provides a peaceful escape within the city, making it a favorite spot for outdoor recreation.

Distance: 7 miles
Type: Loop
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 66 m
Time to Complete: 2.5 hours

Best Golf Courses

Johnny Goodman Golf Course

6111 S 99th St, Omaha, Nebraska 68127

This 18-hole course, named after Omaha native and professional golfer Johnny Goodman, offers a challenging layout with mature trees and well-maintained fairways.

Holes: 18
Views: A picturesque setting for enthusiasts to enjoy a round of golf.

Visit their website for more information

Pacific Springs Golf Club

16810 Harney St, Omaha, Nebraska 68118

Known for its beautiful landscaping and pristine conditions, Pacific Springs is an 18-hole championship course that provides an enjoyable yet challenging round for golfers of all skill levels.

Holes: 18
Designer: Rick Robbins

Visit their website for more information

Tiburon Golf Club

10302 S 168th St, Omaha, Nebraska 68136

Tiburon features 27 holes divided into three unique courses: the Great White, the Gold, and the Silver. The layout was designed by renowned golf course architect Jeff Brauer, providing a variety of challenges for golfers.

Holes: 27
Designer: Jeff Brauer

Visit their website for more information

Tips on Traveling to Omaha

Stay Informed About Events

Check local event calendars for festivals, concerts, and special events happening during your visit. Omaha hosts a variety of cultural and entertainment events throughout the year, offering unique experiences for every traveler.

Savor Local Cuisine

Omaha’s culinary scene has gained recognition for its diverse offerings. From classic steakhouses to trendy farm-to-table restaurants, be sure to sample the local flavors and indulge in Omaha’s delicious dining options.

Embrace Outdoor Recreation

Take advantage of Omaha’s green spaces, such as Elmwood Park and Lewis and Clark Landing. Enjoy walking trails, picnics, and recreational activities in these picturesque settings.

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image 401 1
Jet Skiing

Choosing Your Omaha Vacation Rental

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect Omaha vacation rental, you’ll want to consider three key things: where in Omaha you’d like to stay, the style of rental that suits your personality, and the amenities that will make your stay comfortable.

Location Highlights

Did you know Omaha has several personality-packed neighborhoods to explore? If you’re longing for vibrant nightlife and eclectic eateries, Downtown Omaha should be at the top of your list. Love indie music and a great cup of coffee? Benson is a hipster’s dream. For those who prefer charming brick-lined streets and quaint boutiques, Dundee will feel like home. And let’s not forget about The Old Market; it’s a historic gem where cobblestone streets meet contemporary art galleries. Each neighborhood has its own unique flair, setting the scene for an unforgettable stay.

Vacation Rentals for Every Style

Omaha has a multitude of vacation rentals to match every visitor’s taste! From swanky apartments in historic buildings to cozy homes perfect for families, you’ll find a range of options. Whether you fancy yourself a modern minimalist or a lover of all things luxurious, there’s a stay waiting for you.

Modern Traveler: Sleek condos with high-tech amenities.
History Buffs: Restored homes in historic districts.
Family Retreats: Spacious houses with backyards for kids to play.

Understanding Vacation Rental Amenities

Vacation rental amenities can truly make or break your experience. Here’s a quick rundown of what to look out for:

Connectivity: Wi-Fi is a must for both leisure and work.
Comfort: Air conditioning and heating for those unpredictable Midwest days.
Convenience: In-unit washers and dryers save time so you can explore more.
Extra Space: Outdoor areas where you can unwind or dine al fresco.

Remember, not all vacation rentals in Omaha are created equal. So keep an eye on those amenities to make sure your getaway is as comfortable as it is memorable. Happy rental hunting!

Spotlight on Omaha’s Neighborhoods

Omaha’s diverse districts are the heartbeats of the city. Each neighborhood offers its unique flair and attractions, making your stay an unforgettable one. Have you ever wandered through historic streets or dined in culinary hotspots while on vacation? Let’s take a stroll through Omaha’s most charming neighborhoods.

Discovering the Old Market

This historic area is the go-to place for visitors like you! Picture cobblestone streets, charming boutiques, and an array of restaurants that offer a taste for every palate. Omaha’s Old Market is a prime example of how the city melds the past with the present.

Not to Miss Restaurants

Are you ready for some delectable dining?
-The Boiler Room: Known for its top-notch culinary experience.
– M’s Pub: A spot that’s as much about the ambiance as the menu.

The Charm of Dundee

Dundee embodies a blend of historic value and contemporary verve. Have you ever stayed in a piece of history? In Dundee, you can nestle into a historic home turned vacation rental for a truly authentic experience.

Historic Highlights: Yes, these walls could talk!
– Stroll past homes that whisper tales of yesteryear.

Exploring Benson

Welcome to Benson, a neighborhood where the indie spirit thrives. It’s a must-visit for you if live music and a thriving nightlife scene are your jam. Grab a brew, catch a band — Benson’s energetic vibe is infectious.

Cultural Hotspot: Discover live bands and craft beer.
– See why Benson is Omaha’s hub for arts and entertainment.

Midtown’s Attractions

Midtown invites you to experience a mix of old and new. From historic landmarks to the trendy shops of the Blackstone District, this is where Omaha’s pulse is felt.

Where to Go: Are you ready to be at the center of it all?
– Blackstone District: Touted as the place to enjoy Omaha’s modern side, with gastronomy that will tantalize your taste buds.

Now, how about you pack your bags and see what Omaha’s neighborhoods have in store for you? Whether it’s the artsy vibes of Benson or the historic charm of Dundee, discovering Omaha is sure to be a highlight on your travel itinerary.

Types of Rentals Available

Omaha, the hidden gem in the heartland of America, has an assortment of vacation rentals waiting just for you! Whether you’re on the hunt for a modern abode or a charming historic home, there’s a perfect spot with your name on it. Let’s find your home-away-from-home, shall we?

Apartments and Condos

Love the city vibe? Omaha’s apartments and condos offer the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. With options ranging from cozy 1 bedroom apartments ideal for solo adventurers or couples, to larger units great for families or groups, city living is at your fingertips.

Modern Perks: Most apartments and condos come with contemporary amenities. Think Wi-Fi, equipped kitchens, and on-site laundry.
City Access: You’ll be in the heart of the action with easy access to Omaha’s attractions and dining.

Private Homes and Houses

Yearning for your own space? Private homes and houses in Omaha give you the freedom and privacy you’re seeking. From intimate getaways to larger family gatherings, there’s a variety of sizes and styles to choose from.

Options include:
– Traditional homes that exude Midwestern charm
– Modern houses with the latest design and tech
– Unique historic homes that tell a story of Omaha’s rich past

Don’t forget: With entire homes, you often get the added benefit of outdoor spaces—perfect for a BBQ or just relaxing under the Nebraska sky.

Unique Stays in Omaha

Want something truly one-of-a-kind? Omaha won’t disappoint!

Consider these unforgettable options:

– Stay in a refurbished loft for that urban, industrial feel
– Book a renovated historic home and live like a local
– Opt for a quaint cabin if you’re venturing near the outskirts for a quieter vibe

With such unique stays, your trip will be as memorable as the place you choose to hang your hat (or lay your head). Get ready to create stories worth telling for years to come!

What To Expect In Your Rental

When you open the door to your Omaha vacation rental, you’re stepping into a space brimming with comforts and conveniences. Ready to see what’s in store for you?

Kitchen Must-Haves

Your rental’s kitchen is the heart of the home-away-from-home experience. Here’s what you can typically expect:

– Full kitchen: A well-equipped space that makes cooking as easy as pie.
– Appliances include a refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave.
– Essential gadgets like a coffee maker to kick-start your mornings.
– An assortment of pots, pans, utensils, and dinnerware ready for your culinary adventures.

Comfort of the Bedrooms

After a day of exploring, you’ll want nothing more than to sink into a cozy bed. Here’s the comforting setup waiting for you:

– Queen size beds with plush bedding for a restful night.
– Additional amenities may include a dresser, nightstands, and soft lighting for a touch of home.

Living Spaces and Extras

Beyond the bedrooms, your living spaces are designed for relaxation and connection. Look out for:

– Comfortable seating areas with couches and chairs for your downtime.
– A Smart TV and complimentary Wi-Fi for entertainment and staying connected.
– Extras like a washer/dryer mean you can pack light and freshen up as needed.

Remember, every rental is unique, but these details are what most guests love about their Omaha stays. Happy travels!

Booking Process

Looking for a cozy getaway in Omaha? It’s your lucky day—I’ve got the inside scoop on how to make that booking as smooth as buttered corn on the cob.

Understanding Policies

Peek under the hood of any rental’s listing because knowing the house rules is as important as remembering to pack your toothbrush. Keep an eye on:

Cancellation Policy: Some are as free as a tumbleweed, others stick like burrs to your socks.
Cleaning Protocols: Especially in this day and age, cleanliness is next to… well, it’s super important for peace of mind.
ID Verification: Don’t be spooked; it’s just a way to make sure everyone’s on the up and up.

Guest Responsibilities

Now, don’t go thinking once you’ve booked, it’s all wild west out there. You’ve got some responsibilities, partner:

Respect the Property: Treat it nicer than your grandma’s china.
Follow check-in/out instructions: They’re there for a reason, and not just to puzzle you.
Strip beds/cleanup: Sometimes hosts ask that you help out a tad before you hit the trail. It’s only fair, right?

Whether you’re in town for a root-tootin good time or just to kick back, taking care of the booking process is your first step to a memorable stay in Omaha!

Stays for Special Occasions

When you’re looking to make a celebration extra memorable, Omaha’s vacation rentals offer tailor-made spots for every event, from romantic retreats to family gatherings and even business-focused stays. Luxury, comfort, pet-friendly options, and the appeal of a long stay are waiting just for you.

Romantic Getaways

Are you in the mood for some heart-fluttering moments with your sweetheart? Omaha delivers with luxe accommodations meant for two. Imagine sipping bubbly in a high-end condo with cityscape views or unwinding in a chic, boutique house with a cozy fireplace. Quiet neighborhood houses minutes from downtown offer privacy with easy access to the city’s charm—perfect for those heart-to-heart strolls.

Luxury features: Private hot tubs, scenic balconies
Perks: Complimentary wine, spa services

Family-Friendly Rentals

Got a troop to keep happy and entertained? Family-friendly rentals in Omaha think of it all, boasting space for everyone and then some. Sprawling backyards for playful pups, game rooms to battle it out, and large kitchen spaces to cook up your family’s favorite feast—your family getaway just got an upgrade.

Key amenities: Large living areas, fully-fitted kitchens
Special touches: Game consoles, child-safe facilities

Business and Long-Term Stays

Here for work, not play? No problem! Omaha’s rentals have you covered with sleek apartments that double as your remote office. Maybe you’re eyeing a longer stay, seeking a home-away-from-home feel? Consider a fully furnished spot by the Waterfront with a relaxing view, high-speed internet, and a desk that’s bound to boost your productivity.

Business essentials: High-speed Wi-Fi, dedicated workspaces
Long stay advantages: Discounts for extended bookings, housekeeping services

Whether you seek short-term luxury or a long-term lease, comfort, and convenience wrap up the package, leaving you free to immerse in Omaha’s unique offerings. Your special stay is just a booking away, so what are you waiting for?

From checking out Omaha’s historical sites to enjoying some retail therapy, you now know that your experience will be comfortable and inclusive. Happy exploring!

Tips for an Enjoyable Stay

Ready for an adventure in Omaha? To ensure your gateway is as seamless as it is exciting, let’s walk through some practical advice that’ll keep any inconveniences at bay.

Getting Around the City

Have you considered how you’ll explore every nook of Omaha? Parking can be tricky in the downtown area, but many vacation rentals offer a private garage or designated parking spaces. For a hassle-free experience, book a place that includes parking. When exploring central Omaha, public transportation and rideshare services are convenient options.

Public Transit: Omaha’s Metro Transit bus service can get you to major attractions.
Rideshare: Apps like Uber and Lyft are widely available for quick trips.

Stocking Up on Essentials

Do you find joy in preparing a home-cooked meal even on vacation? Look for vacation homes with a fully stocked kitchen, and you’ll save a bundle by dining in. Omaha boasts an array of stores for all your provisions. Whether you need artisan bread or locally produced steak, Omaha’s shopping scene has got you covered:

Groceries: Head to local supermarkets or the Omaha Farmers Market for fresh ingredients.
Specialty Shops: Find unique Nebraska favorites at boutique stores in the Old Market district.

Staying Connected

In this digital age, staying connected is a no-brainer, isn’t it? Most Omaha rentals come equipped with WiFi, ensuring you can keep in touch with loved ones or plan your next day’s outing. When booking your rental, check for a strong, reliable internet connection, especially if you’re planning to stream or work remotely.

Internet Access: Confirm with your host that WiFi is included and ask about the speeds you can expect.
Connectivity: Should you need it, some rentals may offer additional amenities like a dedicated workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions about Omaha

Several factors play into rental costs: the time of year, location, amenities, and rental size. Peak tourist seasons tend to drive up prices, so if you’re flexible with your dates, try booking during quieter times for better deals.

In Omaha, the go-to platforms for vacation rentals are Lake, VRBO, and Rent By Owner™. These sites offer a diverse range of properties, from cozy condos to spacious homes.

Sure thing! To snag great deals on long-term stays, consider booking during off-peak seasons. Keep an eye out for special rates and discounts, especially for weekly or monthly stays, on platforms like Lake and Airbnb.

Your furry friends deserve a vacation too, right? Look for property listings that list pet-friendly amenities, and always double-check with the host to ensure that their rental matches your pet’s needs.

Absolutely! You can score some rentals that come with a splash. To find homes with these bubbly or refreshing extras, sift through options on Tripadvisor, which highlight Omaha stays with pools or hot tubs.

For a dash of luxury on your next trip to Omaha, start by checking out listings on Lake or Rent By Owner™. With rentals starting at $28 per night, you can find a plush escape that won’t break the bank.

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